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US: Story Of Seasons: Trio Of Towns Coming Next Month

Those of you who have been waiting for a release date for Story Of Seasons: Trio Of Towns on the Nintendo 3DS are in luck as XSEED games have announced a firm date. You will be able to pick the game up on February 28th in North America and it will cost $39.99. If you pre-order at participating retailers you will get a special pocket plushie based on the in game capybara pet.


  1. I’m the only one who was waiting. Let it be known that story of seasons is Marvelous Entertainments true “harvest moon” before they stopped having Natsume localize their games. Natsume has been making weak farming simulators ever since.

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  2. Because of HD Rumble, I can’t wait for a Harvest Moon… *cough* I mean a Story of Seasons game to come to the Switch.

    While I still love my 3DS & using 3D, HD Rumble is really starting to make playing games in window 3D less of a selling point. So if a game is coming to 3DS & Switch, I’m going for the Switch version.


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