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Reggie Says That The Switch’s Online Matchmaking, Voice Chat, & Lobbies Will Be Handled Through A Smartphone App

The online features for Nintendo Switch are being implemented in a unique way, judging by Reggie Fils-Amie‘s remarks in a new interview with GameSpot. He was asked how smartphones will tie into the Nintendo Switch. Reggie’s response was that “the smart phone app that we’re creating, that will be part of our online service, we believe is going to be a very compelling part of the overall proposition because that’s how you’ll voice chat, that’s how you’ll do your matchmaking, and create your lobby. We also think it’s a very elegant solution because if you’ve taken your switch on the go, you’ve put yourself in a hotspot, you’re looking at get a quick match of Mario Kart in, to whip out some sort of bulky, gamer headset is a bit of a challenge. So we think we’ve got an elegant solution. That’s a very specific answer to your question”. Reggie didn’t say which features, if any, won’t require the app, but we’ll probably find out about that in the near future.

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    1. Yep, looks like the Switch isn’t for me. I have a windows phone and we hardly ever get the official apps for things. I prefer how Microsoft handles music though, so I will continue buying WPs until they are no longer being made.

      1. Yup, assumptions-assumptions. They think everyone can afford a phone, or have one that is supportive of the app.
        I’m fine with this app being an alternative route for online, but if it’s the primary source for everything or has better features… Then wow… what a downgrade.

    2. LOL and they want us to pay for online!?
      I thought a younger team was developing the NS… Are they being brain washed into babysitting and implementing ancient irrelevant features?
      The method described in the article is beyond based off assumption.

      Always taking 1 step forward then 2 steps back.

      1. Brainwashing the future generation of Nintendo guys to carry on the current guards’ stupid, retarded ways! Ugh!

  1. He said that in another interview about the headset thing which is complete bullshit. I was playing Monster Hunter 3 with my stock android phone earbud headset years ago. And people wear thise giant Beats headphones everywhere it’s actually trendy. The real reason is to alleviate parental concerns.

        1. The question of all questions. :\
          That mindset has ruined so many things for the fanbase already, and it’s seriously sad to see it continue to happen. Nintendo is not responsible for the children, parents are.
          What I don’t get is, they made a huge video about how great their parental control app is – why not just add the feature to block voice chat and messaging for child accounts to that then, or just implement the option into the console for those who don’t use smartphones? Instead of ruining the online multiplayer experience for everyone? If parental concern truly is the reason behind this utterly stupid decision of course, which it probably is, considering there is absolutely no other reason that would even remotely explain why they thought they should do this.
          There is nothing wrong with giving parental control options; but there’s a point where it gets ridiculous, and that point is when they make decisions that ruin the experience for everyone else involved, for the sake of children they are not responsible for. Parental control options should be just that – optional.

          1. while Nintendo own the majority of their shares they still have people who also own shares and can somewhat influence the company decisions. over the past 5 year nintendo bought back a controlling percentage and sold their majority stock in the seattle “whatever” seahawks or mariners no idea couldn’t give two shits. (sorry don’t care.)

    1. Couldn’t have said it better myself. I also believe the true reason they’re not saying is because of parental concerns and they’re spinning all this PR jargon to try and dress it up and make it look good. Regardless I don’t like their plan or approach

    1. Well, maybe you can get game audio via the app – sent from the Switch through bluetooth to your phone.
      You know, in the same way game audio can be sent to a DualShock4 from a PS4.
      – Game audio on your phone earbuds, voice chat on those same phone earbuds.

      Just an idea, bet there are tons of solutions to this.

    2. That chat sound would come from your phone and the game sound would come from the TV or Switch. Unless you mean in a headset, in which case, who knows if they even thought of that.

  2. It just makes no sense. They say they want to be a dedicated gaming experience and not to expect Netflix etc but if you want online you have to have your mommy’s phone.

    1. They didn’t say it was no Netflix. Some website said that. They have said time and time again you will know all about the online features before launch. Best to wait til then.

        1. There news was from business insider. It the same website all these sites are quoting. Nintendo hasn’t said a thing about apps or the UI other than what’s been shown so far.

          1. Aren’t they still quoting Kit though? He’s a pretty official Nintendo dude. When he says “don’t expect the switch to replace your iPad” I’m fairly confident that he knows what he is talking about. Also, didn’t netflix even come out and say that they have not had any communication with Nintendo in regards to the switch?

