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6 Year Old Uses Sleeping Mum’s Fingerprint to Buy Pokémon Presents On Amazon

CNET has reported that a 6 year old girl recently used her sleeping mum’s fingerprint to unlock her phone and spend an estimated $250 dollars on Pokémon merchandise. The little girl named Ashlynd managed to seize the opportunity when her mum was napping on the couch.

Ashlynd’s mum initially thought that her Amazon account had been hacked when she discovered that 13 Pokémon items had been ordered, to later discover that it was her 6 year old daughter that had gone on a shopping spree using her account details.

The little girl was clearly on a mission to catch ’em all, and it looks like her mum might have to think of other ways to keep her from accessing her phone to avoid further splurges in the future!



  1. What a little stinker. That’s what happens when you introduce phones and computers to your kids too early.

  2. 6 years old genius. Can’t believe the story. If the girl can type and search in amazon and does know the password of her mum, impressive. They couldn’t send everything back? Isn’t their a 14-Day refund policy in the USA? Even before the articles should arrived, she should have gotten E-mails and a link to the delivery service. Can’t believe the story.

      1. Maybe your right. You can actually buy with one click. Maybe a 6 year old can handle it. But that the mum didn’t had a chance to give everything back if she wanted to. I can’t still believe. My freaking smartphone showed me instantly an e-mail that I orderd something. Plenty of time to cancel all. Could only send back 4 of the 12 items. Laughable.

  3. Better than her buying garbage like Justin Beiber, Beats by Garbage, porno music like Chris Brown and garbage Kardashians.

    1. What the hell you talking about Skelly? Free games and local honey bees? You feeling OK or did I miss something? :)

        1. I don’t know what you’re talking about, but I’m happy you’re happy! And congrats on the new Job! That’s exciting!!

  4. A lot of people tend to forget that kids aren’t stupid, especially in this new age where parents are giving their kids phones and such things when they’re barely out of toddler age.

    Give them the gadgets and they’re going to figure stuff out under your nose.

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