Nintendo Has Hit The Freeshop 3DS Homebrew Software With A DMCA Takedown

Freeshop is homebrew software tool that enables you to download 3DS games that you already own. Freeshop could be used by players to download games straight from Nintendo’s servers. However. it had to be available through the official Nintendo eShop. For all of this to work, legally purchased games are issued “tickets” that allow the 3DS to download the games from the eShop. The tickets are not stores online, but locally. Freeshop itself never provided people with 3DS keys, so this would mean that the software isn’t technically a piracy tool, but Nintendo didn’t see it that way. The software’s Github page, its main distribution source, has been removed, and a message that it had been taken down due to a DMCA notice is all that remains. Freeshop can no longer be downloaded there. What is strange, however, is that the software is still alive and well on the 3DS. Not only does it still function, but users have found other ways to disseminate it. Still, it’s another move in Nintendo’s desire to stop piracy and copyright infringement.



              1. Copyright infringement isn’t breaking the law, hence no one was arrested and the police weren’t involved. It’s simply an infringement of a copyright. Piracy is (in certain cases) illegal and people do go to prison for it, but freeshop wasn’t pirated material.

          1. And even if you don’t have the titlekeys, nothing stops you from going to a user gameshop/borrowing games and having a good time. Nothing stops you from reselling once you’ve got the game, either.

            There’s nothing good about it. The devs were smart enough to make it, so they were smart enough to know what it could do. None of this “we did not intend piracy” bullcrap — you clearly did, bypassing Nintendo’s safeguards and pulling games from their servers so long as you know a string of text.

  1. They’re trying to get rid of dsiware downgrade titles, Zelda four swords anniversary, fieldrunners, legend of exidia and there was another one i’m not gonna look it up, too bad though, DSiware downgrade is gonna be replaced by a new, way better hack really soon

    1. Anything that can lead and will lead to control of the system, they will try to stop it.
      Piracy is just a side effect of that, which by the way, they don’t do it just because people pirate their games, but other companies’ games as well. If you have an exploitable console, people won’t develop for it because of the risk of piracy.

  2. To anyone saying this isn’t piracy, really think about it for a second.
    Using this software, someone could buy this game, register it on their 3ds, then sell it back and just download it, effectively getting the game cheap at Nintendo’s expense.
    We really can’t blame for this move in particular.

    1. Read the other comments. You basically just gain access to whatever games are on your seed.bin, to whatever titleID+titlekeys are there and the app just downloads that from Nintendo’s servers. It’s that simple.

    2. Tickets aren’t included in cartridges. This tool downloads games from Nintendo’s servers because you have access to the tickets, and you fool the server into thinking your 3DS legitimately purchased the game off the eshop.

      Same thing when you buy a game from the eshop. You download it, and then you delete it, but the ticket remains there, to acknowledge that you have purchased said title, which is how you are able to re-download it again from the shop whenever you want.

      So this thing snags those tickets and installs them on your 3DS, so you can “re-download” games through the freeshop.

      1. Remember, anyone with access to this app can do any injection and by extention can also pirate any game without this app, provided they have the titlekeys.

  3. Localize your games better, localize titles to begin with or do away with region locking and maybe people wouldn’t have to use this as an alternative.

  4. “This IS NOT piracy!”

    To everyone saying that:

    YES IT IS. Just because you own a a copy of a game, it does NOT mean that you can download it from ANYWHERE. Even if it’s from Nintendo’s servers — you’re not entitled to a digital copy. You may only back your own copies up.

    And, what stops someone from “FreeShopping” their real 3DS games, and then selling them?

    You can’t hopscotch around the facts. Don’t play innocent.

    1. Just because I own a copy of a game, that does not mean I can download it.

      Even if you own a legitimate copy, you can still be nailed for making/obtaining an unauthorized copy. Playing dumb with the law doesn’t cut it — the law doesn’t care.

    2. You obviously have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about.

      FreeShop doesn’t let you pirate. The user creates files that tell it what to download. Just like the same files tell the real eShop what is redownloadable. By the way, these same files can make everything on the eShop “redownloadable” With your logic, you’re saying the eShop should be taken down too.

      If you own a digital copy of a game, yes, you ARE allowed to redownload it from Nintendo’s servers. You ARE entitled to a digital copy.

      FreeShopping their real games… what does that even mean? What does the freeShop have to do with installing a digital version of a physical game?

      Don’t talk out of your ass about stuff you don’t know.

    3. How the hell does that make any sense? ““FreeShopping” their real 3DS games, and then selling them”? You don’t get how this works, do you?

      Physical cartridges don’t include tickets for downloading digital games off the eShop. This has nothing to do with physical games whatsoever. What people are (potentially) doing here is getting the tickets from illegitimate sources so that they can “re-download” the games for free without ever downloading them in the first place.

      No one said anything about selling physical cartridges.

  5. It’s entirely possible for people to get tickets to games they don’t own. It doesn’t matter if it’s only to get games you already have. Hell, a majority of the people with FreeShop might have gotten tickets from others to get games for free. It doesn’t matter how hard it is to get games you don’t own with it. The fact that it’s possible for someone to get them illegally justifies this DMCA. I don’t believe Homebrew should be used as something to get free games but rather game developers and programmers alike to bring applications that one wouldn’t find on any specific device.

  6. Nintendo, stop being dicks and just rerelease Four Swords Anniversary (a game that’s impossible to download or emulate through homebrew/piracy).

    That’s all I ask of you at this point. I’ve given up on everything else.

  7. Didn’t even know such an app existed. Now I’m going to go look for it. Thanks again Nintendo. Your takedown notices know exactly what you don’t want me to have

  8. Good fucking luck with that one Ninty.

    All these DMCAs do is create publicity around what you want ‘taken down’, and end up spreading them even more than they had been before lol

  9. Not saying this should be allowed, but to be fair, for a handheld it would be nice for you to be able to have a dloadable copy along with your hard copy. They could make you register (by inserting the physical copy) once every 48hrs or something to prevent you from selling the hard copy. But for a portable, not having to carry all your carts while still having a physical piece of property just sounds like a no brainer in 2016.

  10. Hmm… i don’t like piracy… never hacked anything since i like to pay for what i like to have. But seeing as this got public, you can only wait and see lots of people searching (and even finding) someone who has uploaded said app…
    Things like this only make it worse…
    When demanding someone to stop spreading something illegal or free, do it in silence, unless your plans are of people being aware of such things…

  11. I would live to finish converting my library to digital, but whether this is legal or not, it’s not worth the risk of Nintendo finding a clever way to brick your system, disable your games or something else that could ruin your 3DS.
    I have too much gametime logged on mine, not chancing it.

  12. This is why tying purchases to an account would make more sense. As far as I’m aware the Vita doesn’t have this problem. The Vita is tied to a PSN account and your purchases are all verified through PSN. Nintendo really should’ve gone the same route and created Nintendo Network a LOT sooner. The fact that this issue already appeared on the Wii makes this a HUGE oversight for Nintendo. I expect that a similar software will be made available eventually, hackers won’t stop just cos big ol’ Nintendo threw a wrench in the works. Good luck fixing this one Nintendo!

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