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Pachter Reveals His Thoughts On Nintendo Switch

It was inevitable but Michel Pachter has revealed his thoughts about the Nintendo Switch now it has been officially unveiled. Pachter isn’t overly optimistic about the console and cites pricing and an underwhelming array of launch games as things that could hamper the console’s success.

“Priced at $300, Switch is not a more affordable alternative to the PS4 and Xbox One. Initial pricing is likely to be problematic given an underwhelming slate at launch and the fact that the PS4 and Xbox One are consistently discounted at retail below their starting prices of $300 with a free software pack-in,”

“While Nintendo clearly relies upon the unique gameplay offered by the new device, it will need to convince a large audience that its newest device is more substance than gimmick in order to drive better long-term adoption than the Wii U saw.”

“Sales beyond the first year will be affected by third party software support; the underpowered Switch is unlikely to attract much,” he explained.

“A solid first party release slate is promising, but limited third party support will likely limit hardware demand later in the year. Zelda , Mario, and Splatoon titles are expected in 2017, but only a handful of new games are expected at launch. The cost of accessories is surprisingly high, and Western third party support appears limited to ports of Xbox 360 and PS3 games. We think that hardware sales will be limited without substantially greater third party support.

“Should Switch start slowly, we expect third-party publisher support to begin to wane as it did with the Wii U previously. Among the notable games, EA announced that FIFA 17 will be launching later this year, and Bethesda Softworks’ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim will be available at some point. We expect many publishers to take a wait-and-see approach in terms of their financial commitment beyond the first one or two games, especially if porting costs are high.”



    1. Exactly, he does have a point and some of what he say is true but other parts I disagree, accessories being expensive is right, small 3rd party support with few smaller projects and ports does not mean we won’t get 3rd party as aaa games, it means we get a butterscotch to intise us to buy the console then when we do we get some chocolate. Yes using candy as an analogy is kinda dumb but it works. How do you intise a child to eat his/her veggies? By giving them some small candies like butterscotch then when they eat their veggies you give them the bigger reward like chocolate or I’ve cream, it the same thing with the Switch even though I don’t like what Nintendo is doing with the lineup, especially the launch games.

      1. I enjoy this site, and I understand you feel its your duty to report on Pachter, but the truth is a lot of your readers who come to this site do not enjoy hearing about his perspective or his professional opinion. Maybe just dont, because you appreciate your viewership and respect their wishes? Just saying. Moat of us hate the guy and would prefer not to hear anything that comes out of his stupid mouth hole.

    1. Because the clicks *

      Seriously though with what’s been shown and what he said, I can’t say my usual “Patcher doesn’t know/Patcher is always wrong…” He’s still a phony who like Emily and Laura eventually guess right. I think the Switch will be fine and even if it doesn’t sell to great it won’t be sold at a loss according to Nintendo so they should still be fine.

      Also preorders are sold out everywhere so there’s obvious demand out there which is good given the amount of software releasing at launch.

      1. You’re mostly right, but the pre order situation is misleading, its really Nintendo shorting their retailers with limited stock to give the illusion of high demand, and also to hedge their bets because they dont want a bunch of extra stock just collecting dust on store shelves if it isnt a massive hit. They are producing consoles based on demand, just like amiibo. Expect to have a hard time finding a switch without a preorder in the months after launch. Not because they are so popular, but because NOA sucks at keeping stock on shelves.

        1. You’re probably right but aren’t they saying there should be around 2 million Switch consoles that will roll out within the first month ? I’m sure I read this somewhere and it even came from Reggie himself who “says” there shouldn’t be a problem meeting demand at launch. That’s if the sites I read this on are accurate of course…

      1. Not good because initial sales are meaningless. It’s long term that matters most. If Product A sells more than Product B at first, but over several years Product B consistently sells much more while Product a struggles along, how is Product A a success?

        Simply put, the initial high price and need for accessories can be off putting. If that happens, 3rd Party Support will drop. Lack of 3rd party support hurt Nintendo before, big time.

          1. You mean 5 games. 3 of which are 1st party, and 1 that is Just Dance. The other 75 are indie developers or developers that have been bullshitters before. You have a short term memory. At the launch of Wii U, Nintendo touted a simillar list of developers and said there were 10s of games coming in the launch window, and that fizzled out and turned out not to be true… Dont get your hopes up about 80 games coming in the first few months. Its hot air. Your letting Nintendo blow smoke up your ass. And in case your wondering Im a life long Nintendo fan who has bought or owned every Nintendo console with the exception of the Gamecube and the Virtual Boy, and the only other console Ive bought was the Dreamcast. So I can say they are bullshitting us without being a hater. Its just the truth.

  1. Even though I dislike Pachter for his disrespectful comments about Mr. Iwata, I think he’s right on the money with his statement. I don’t think the Switch has made the best first impression that everybody was hoping for.

