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Super Mario Odyssey Is Apparently Almost Finished

Super Mario Odyssey for the Nintendo Switch is looking like every 3D Mario fans dream and recent reports suggest that the game is almost finished. Segment Next says that the game is currently being polished up but it’s virtually complete. This means that the remaining time can be used to polish and tweak the game to the developers satisfaction. Super Mario Odyssey is coming to the Nintendo Switch this winter.



      1. Agreed. Everything else looked great, especially Mario, but those people look real rough…

    1. I thought the city looked fine, it did seem a bit weird though… All the NPCs were people in suits and all the cars are taxis. Unless thats the theme or something then that’s okay, if not, they may want to make a more diverse hub.

      1. The city is well made but like you said, it’s weird, the style is more realistic, contrasting with the cartoony style of Mario. But it will have a lot of different style os this game, since Mario is on a different adventure, we will see.

      1. They said that was the reason for the holiday release date during the presentation? To be clear, I was saying that the ONLY reason they set the release date for holiday was so that they would have a big game for holiday.

      2. ||As a bonus reason, to not take the spotlight from Zelda and vice versa…||

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      6. If they played their cards right, having Zelda and Mario at launch could have been huge to kick the system off properly as everyone getting a Switch at launch would have grabbed both games. Then they could of had something like the fabled Pokemon Stars and a proper online enabled Animal Crossing for holiday. Then a Metroid early to mid next year. Well maybe those were my hopes and dreams for the Switchs’ first year but if this happened the console could have sold great and third parties could stay aboard for a while , bringing in more customers as long as all the Switch versions weren’t watered down ports…

        Ah its frustrating to see when Nintendo can do so much right but choose to go on a head scratcher route…

      7. Also having Mario I feel would be a huge incentive to grab a Switch as many people are saying that they’ll get Zelda for Wii U since there’s nothing else for Switch at launch and no huge differences. Having both could have tied us over till Splatoon 2 hits and with fillers like enchanted Wii U ports (Smash Bros Ultimate Deluxe Complete Edition where are you?) along with Skyrim and Bomber Man and there Xenoblade coming soon. People can’t say we don’t have games coming for sure. Everyone is just saying there’s no games at launch they can’t get on Wii U or other consoles so grabbing a Switch for them isn’t making sense…

      8. Mario at launch, with Zelda definitely would have been great. If it is that close, they should have hedge their bets on that. Hit with Splatoon 2 within a month or two and MK8(2) after that with Skyrim, with whatever else in between.

        I’d be much more confident. E3 had better have some surprises for the holiday or it will be a sluggish start

      9. Not true. As for me I only buy one game for launch for any system. So everyone wouldn’t have thanks to me saying I wouldn’t have.

      10. I usually buy one too but if both Mario and Zelda came out on a he same day you can bet I’d do everything I could to get both as would most Nintendo fans. You however can do whatever you want.

      11. I would just get one or the other later. I don’t always get games when they launch but I get them eventually when I want them.

    1. Of the top of my head, I can’t recall a single instance of a Mario game ever getting delayed. Not even the spin-offs. To my recollection, Mario games are always on time.

    1. I wouldn’t call it greed. I agree in the case of Zelda because they clearly waited for the Switch launch just so that it wouldn’t feel like they were releasing an “old” game for their new system. Meanwhile there was nothing comparable on the Wii U to hold us over.

      In this case though, they have other games coming out before holiday (Splatoon2, MK8, BotW, etc.) It’s not like they’re leaving us hanging. I think more people would be upset about not having a big holiday release than not having it right now.

      1. They should have a big exclusive you cant get anywhere else at launch. Having a cross gen game at launch doesn’t cut it. I expect more from them. Those game you mentioned are mainly ports which just tells me the switch isn’t ready yet.

      2. I agree that MK8 is a port, but I wouldn’t call BotW or Splatoon 2 a port. I know that BotW was intended for Wii U and later built for Switch, but there is a reason I don’t consider it a port.

        As for the lineup, I completely agree with you. There should be more and there should be, at the very least, one big launch title that can not be played anywhere else; but they don’t have that. They have what they showed; and in the context of what they do have, I feel it’s more important to have a big, unique title at holiday, when people are more likely to buy a new console, than at launch in March, when people are not exactly looking to buy a new console.

    1. Sonic Adventure sucked though. This doesn’t and already has more variance in visuals and gameplay. Being a cartoony character in a city doesn’t make two games clones.

  1. I don’t know about others but I’m cool with it releasing in Winter. I wouldn’t want it to clash with a Zelda release. I’ll be playing Zelda at release, Splatoon 2 in Summer, Skyrim in Fall, and Mario in Winter. It’s a perfect plan!

    1. Zelda you can get on the wii u. Splatoon 2 is just the wii u version with added dlc. Skyrim is old. I expected a big game at launch you cant get anywhere else. Obviously the console isnt ready yet because I expect more.

