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Nintendo Switch Compared To Wii U Console, Wii U GamePad And Wii Remote

Nintendo recently revealed a number of details regarding Nintendo Switch, including its price, launch date and specifications, but how does the upcoming console stack up against its predecessor? Check out the gallery below to see how the new system, its dock and Joy-Con controllers measure up to Wii U, the Wii U GamePad and Wii Remote:



    1. Whoa, you’re right!
      Man, between this, USFII coming to the Switch as well, and Hori making a Real Arcade Pro fightstick for the console,
      I really want Third Strike Switch~

  1. Still glad that Breath of the Wild is still coming to both Wii U and Switch! I don’t have the money buy a Switch, so I’m getting Zelda on Wii U instead! Then, hopefully a Switch on my 28th birthday!

    1. Given the Switch Pro controller is $70, and it comes with no games…yeah, not sure I can afford Switch either… I COULD, but I could also buy a Scorpio and Zelda U for the same price and have all the games I want… so, IDK… people will be buying the switch so they can be overcharged for games I can get for bargain prices for the X1, or already play on the WiiU… maybe Nintendo had some surprises we don’t know about! Yeah! Maybe they are saving the good news for later trick us into thinking they are pulling a 3DS and WiiU launch again. (Minus games of course)

      1. I seriously doubt that the XB1 Scorpio will be less than the $370 you’d spend on a Switch+Pro controller.

      2. Well maybe the grip is good enough and you don’t need the pro controller? At least for me I’m pretty sure.

      3. The Xbox Scorpio will be cutting edge, and you think that that means it’ll be less expensive? What? It’s going to be at least $499-599 for the Xbox Scorpio alone.

        Mind you, I’m not counting Microsoft out yet either as I was a fan of the Xbox 360 and sincerely hope they get their shit together again with Scorpio. But the price it will have will set your average consumer aghast. It’s not going to launch at a price where it will be ready for mainstream consumption.

        Lastly, you can’t compare a Nintendo Switch to the Xbox One/Scorpio or PS4/Pro. They are two totally different types of hardware, and it is annoying to see pessimists do so nowadays.

        First of all, the Switch is a hybrid video game console that blends together the functionalities of each Nintendo console before it, with the exception being the Nintendo 3DS. It doesn’t exist in the same spectrum of the PS4/XBO/Wii U console generation because it is not a home console.

        The Scorpio is your standard home console with a few added bells and whistles for 4K gaming and XBO will be forward-compaitible with all of Scorpio’s games. Ever since the Wii, Nintendo has been distancing themselves from their competition, and they’ve finally managed to do so with the Switch. Nintendo wants to co-exist with Microsoft and Sony, if you didn’t know that already. They don’t seek to run them off the market, but they also don’t seek to make their systems comepte in a tech race that’ll eventually back them into a corner in regards to creativity and innovation.

    1. If I were getting a Switch I would consider getting them. They have personality to them. Nothing wrong with a little color in a tech world that’s increasingly all black, white and silver.

    2. The guy behind me at Gamestop reserved the neon joy cons. He mentioned his kids would like them(he was in his late 20s/30s). Not what I picked….

    3. Every system on the market is boring and straight up black, its exhausting. I just wish the colored joy con choice also made the console dock colored.
      But yeah neon joy con is good shit 👌

    4. I totally didn’t preorder the neon one… why would i do that… i did get the Zelda collectors edition tho! So hyped for March 3rd!

        1. Well, yeah. That’s why I didn’t get the masters edition, only the collectors edition. Mostly for the traveling case because along with it looking awesome, it’s actually very useful.

    5. Depends on what they have when I’m picking mine up. However, the colored ones are growing on me. Honestly, when Nintendo’s president said they would have accessories in the direct, I expected something more.

    6. Hardcore gamer here who likes the Red & Blue coloured Joy-Cons. Red vs Blue is a premise that just works for any form of competitive play.

            1. I literally told him the same thing a few days ago. He’s either or an idiot or a troll.

              sonicgalaxy27: “I’m gonna kick your ass”

              1. Like i said, it depends on your city. Im assuming you live in the U.S. and as far as I know the highest tax’s that we have here in the U.S. is 10% which is Chicago.

                Now simple math will tell you that 10% of 300 is 30. So add that 30 to 300 and youll have $330. Thats how much it should cost in chicago.

                Thats if the taxes are still 10%, i heard we were getting a tax increase but I havent been paying attention really.

  2. I can’t understand why they didn’t make the controllers symmetric. As it is, the second-player joycon has the analog stick awkwardly halfway through the controller, so that the already tiny controller isn’t even maximizing the limited distance from end-to-end. Unless you have teeny hands, you’re thumbs are gonna be right on top of each other.

    I get that they might have wanted to preserve the GCN/XBOX layout for single-player modes, but considering that they didn’t seem to care about that when designing the WiiU Gamepad, it seems weird they’d care so much now, when there is a good reason to go the symmetric, Dualshock route.

  3. That’s great and all but i think whats on Everyone’s mind is how will our Current virtual titles interact with this..or did nintendo let us down once again, and we wasted money on virtual items.

    1. It’s not. It releases the same day as the Switch version. (It was quietly announced by NOA)

      1. Hey! So your mii is very likely you. And you wear nerd glasses and have a nerd appearance; the second stereotypical gamer look…listen to me though. I know that sounded harsh but it wasn’t my intention. I asked another dude on here who fits the “mold” of gamer this question and I just want an honest answer.