      1. They also assume we have specific smart devices. My phone runs Windows Mobile. It’s a really nice phone by Nintendo didn’t release Mario Run or Pokemon Go on it and probably won’t release their apps for it. So they expect me to buy another $300+ device so that I can use all the features of their paid service for their $300 device?

          1. I wasn’t aware of a partnership. I know that Mario Run came out on iOS first but I didn’t think that was part of any partnership.

            Also I have a feeling Iwata would have apologized for the Switch already and would have been pushing very heavily to move services onto the device even if they can’t be multi-tasked.

            1. Of course it was a partnership. Why else would it go on apple before andriod? Now Fire Emblem you can pre register on Google first, apple later. All tiny partnerships.

          2. Iwata constantly reminded people and Nintendo didn’t need online in their games. Being games were a single player or co-op experience. I assume he’s not resting in peace at the hell inflaming in the world of upset fans. Not only do they need online, but not in a fucked up way that Nintendo is attempting to offer it. I was talking to friends playing Socom 2 …. 15 years ago- just fine! lol poor Nintendo, trying to protect the children and ignoring gamers once again.

        1. Windows mobile is an amazing smartphone OS, I love it. Welcome to Nintendo Shafted Extended Edition.

          1. Yea. I love the Nintendo and my criticism of them is because they have so much potential that they are living up to.

            When I complained about this on Facebook , one of my friends (who is also a huge Nintendo fan and met Reggie several times) started making fun of my phone like it’s my fault that Nintendo isn’t making an app for it and started claiming my phone must be ancient or something.

            I have Lumia 950, I once paired a keyboard and mouse to it and used it like a desktop by streaming a second screen to the TV all during a phone call.

            1. Cause they do, the only thing that good about them is the battery life and the sturdiness.
              The OS is boring and tends to fail, I need to reset my Lumia like every 3 months.

              1. I would love to hear you explanation as to how Windows is not designed for a phone.

                You do know that it uses a different interface, right? You also know that the majority of the code including the kernel is the same as the PC version right? And you must also know that that allows changes from one to apply to the other, right?

                Explain yourself. I’m all ears and I’ll be glad to correct you on every point you make.

                1. From my experience, it’s very confusing to use. So clunky and is such a mess. Using Windows on PC is much more simpler in my opinion.

                  Also, not to mention the poor 3rd party support of apps.

                  1. If you’re confused by it, that’s on you. It’s really simple to use. The start area works like the start menu in Windows 10. You have pinned tiles that represent applications. These tiles double as widgets and can be sized according to how much info you want to see from them. Swiping to the right gives you the All Apps area with apps listed in alphabetical order just like the start menu on your PC.

                    The notification area looks just like the one in Windows 10 but with the settings toggles on top. It’s very very similar to Android and you access it the same way.

                    To bring up the multi-tasking view, just hold down the back button. In fact, it works exactly like Win+Tab on a PC. To close an app, just dunk it.

                    It literally works almost exactly like the desktop version of Windows except that all apps are full screen.

                    As for third-party support, that’s not a quality of the OS but the ecosystem.

        2. You shouldn’t have bought a nearly dead smartphone.
          I have a Lumia myself, running Windows OS, worst smartphone I ever bought!
          At the moment there’s not one store in my country that is still selling Lumia phones, probably cause they just don’t sell.
          But hey, let’s blame Nintendo for not supporting Windows OS, while everyone is giving Lumia’s the cold shoulder.

  3. Guess im not playing online.
    1) they probably wont support windows devices, im no not playing the “now tat you bought this, now you need to go buy that” thats some sony shit.
    2) what the hell is the point of me paying for online services if it ONLY is for playing online and everything else is done through phone
    3) why would anyone want to do that on their phone?

            1. Laughing My Ass Off So Hard My Sombrero Fell Off

              The long version is LMAOSHMSFOAIDMT

              Which translates to: Laughing My Ass Off So Hard My Sombrero Fell Off And I Dropped My Taco

              I like the idea that it is open to interpretation though, it can mean anything you want it to mean!

  4. This is extremely stupid and nonsensical, and the fact that they ask you to pay for this is pretty laughable. You can’t tell me they’re not able to implement a feature into their system the competition has had for 10 years now.
    I don’t want to unnecessarily use extra devices for the simplest features that should be taken for granted in this day and age. This is completely anti-consumer, and to think that a company that still seems to be living so damn far in the past actually expects everyone to own a smartphone is ridiculous.

