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Watch Eiji Aonuma Commentate On Zelda Breath Of The Wild For 20 Minutes

While Miyamoto was the creator of the Zelda franchise, Eiji Aonuma is really the head of the series nowadays. With Breath of the Wild less than two months away, it’s really interesting to get Aonuma’s perspective on Zelda’s first foray into true open world gameplay. Luckily for us, he recorded himself playing 20 minutes of the game at one of Nintendo’s Switch events. He also mentioned in the video that the build we saw and played at the Nintendo Switch press event is basically the final build.

Thanks Trolliverpust



    1. Yeah, sorry I had to change Josh’s headline as it was a little off. He was just commentating, you’re right. Also check out 1:40 mark where he says it’s basically the final build of the game.

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      1. Well its only a month and a half away so it would make since that they were playing the final build or close. Their probably already making disks/cartridges for the game, or will be soon.

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  1. I really want to watch this video but I’ve sworn a Zelda fast until the game comes out. Even if new trailers release I’ll only watch them once and never again, and I’m not rewatching any trailers or gameplay. The only thing i will watch is new gameplay features like how there is hd rumble in the Switch version.

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    1. Same here. Only new stuff & only one view. And only if it’s not longer than a standard trailer.


      1. This video, for instance, is way too long! lol


  2. Zelda Breath of the Wild is Wii U’s swan song. I keep thinking about that every night and day. This is is so depressing. I had high hopes when I first saw the Wii U.

    Poor Wii U. Its once-exclusive titles are everywhere now, even on the Switch.

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  3. “The Flurry Rush” – “If you get just the right timing to avoid an enemy’s attack, everything goes into slow motion & it gives you a chance to launch lots of attacks against the enemy.”

    i.e. Witchtime from the Bayonetta series?

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  4. Sounds said this in an interview:
    “And then obviously because up until that point the development team had been developing it as a Wii U title and making it as comfortable and enjoyable an experience as possible on Wii U, when we decided we’d also develop for Nintendo Switch, we knew in a way we would be placing a large extra burden on the development team. And I knew some would complain about it, as they’d been developing it for Wii U and they’d have to make some changes, but I really led that process myself – I really thought myself about how we could make that title work on Nintendo Switch, and had to sell the idea to the development team, in a way”

    “Obviously a major difference between developing for Wii U and a major thing we had to change for Nintendo Switch was the controls. Wii U has the Wii U GamePad, and we originally envisaged making major use of that for the controls. Of course on Wii U you have two screens – the main screen, and one on the GamePad – but the Nintendo Switch has one screen. That was a major change, but we achieved it a lot “


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