        Dude, first of all, I have a ton of respect for nerds REAL NERDS, not that fake shit, real-dungeons and dragons-born in the 70’s-lived through Bullies-back before it was cool-nerds. Most which are gamers, the true definition of the word. I’m a true gamer but I’m not a nerd…people don’t say this often enough, but you nerds and the obese ones, that’s the crowd I salute, gaming has come a long way because of people who fit the stereotype, because honestly, they do exist.

        Now that gaming is mainstream, real stereotypical gamers are being robbed of their contribution because now it’s the EMO who are gamers…like, when the fuck did that happen???? It’s always been the neck beards(I know it’s offensive but let’s keep it real) who have been the backbone of the industry, and they still are! A guy like me, man I salute the fat gamer, the nerdy balding gamer, that’s my crowd man, I don’t fit in but you guys are the hidden heroes of this shit that has become mainstream to the point it’s actually more embarrassing now to affiliate with these weirdo fucks…

        Anyways dude, long rant…does it not bother you that Nintendo shows these reveal videos and people like you aren’t represented in the video??? You get all these actors that DO NOT represent gaming in the slightest who portray the gamer image…I salute you my dude!

        1. Thanks, I think.

          No it does not bother me. Advertising is what it is. I typically ignore advertisements as it’s dressed up to how it isn’t. Ever see a fast food commercial? Do your fries ever look like that? No. They use tooth picks to set them up straight. That’s how advertising is. Making things not as they are, and to dress up the product to everyone.

    2. Dude! We’re getting Zelda for WiiU! No fucking Way Nintendo would fuck us like that!! They will get their fill of fucking people when Switch launches! (I’m sorry, I can’t help myself… x.x )

      1. Quite alright, I watch videos of Vanossgaming and friends so I’m very used to those words. Thank you. You’re much nicer than JarusPokemon. Wish this was Miiverse, then I could follow you.

        1. I’m not on Miiverse as often as I used to be, but I have a feeling I’ll be on it much longer . I won’t be getting a switch til Holiday 2018. That gives it just under two years, the amount of time I wish I had waited to get a WiiU. I’m sure by 2018 the switch will get a price cut, or in the least, retailers will be bundling games with it… my Miiverse and Xbox1 name is Moodeeb. :)

            1. I’m not really that nice, and I’m pretty negative. I just happened to be in the same boat hoping Zelda wouldn’t get cancelled on WiiU and didn’t want you to worry. So on that note, we’re good! And it will be at the same frame rate, so it will play great on WiiU. Can’t wait!! :) Really really stoked for Zelda this spring!!

    1. There was one video on youtube that showed a heavy explosion on the Wii U and an equally heavy explosion on the Jimmy Fallon Switch demo. The Wii U version suffered slowdown where whe Switch did not.
      Sorry, but I cannot remember the name of the video.

    1. With the Joy-cons attached it’s 9.5″ wider by 4″ tall. It’s much smaller than the Wii U but much larger than the 3DS XL.

          1. I get it! Good one! XD

            That said, you should know, this is kinda like going to a Nintendo themed bar. There are a lot of fights, and we don’t always get along. So you should brace yourself for a lot of harsh comments. We like to speak our mind and you will have to not get offended too easily. Nothing we say is personal, even when we act like jerks. Unless we are talking to Sasori, then we really do want him to feel bad and leave, but everyone else, we’re mostly having fun.

            I’ve seen you here before. I know you’re not new. But I don’t think you realize that this is like the Cantina in Starwars Episode 4. People get their arms ripped off but it’s just fun… so, you’ve been warned!! :)

                1. Ah. Well, that jerk from earlier was right, the Wii U version was preordered since July last year, so no way is Nintendo cancelling it and make us Wii U owners angry at not getting to play it.

                  Still wish they could try and get Banjo & Kazooie back though. :(

            1. I have a bit of a temper problem, so yeah, I get mad easily. I’m pretty good at staying calm, unless some competitive show off is teabagging me on Smash Bros., then I loose it!

      1. Red, blue and yellow are considered the three primary colors. And yellow (in my own opinion) would NOT be a good choice. Personally I would have gone with red and green for more obvious reasons.

        1. Those reasons might not be so obvious. Why would you prefer red and green over red and blue? Among the three primary colors, red and blue have always been treated as opposites while yellow is more neutral.

    1. The New Shield TV is even smaller than the Switch. A lot smaller if you consider that the Switch needs the dock to connect to the TV.

  4. I felt almost emotional when they first revealed the blue and pink Joy-Con controllers. Because I got SO sick of the Wii U never being anything but black and white. But I got TOO excited. I thought they were going to show different color consoles/docks as well. And while the multi-color Joy-Con Switch is the one I’m going to buy, I must admit, it does look odd. Almost like Punky Brewster made them. LOL! But, I like odd.

    1. the red blue combo looks odd, but you can buy a red and blue accessories combo which will give you two matching sets of joycons, red set, and blue set.

    1. ||They are almost the same, it’s just the outer layer of the Switch that gives it a smaller impression…||

  5. I’m getting the switch for Zelda and MARIO alone and put away the wiiu. Move my PS4 to the bedroom. Yep that’s what I’m doing

  6. Im not sure about the $70 pro controller. Bot the price but the features. Is Nintendo going to get my monies worth by actually using the controllers capabilities? After 2.5 years Nintendo stopped usinf the Pro controller and Gamepad’s full capabilites.

    The mic is hardly used. The feature under the Gampad never used. NFC I never used and isnt fully maxed like the old Rayman Legends trailer once had. If I buy this controller at $70 It better use every last feature and not a expensive Claasic controller. The Wii U pro controller should had worked with this as expensive as that was. Soon the $60 controller which wont work for BOW or MO, Or Bomerman R or next Pikmin will just be there collecting dusk.

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