  5. Reggie defending utter bullsh*t from Nintendo. This is Nintendo being Nintendo, and Reggie being Reggie.

    This Switch thing just got worse.

  6. This is the one thing I just can’t get behind. Hopefully this is something that could be implemented through a software update on the system itself.

    1. I was wondering that, too, but it all depends on how memory is allocated. If all or most of the memory is just for the game, then they can only do some of the services and not when the game is running and voice chat is impossible because the Switch doesn’t have a microphone.

  7. This is so stupid. So you can’t listen to your friends if you are playing in handheld mode with headphones on the switch.

    C’mon even the WiiU gamepad had a mic and speakers built in. so why????

      1. The situation is if you want to listen to a game with headphones.( headphones conected to the switch) if the voicechat comes from another source (other than console) you won’t be able to hear it.

  8. Omega King Kalas Ridley X3 (Greatness Awaits at Nintendo Switch & Sony PlayStation 4! Come join us in the Light of Darkness!!) says:

    I only got one thing to say about this.

  9. Maybe the smartphone will be an optional method?
    Wait no, Reggie would’ve been clear about that. Like he said: the Switch is going to sell well because unlike with the Wii U they’ve been making sure people know what the Switch is, like when he explained the difference between a home console that can play games on the go and a portable gaming device.

    1. I hope it turns out to be an optional method. If not, fuck this shit! I’m not paying for shitty online & will just get my online gaming from my PS4 instead.

  10. Omega King Kalas Ridley X3 (Greatness Awaits at Nintendo Switch & Sony PlayStation 4! Come join us in the Light of Darkness!!) says:

    I should have known paid online on a Nintendo console was too good to be true! Ugh! I’m still getting Switch on March 3rd but this is bullshit. INCOMING FANBITCHES DEFENDING UTTER SHIT!!!

      1. Gamestop holds preorders for 48 hours. On the 3rd, I’ll come on here & see Colette’s review. Or I’ll read any articles on customer reactions. If it’s still bad, I can just let the 48 hours run out & get my 50 bucks back from Gamestop later. Hopefully I won’t have to wait that long as someone else at Nintendo will clarify that Reggie is just a fucking idiot moron, as we all know he is, that doesn’t know what the fuck he’s talking about & reveal everything he said was either wrong or using a Smartphone for online features is an optional thing. In this way, I can avoid having to deal with a Gamestop employee trying to talk me out of canceling my preorder.

        1. I feel ya. I just have very little confidence that they aren’t repeating the Wii U cycle all over again. I’m giving it at least a year before I consider buying one. BOTW for Wii U. Only games I see that I want so far are Bomberman, Yook Laylee, Mario Odyssey, and Sonic. But they can wait. Or I’ll just play them at fanboydestroyer’s house haha.

          1. In any case, I won’t be buying Splatoon 2 like I originally intended. :/ Same with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Same with any other online game. Boy things just keep getting better & better with Switch! If they had mentioned this shit during the presentation, I NEVER would have been excited. Probably wouldn’t have preordered either.

            1. I hated the presention personally. They spent half of it pretending to play with ice cubes and doing really awkward poses. The translators had issues. 1-2 Switch shouldn’t even exist but yet took up time for the presentation. Some good games were announced AFTER the presentation. It felt like Wii and Wii U rolled into one in some ways. The system even feels that way. You got the gamepad with two Wii-motes attached to it. I’m extremely skeptical and don’t feel like Nintendo learned anything from the Wii U debacle. Others will enjoy it I’m sure, and I’m happy for those who do, but as of right now, they have a long way to go to convince me to buy one.

              1. 1-2-Switch is one of the most imbecile videogames I’ve ever seen. Besides feeling so unnatural, it brings back the motion controls. Really, a video game relying on motion controls in 2017 for a home console whose aim to to bring back core gamers to Nintendo? Where’s the f*cking logic behind this?

                1. I know. I’m sick of motion controls. Some people like them. There are games where they were fun. But I just want a normal control scheme. I’m tired of the innovations for the sake of being different.

                  1. I agree that some games were fun with motion controls, like Wii Sports and other ones from that lineage. I dying for a traditional control scheme, too. Nintendo’s obsession in being different is slowly killing them. When they open their eyes, it’s going to be too late.

