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13 Minutes of Snipperclips For Nintendo Switch Gameplay

‘Snipperclips Cut It Out, Together!’ is a cooperative puzzler coming to Nintendo Switch this March. The aim of the game is to solve puzzles in a notebook where each player (up to 4)ย uses a JoyCon to ‘snip’ out shapes out of the other players’ bodies to create unique forms enabling all of you to progress. Communication between players is key in order to successfully complete the challenges but the ability to undo actions should make things a little less tricky.

The Nintendo Treehouse recently sat down with the game – footage of their experience can be seen below:


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  1. Yea at first I was like oh no a mobile game wannabe but it actually looks really fun lol I just hope it’s not full retail price. Seems like a downloadable title 20 dollars max.anything more and I’ll just wait to buy it

  2. I think this game is genius. Simple, but complex. It’s fun, and you can get creative and beat the challenges in so many ways. Kids and adults will enjoy the challenge and silly faces and humor. I’m definitely picking this game up, and I will enjoy it with my kids as well!

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