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GameStop Stores Are Letting Customers Know How Many Nintendo Switch Units Are Left

We’ve known for a while that GameStop stores will be making Nintendo Switch pre-orders available tomorrow, but it seems certain stores are taking one extra step. They have begun putting up notices to let gamers know how many units they have remaining in-stock. They did, however, make it clear that this is only for that select store, not overall. We’ve included images showing off the notices from two retail stores down below. If you plan to pre-order a Nintendo Switch, make sure you do so as soon as you can.



    1. But knowing Nintendo like we do, the preorders will stay at that number & once they sell out, they sell out & won’t even be replenished in time for the actual release day. IN other words, there won’t be no more preorders after the initial ones are gone & many will have to wait til the day of the release to buy one from the store. And those will probably sell out in less than an hour… No, wait. That’s too generous. They’ll sell out in less than 30 minutes & people will have to wait days or maybe even weeks or months before they can find one of their own if they don’t just say fuck it & spend that money on a PS4 Pro or Xbox One S instead.

    2. You of all people should know this, though, since you like making Nintendo fans squirm. lol

    3. Said same thing when NES mini came out. There’s gonna be a switch shortage easy if this is any indication

  1. wow. GameStop make great deals for other people to trade in there old games. i might trade in my Wii games but i’m not sure. but whatever works out for nintendo we got minutes left for the presentation.

  2. Are you going to tell me that they will have the Switch in stores but we’ll have to wait ’til march to buy them?!

  3. I wonder if the Gamestop closest to me will have one of those signs up on their window tomorrow. Ugh! I wish I could see that sign before the preorders go up so I can see how shitty the stock will be at my local Gamestop!

    1. If they do have one up, it’ll probably be long gone by the time I get to it.

  4. I don’t know if sickr or anyone else will notice this but it’d be awesome if him or someone at MNN could post an article with a direct link to the live feed here, if it’s even possible, so we can use MNN’s comment section for chatting. @.@ I don’t expect it’s possible, though, since this is a live feed we’re talking about here so the best they could actually do is make an article with the video AFTER it’s no longer live.

    Not to mention I’ve been on this site long enough to know you guys will make individual articles of every single thing mentioned first then make a big article after those smaller articles have been posted with the whole video of the presentation instead. xD

    1. 3 of the writers, me included, are going to be doing coverage of the presentation. However, sickr is not among them. It’s too late for him over in the UK, among other things.

      1. *looks at the time stamp of the comments & facepalms* Silly me. He’s most likely been dreaming of the Switch presentation for the past 3-5 hours now. lol

  5. This is the first system I’m not worrying about preordering. Since it’s not limited edition I’ll wait to buy.

  6. This is the first Nintendo system I’m not worrying about preordering. Since it’s not limited edition, I’ll wait til price comes down.

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