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The Nintendo Switch Will Launch Worldwide On March 3rd For $299.99

It’s confirmed. The Nintendo Switch will launch on the 3rd of March for $299.99 and 29,980 yen. The Nintendo Switch Presentation has just begun, so stick with us.

Source: Nintendo Switch Presentation


  1. Neat…now that that’s out of the way, I’m waiting to know when we are getting Breath Of The Wild Wii U version release date.

    1. IF it comes with the same features as PlayStation Plus, sign me right the fuck up! I’ll pay 60 bucks on top of the 60 I pay to Sony for that shit if it’s roughly the same damn features!

    1. Actually, you have to tell EVERYONE “fuck you” since she wasn’t the only one assuming a mid or late March release. Even some people’s precious Emily Rogers was expecting a mid/late release.

  2. Poor cheapskates expecting it to be 200-250 bucks! You were all warned that the Switch wouldn’t be cheap but ya wouldn’t listen! COMMENCE THE CRYING OF THE CHEAPSKATES!!! LOL

  3. As much as an odd number it would be, I think $274.99 would have even been better, but considering how much “casual tech” Nintendo has jammed into the Switch, they have have to make up for cost. Whether it’s $250 or $300 though, it’s a good price point.

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