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Here’s A Gallery Of Images From The Nintendo Switch Presentation Venue

Takashi Mochizuki, the Wall Street Journal’s technology reporter in Tokyo, has uploaded some images straight from the venue in Tokyo where Nintendo is holding their Nintendo Switch presentation in less than an hour. It is our first look at where Nintendo will finally be breaking its silence on the console. The images are included in a handy gallery below, so feel free to check them out.

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  1. Bah! If that event has as much traffic as I think it will have, this computer isn’t the best thing to use to watch the event! I honestly might have to actually use the internet browser on my PS4. I found the link to the actual youtube presentation but the video kept pausing on this piece of shit desktop!

    1. And using the 3DS’s browser is out of the question, too! If the Switch is what I’m hoping for, that shit deserves to be watched on a bigger screen! That & if I watch it on 3DS & it’s a total letdown, I might end up breaking my galaxy style n3DS!

    2. I was on the Switch presentation page for about a minute or 2 around 10-15 minutes ago and this current session I got open of Firefox is still lagging like crazy right now! @.@

        1. Ran smoothly for me, too. Not sure if it was higher than 720p, though.

  2. ||The beginning if the end, Xbots, is only a few minutes away…||

    1. I should have figured you of all people would still be up this late over there in Europe for this! xD Anyway, if I’m gonna use my PS4 for this since this computer is shit, I should get off of here by 9:55pm here & it’s 9:53pm right now.

    1. Yay! I give NoA one strike with censoring something. If they stupidly censor something, I’m importing from the UK! D:< I hope we'll have access to the UK eShop, though, so I can get games I want to keep til the end of days digitally if I don't want the US release.

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