                    I really don’t get them. The Switch was kind of promised to be “the return to the roots”, but it’s shaping up to be something too complex to communicate. For instance, that over complicated explanation from Reggie on why voice chat and matchmaking will work the best through a smartphone app.

                    I had my hopes up when the Switch was first revealed. Now I’m too pessimistic, and I think I’ll stay that way at least until I see a new Metroid game. This became my only hope.

                    1. Yep. Some people will buy Nintendo no matter what. But as we saw with the Wii U, their continued insistence on being different is driving a lot of gamers away. They’ll still sell consoles, but I feel it will be less and less. Even if it isn’t, if they continue on this path, successful or not I don’t think I’ll be along for the ride.

          2. And why not wait. I have yet to see 1 good reason to buy it, and a dozen reasons to wait. I admit, I didn’t think Nintendo was going to make it this easy to not buy on day 1.

    1. I just hope you can play online normally and this is just for voice chat and matchmaking with your freinds. if you have to open up the app every time you go online for games then im not buying online for the switch unless its 10$ for a year

      1. For what we’ll possibly get, I think 10 is still too much. Drop it to 5 a year & we’ll talk. If I add the 10 with the 5 a year I pay for PokeBank, that would be 15 bucks of my money going to them for online stuff.

  11. The way they advertised the Switch contradicts the entire idea of using a phone app. “A home console that you can take with you on the go”. If I’m playing at home I want to handle all this stuff just by using the console itself (this is something that the XB360/ XBONE and the PS3/PS4 are all capable of doing without the need of a phone app) and I don’t want to pull out my phone and use an app to manage matchmaking because my phone is a cheap P.O.S. with slow load times and it barely has any storage space for gaming apps so it would be a HUGE hassle for me. I understand the idea makes a tiny bit more sense if you are using the Switch on the go, but I typically do more gaming at home even if I’m playing a multiplayer game so this is going to create a problem for me more often than it has the possibility of helping me (and it won’t help me at all because I can’t create a wireless hot spot).

    So to make it clear, if I’m playing on the go this is actually a decent idea for those who have the privilege of creating a wireless hot spot (which I f***ing don’t), but at home it makes absolutely no sense at all. I would appreciate having the option to use this app, but making it mandatory seems very bold and way to assertive as if Nintendo is trying to monetize it or something (and if we actually do have to PURCHASE this app then people are going to flip out completely and curse Nintendo for years to come).

    Also I happen to like my “bulky” gamer headset, thank you, because I’d be using it for what it was designed to do. It creates a noise cancelling environment so I can enjoy gaming on the go and if I need to talk to people the option is already there. Opting to use a speaker phone instead of a traditional headset sounds really uncomfortable and awkward to me (or it would require me to go out and buy MORE stuff I don’t need like those cheaply made, low quality, ear buds with mics on them). Ironically, if you go back and watch the original Switch trailer you can see a guy using his headset instead of some goofy phone app alternative. Good job creating yet another marketing contradiction.

    I also understand that servers aren’t free. I’m completely willing to pay an annual subscription… if the experience is worth it. If the multiplayer aspect of these games is lacking and the matchmaking services are a hassle… then what incentive do I have to subscribe? This is truly a shame. I thought Nintendo was finally beginning to understand the level of quality consumers expect out of their online gaming experiences in the year 2017… guess we still have to wait a few years.

    *I write this from the perspective of a 20 year old college student.

  12. I don’t understand why everyone is freaking out about this. First everyone have a smartphone now and carry it everywhere so I don’t understand when people say it is another thing that you need to bring with you, you most likely already have it with you. Furthermore it is obvious that the reason why they did this is to conserve battery life and using all the RAM which is pretty low if you go by the rumor to concentrate on running the game.

    1. No everyone does not have a fucking smartphone! Don’t have one, don’t need one, don’t want one! EVER!!! A regular phone for emergencies is all I need.

      (That’s one Nintendo fanbitch so far. Let’s see if we can get 2…)

      1. I just wanted to state my opinion just so you know I am not a Nintendo fanbitch like you say I think a lot of the stuff Nintendo does with the switch is very bad like the price of the accessories, paying for online and I’m pretty sure they are still going to force us to pay for the fucking virtual console game again even if I bought them like 5 times. I just tink the use of an app is not that big of a deal but if it is to you I’m sorry

        1. Some sleep really helped my mood and with how you handled my comment, you’re fine since a fanbitch would have been more defensive of Nintendo. I was one of the people happy with paying for online but if this is the stuff we have to deal with for paying for it, I’m so not in support of it now.

