Nintendo Switch

US: Nintendo Switch Pro-Controller Now Approved By FCC, Should Soon Be Available To Pre-Order

Up until now, the Nintendo Switch Pro-Controller in the US hadn’t been approved by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Their job is to regulate radio, television, wires, satellite and cable communicate within and between states of the US. Without their approval, you won’t see your item/service on sale. An eagle-eyed reddit user (WeirdGuyInTheCorner) spotted the relevant information on the FCC website. Click here and here to view it.

Now that the controller has got the green light from the FCC, hopefully folk in the US will start seeing pre-orders become available.

Thanks Patrick for the tip!


  1. No excuses for the price of a additional dock. That’s just ridicules. But these controllers have so much tech in them that i guess that what they have to charge to make some money on them. So i don’t fault them on that.

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  2. Im waiting to see if more than ohe gaje is going to use this tech. Wii U gamepad has a lot of tech in vwry few hames used up all its abilities. Waste of money. Also the Wii U Pro controller with a shot life span should had been a Switch controller too.
    $65 dollars and only little gaming from it.
    Thats a good as controller i invested in, I want to my monies worth.


  3. What the fuck has the FCC to do with controllers?! Are computer mice and keyboards also regulated by the FCC? Because it’s the same thing!


    1. It’s to do the wireless usage and bluetooth capabilities of a device. Don’t quote me on that but digging a bit deeper, those 2 factors have to be cleared by the FCC to allow the device to be sold at consumer level.


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