Nintendo America Says Fire Emblem Heroes Is Also Coming To iOS February 2nd

Many iOS users were slightly disappointed to hear that Fire Emblem Heroes was only scheduled to launch on Android on February 2nd. However, that has all changed after Nintendo of America tweeted that the game will arrive on both mobile operating systems on the very same date. It’s odd this wasn’t mentioned in the presentation.


    1. That’s shitty. I have an iPhone and I hate that Android-only users still don’t have Super Mario Run. I’d rather everyone get to play these mobile games instead of just one side. I think it’d be more fun if everyone who wanted to play could but I mean sure, you can still wish for iOS users to suffer if you’d like.

  1. Oh. I’m good then. I would’ve hated it if the game came out but I was unable to play it because of the phone I have. LOL could you imagine how much that would suck!? HAHAHAHAHA

  2. Have to admit, I kind of wanted iOS users to share in Android users experience of having to wait while watching others enjoy. It would be good for Nintendo to never split launches again, however.

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