      2. Begin rant (opposition to you of course): Everyone I know has a smart phone. Even stupid dumb children like you. You just want to bitch because you are a bitch. Fu*k off you basement rat piece of garbage.: End rant.
        That’s how you sound. Just wait until the official software specs come out. Take some Prozac while you wait. 😊

        1. Yeah. I should do that since Reggie is a dumb little idiot that should go back to Pizza Hut because he’s dragging NoA down the shitter so he probably doesn’t even know what the fuck he’s talking about anyway.

    2. Not everyone has one, and not everyone that does has the same type of phone that previous Nintendo apps have released on. carrying a smart phone isn’t an issue but it means having to leave your phone out of your pocket while you play the Switch, trying not to let it fall between your legs or get stolen.

            1. That does make sense, though people already worry about the battery life of the smartphone the switch is piggybacking from.
              I think it would be better to make it an optional feature (if it isn’t already) so if people want to play their switch on the go but save their phone battery for an emergency they can, or if they’re more worried about the switch battery they still have the option of using the phone.

    3. There is no defending this, is is completely retarded. What if I’m on handheld mode, and I plug my headset to my phone… how the hell I’m I supposed to then, hear the audio from the system?

  13. Lol what a mess. So let me get this straight. Headphones are too bulky to carry around, but the Switch isn’t? So online chat is done through the phone, but you’re not supposed to carry around headphones, which means that you’ll be sitting there in public with your phone on speaker while everyone passing by stares at you for carrying on a loud conversation while playing your Switch.

  14. So what are these bad boys for?
    To connect to your phone so you can chat on your Switch games?
    Someone should let PDP know about this.

    How about we do not stoop WUD level of hysteria before we know all the facts?

    1. Not entirely sure what you mean, but having a smart device being mandatory for voice chat and matchmaking has been confirmed a couple times now, and is on the official Nintendo website as well.

      1. You mean this bit?
        “Our new dedicated smart device app will connect to Nintendo Switch and let you invite friends to play online, set play appointments, and chat with friends during online matches in compatible games─all from your smart device. ”

        It does not really exclude Switch from being able to use these features?
        Do you have source that specifically says that you will need a smart phone for these features, and Switch will not be able to use them.

        They sure do seem to market this smart phone connectivity, and it seems cool, but I have not yet seen any evidence, that excludes Switch itself from being able to deliver these features.

        And would be pretty redundant for licensed third party accessory maker to try and sell headsets you need to connect to your phone.

        1. Yes, that’s the part I meant. It does not explicitly exclude the Switch offering the features, but neither does it mention that the Switch does indeed offer the same features. And I feel like that’s quite the detail to leave out. They’ve been asked about these things numerous times in interviews etc. now, and it just seems hard to believe they wouldn’t mention it even once.
          About the 3rd party accessory, including the console’s name is just marketing, people will be more attracted to that pair of headphones when looking for one to use with their Switch, because it sounds like it’s specifically made for the Switch. Just because it mentions the Switch in its name, doesn’t mean you can’t plug it into your smartphone when using it for the Switch app. There’s a bunch of headsets marketed for Xbox players, for example, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use them for other devices. They’re just supposed to attract XB players, so they’ll choose that headset instead of another one from a different brand. Labelling headsets as “gaming” headsets is just marketing as well, the quality is bad but by throwing in the word “gaming” in there, with a bunch of technical terms that don’t actually mean much, they can justify the high prices, and people buy them just for their label. Similar situation with the headphones you’ve linked.

          1. I think they are talking about the smart device connectivity in every opportunity they can because it’s new and (afaIk) unique, and for console itself are just basic functions.

            The way they are communicating of it is indeed confusing, and nobody is correcting or verifying it.
            It is just defying logic. I’m not saying Nintendo is above that, but certainly not that stupid.
            And as for pdp, would think they would mention any special requirements on their licensed peripherals , like need for a device that costs more than their headset.

  15. The chat sound needs to be mixed with the game sound, so it should still come from the console. But the whole idea that I need to use an extra device when I’m already using one that’s connected to the internet sounds tremendously stupid. Why not have it on the Switch itself? I’m sitting in my couch gaming, and I suddenly need to find my phone to go online??? What if it’s not charged? I really hope they make this optional!

