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Super Mario Odyssey Trailer Has Hit 10 Million Views On YouTube

The trailer for Super Mario Odyssey was certainly a highlight of the Switch presentation earlier this month. It seems the game is grabbing people’s attention, the trailer having just hit 10 million views on YouTube. If just over half of these viewers decide to buy the game, Odyssey will outsell Super Mario 3D World. Hopefully, this is a good sign of things to come for the Switch.

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  1. 3D Land worked for the 3DS but 3D World was a bit of missed potential. Thankfully they went back in the right direction for Mario Odyssey.

    1. Right you are. We needed a Mario 64/Sunshine/Galaxy styled 3D Mario platformer for quite some time now but not only has Nintendo succeeded in doing that but added a fresh new take on the Mario universe. It seems like Nintendo has been listening to the fans regarding the Mario series, it really seems like they have crafted the greatest Mario title ever created. This is why Nintendo won’t go anywhere regardless of what the naysayers may assume, they are the innovators of fun gaming

      1. Thank you for sharing the news, Paid. 10 million+ views in Super Mario Odyssey for the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo EPD are no joke when it comes to a new platform title starring the iconic Mario. I was also mind blown when the famed Italian plumber from Brooklyn representing New Donk City (The Big Donkadonk) as well as exploring new worlds and adventure beyond belief. And Bowser looks more pimpin’ than comedian Katt Williams. Super Mario Odyssey are just many of the games are guaranteed to be sellers for the Nintendo Switch.

    2. I didn’t care much for Super Mario 3D Land, OR SM 3D World. Both games felt too easy. And I had a hard time getting into either one of them, clear to the end. The entire experience was, meh. Nintendo should stick to making Super Mario Odyssey types of Mario games, and forget those other casual ones.

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