      1. I get where you’re coming from for sure. It’s really just a situation that worked out perfectly for my situation. I only own Nintendo consoles so I’ve never played Skyrim, I didn’t have time or money for Splatoon 1, it’ll be great to have a better/portable Zelda (I know graphics aren’t drastically different but they are better), and I can wait another several months for a Mario game. I definitely wish there was a big launch game but I’m willing to work with what I’ve been given.

      2. Dumb idiot. They confirmed it has a new campaign, new modes, and new everything. Your not giving it a chance just because of some initial impressions.

    2. @Toddisimo exactly what I was thinking. I’d rather have a steady supply of games all year than everything bunched into launch (finished or not). I’ll get Zelda and Bomberman at launch, Mario Kart, Arms, and Splatoon spaced 3 weeks between each takes us to ~July. From there until the holidays we have Skyrim, Xenoblade, and Mario (plus the guaranteed surprise game Nintendo throws at us every year – be it a good one or not). That seems like a solid year for me when you tack on the 3 or 4 AAA multiplats I’ll buy for my PS4. I’m already going to be strapped for time to play games like Fast RMX, Redout, and I am Setsuna. Any other big 1st party projects I would slide to 2018 so that we don’t have an annual Q1 drought.

      1. the Switch is getting Dragon Quest X and assuming it’s Japan only this year I’m hoping since the Switch is region free I can get a Japanese copy.

      1. I really do agree with you. I think launch is weak and that they need to announce more games. But, I’m trying to be optimistic. And I only buy Nintendo consoles, so I’m looking forward to it even if it’s not as strong as I’d like it to be. ^^ I have a Wii U and I really enjoy my library. I’ll have a Switch and I’ll enjoy that library too.

      2. Yes, me too… still wish there was more for wii u though… last couple years has been pretty barren after XCX… I wanted Skyrim sooner, and some others but we will see

      3. Man…. XCX was fabulous… I missed out on a lot of games for four+ years and I bought the Wii U for the last year and a half of its life, so I’ve been playing catch up. Incredible as it may seem I’m playing Super Mario Galaxy 2 for the first time and a Link Between Worlds as well. If I have time before Switch I’ll try and fit Skyward Sword in. Not even Wii U games though… heh

      4. Hey, well you have done yourself a favor in some sense… Having all those backlogged is very cool. Galaxy 2 is such a great game, I can see that Odyssey will evoke that same gameplay style to a degree, so that wish was granted.

    3. People are freaking out over a “lack of launch games” while seeming to forget the amount the PS4 had at launch. But remember, it’s only Nintendo that does things wrong!

      1. You’re forgetting that the ps4/xb1 had the consumers believing that both systems would get decent third party support in the future and, with games like the witcher 3, they technically did. This isn’t the case with the switch so nintendo needed to do more than them to stay relevant in the eyes of those consumers. Time will ultimately tell though.

      2. Scalebound was a huge exclusive planned for the xbox one that people were stoked for. Microsoft didnt see much profit in it and cancelled it when it was almost finished.

      3. Damn…micro$oft at their finest. That game, although I still don’t know much about it, looked pretty cool so it’s a shame it’s been canceled.

        Now if only they’d revive their rare franchises like Banjo and Kazooie or Battletoads. Man that’d be the shit.

      4. PS4 wasn’t a mid gen console like switch, which has been the main focus of nintendo since they announced it. We have had droughts on the wii u for like 2 years, so they have had plenty of time to prepare. THAT’S why people are calling out nintendo for this weak launch. What have they been doing all this time? They said they learned their lesson, but they didn’t.

  2. I really think this game should release in the summer. I understand that Nintendo needs a heavy hitter during the holidays, but the system needs people to buy it before then so we don’t get that same massive dropoff in sales that we got with the Wii U.

  3. Actually Nintendo have plenty of time to come up with surprises before march. The reveal session focused alot on the switch itself, and gave people enough to sell mostly all preorders (Not here in Denmark though, only one physical chain is selling it, yet, and not sold out, but the Danish price is also the highest in the world…).
    I always joke that i buy a new Nintemdo console when a new Zelda game comes, and since i thus got no Wii U, nothing keeps me from buying a Switch now….

  4. No matter what people say, I still think that they’ll release this game before Christmas, bundle it with the Switch, and give the system a price cut to entice holiday buyers. They did this with the 3DS in 2011 with not just Super Mario 3D Land, but with Mario Kart 7 too. It can work to their advantage.

  5. The only Reason to buy the switch, ports get boring, can’t nintendo think of anything new? I SWITCHED my mind in buying the switch !!!!!

  6. Omega King Kalas Ridley X3 (Greatness Awaits at Nintendo Switch & Sony PlayStation 4! Come join us in the Light of Darkness!!) says:

    Miyamoto said Pikmin 4 was almost complete… And that was well over a year ago! So sorry if I’m a little hesitant to believe this.

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