  16. I use third party apps for voice chat all the time. Skype and Discord have been where I’ve done all my gaming-related chat for the past year. I think this works because my smartphone is always on me, and my headphones are close by. I’d rather use my phone for chat than have to buy some proprietary mic, or even have a shitty, cheap, bundled-in mic like the PS4/Xbox One has that I’m never ever going to want to use. It seems like a radical idea, but if you really think about it, it kind of works. Your smartphone will just function as a mic, there’s no extra BS. It’s the thing everyone already has, and already works better than your standard mic. Think about how messaging is gonna work on this, too. No more having to use a shitty keyboard with a controller to message, it’s just *on your phone* now. Messaging has effectively turned into INSTANT messaging with this change.
    Also don’t kid yourselves. Are you really not going to be playing your Switch near a place where your phone is either charged, charging, or in your pocket?

    Still though, as many things as smartphones being used for game communication brings to the table, I think it should be an option, not the ONLY option. There’s little kids out there that don’t have smartphones, and adults who might wanna play Switch who aren’t on a new phone yet. The vast, vast, vast majority of people are on smartphones. It’s a bold, risky move on Nintendo’s part, but it’s one that’ll work out in the end I think.

    1. You sound like an intelligent person. I think I have something you might be interested in. But first, let me ask you something…Do you like money? I just so happen to have know about a certain…stock…about to explode…

      Actually you know what? Maybe im talking to the wrong guy here…I thought I was talking to someone who liked money….

      I’m not you say…and you do like money…

      Well ok then, but im taking a huge chance on you, a huge risk …

      Anyways. No.

  17. I hope that if you get a notification you just See a light in the switch so you know too look at your phone too read the notification. That way you wont get it in you screen and Lose the game.

  18. For me personally it’s great and convenient. Since I have my phone at all times, it’s gonna be very fast and easy to find out when friends are available to play instead of waiting till I boot up the console and see my notifications. It’s especially useful when I’m on the go at a Wifi location. As people stated, it’s probably used to save battery on the Switch, which is bad already. But for home use, still convinient. Everything is being instant on phone.

    The flaws however… Yeah. Not everyone has the same phone. (Why do people buy Windows Phones? They’re absolute garbage.) And for the “casual hardcore” gamer, it’s gonna be confusing for them.

    But who knows, Nintendo still yet to reveal more about the app besides parental controls.

    1. ||First point is correct, second is not, however this is at its current state of information available…||

  19. 1 it shouldn’t be a surprise. Nintendo doesn’t copy others. They look for ways to improve something or offer it in a better application.
    2 no one has used the service yet. So you are basing all your perceived fears off of rumors and others complaints.
    3 I bet they use the phone to alert you who is online too. That way you can stay connected more.
    4 as far as MARIO run releasing on the iOS first. The only reason I think that happened was because (a) it is easier to develop for. There are a lot more variations to android than iOS. And (b) apple users are more inclined to pay for an app. All I hear all day from non iOS people around is how apple is stupid because you have to pay for apps. It should be free I can get it for free on android. Blah blah blah.

  20. Has anyone heard if the Switch will have an internet browser? I sure hope it does. I RELY on the Wii U internet browser. I use it every day while sitting in the living room talking with my mom and brothers. I’d feel lost without an internet browser on the Switch. I’m also hoping it’s on the Switch because I get sick of it crashing all the time on the Wii U, and never being able to walk very far without it crashing as well. It takes me probably 10 minutes just to read a few e-mails in my gmail account on the Wii U Gamepad. For some reason, Gmail just keeps on crashing and having to reload again. Grrrrrrr!

  21. So I need to waste space on my phone for an app to talk to friends because some people might play online on the go? Considering you’d need to use a mobile hotspot or WiFi it seems unlikely you’d play much online gaming on the go, so therefore this reasoning is pointless. Has nobody at Nintendo played a PlayStation or XBox? Go grab one, or both, and take a look at the online structure. You’d see how dumb this sounds. Both have common features: party, friends lists, messaging, voice chat, game invites. They both have apps, which Nintendo seems to have caught on to, but they’re not the primary way to interact. I don’t wanna have to deal with my phone while I’m playing with friends. That’s an extra device to worry about. This really needs to be fixed pretty quick if they expect people to pay for it. I’m expecting $50 a year, which is basically to chat with your friends on your phone and do gaming on your console. Just gaming.

  22. I’m fine with it, as long as you have the OPTION to use the app on Switch.

    otherwise fuck Nintendo

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