  2. I’m not impressed at all so far , this looks like another wii and wii u to me. I have to buy it cause I never bought the Wii u, so I need to buy this console to play Zelda. When I looked at the launch line up, trailers, and games coming later this year, I already noticed that none of the games offered much better visuals than the wii u. I did not expect this to happen at all to be honest. I didn’t even notice that splatoon was actually splatoon 2 until later on. I bought a ps4 a month ago before christmas for 225 euro’s (also got uncharted 4 for free) and got a list of atleast 15 games that all score 9’s and 10’s on various gaming sites. I know that doesn’t mean everything but they are all amazing games (own 6 of them already cause they are all very cheap aswell) that should have been available on a Nintendo console aswell. I don’t care much for the handeld gimmick, specially if its at the cost of my television experience. For the people who always bring up the gameplay before graphics argument: Why not take the best of both worlds? Thats exactly what playstation has offered me for over a decade. The best console every created would be a playstation console with Nintendo first party made by nintendo. Shame this doesn’t happen yet again……

    1. totally true… I want all the games. And I want Nintendo… I understand they like handheld, but they could have easily developed a handheld without trying to pretend it is a home console or develop a powerful home console with news of a powerful handheld on the horizon.

      I think the Switch is cool, but I might buy a PS4… I’m a bit envious of the adventure games and such.

    2. Maybe you need to get your eyes checked or upgrade the quality of the videos you watched. Super Mario Odyssey looked way better graphically than 3D world. Splatoon 2 also looked sharper. You can’t really judge a system on how its gonna play or sell by the launch lineup before it even launches… 😒

      1. Were where the realistic looking games like metal gear solid, call of duty, battlefield, Tomb Raider, GTA, The Witcher 3, Demon Souls, Dragon Age, Batman, Fallout 4, Final Fantasy 15, Real street fighter not street fighter with snes graphics, Deus Ex and so on and so on? O wait it got Skyrim right? But wasn’t that that game that everybody played on his PS3 back in the days slightly upgraded, and ps4 and xboxone already have for months? Splatoon 2 and zelda look sharper ill give you that so does skyrim though, its still a ps3 game though.

        Indeed I can’t judge a system before it launches but i haven’t seen any of the previous mentiont games yet. And all the games we have seen look like zelda, dragon ball z and skylander quality, nothing realistic.I don’t want to buy two consoles to play every game I want if Nintendo could easily make a console that runs everything.

        1. Of course not man, they never do at launch, don’t you realize that? And I’m going to point this out anyways to remind you all one thing. Even though a system like switch is new and may fail, nintendo is still sitting pretty. How? The company has 2 systems out there the handheld department…aka 3ds. You guys need to realize that launches always will slow. What made the PS4 sell so well…it was the hype, period. There were no games for it like the wii u, there was nothing good for it yet at the time unless you call Knack something, there was nothing but waiting for it too. I want it to run everything too but its not going to happen. I think you guys needed to be reminded that not everything works the way you want it too and that is the harsh reality. I want the switch to be successful for my own reasons…and another thing I’m going to remind you all on is that you don’t need a powerful console to really enjoy games, you want that, look at your pc then…not a console.

          1. I have heared these story’s ever since the n64 and got dissapointed time and time again, infact I used to be one of the people telling these story’s until I stopped thinking like a fanboy during the wii era.

            Yes ps4 launch was bad but Nintendo promised it wouldn’t happen this time around. Sure things can’t go the way I want but if enough people say the same thing maby its true? Besides whats wrong with making a console that has full support. I can’t think of any reason not to do it this way. They don’t have to make the most powerfull console aslong as it has full support. I might be completely wrong here and we get tons of games in the future, but than thats there mistake for not doing there promotion right during the start. At the very least they could have given us specs so we know if its capable of full support , but no this is nintendo so why would they right. I’m just so fed up with there ways of doing things and it doesn’t remind of the Nintendo I grew to know and love during the golden Nes and Snes days at all

            1. If that’s the case then I got the right place for you to complain at. @Nintendoofamerica on twitter. get enough people there and watch them change their minds reeeeaaaaal quick like they did when they removed melee for helping with the breast cancer donations. As for me, its all about the games and I’m looking at 3 for this year from nintendo…maybe 4. Plainly as I see it, and I’m going to say this too while I’m at it…”A true gamer plays all”.

                1. Naw, that was never true. Nintendo never had an “everything” system, though the original NES came pretty darn close. There were always great games and great experiences that you couldn’t have on a Nintendo system, or if you could, there were better versions elsewhere. Of course, the flip side of the coin is that there were always great games and great experiences that you could ONLY have on a Nintendo, so that’s why going “one system only” has always been so tough, and is even tougher these days as systems become less and less direct competitors, all starting to fork out in different directions.

                  Look, I don’t envy you guys at all who have to make the choice between PS4, XB1, PC or Switch. That is an exceedingly difficult and painful decision if you’re going to be limited to just one (or even just two). They all offer promising things that the others ether don’t offer, or don’t offer as well. No matter which way you go, you’re going to miss out on something good!

                  I have a PC, a PS4 (not a PS4Pro, unfortunately), an XB1, and a WiiU, and I plan on getting the Switch. If I have enough free tax money left over after upgrading my out-of-date PC then assuming there’s not some supply shortages I can’t overcome, I’ll get a Switch on launch day, otherwise I’ll get one sometime later.

                  But I don’t feel like the future is too dark for the Switch. First, we don’t have final word on the power of the thing yet, especially not when held in reliable context with the other systems, so the “underpowered” quip, even if ultimately validated is still premature, and betrays bias. We just don’t know yet.

                  Some analysts say it will be hardly any more powerful than the WiiU. That’s possible, and based on the initial launch portfolio, that’s indeed kind of the picture many of the graphics paint. However, other analysts are saying it’ll be more comparable and competitive with the XB1/PS4, and not only does the Mario game’s visuals offer us a glimmer of hope for that, but we also haven’t seen Skyrim yet. There are 7th gen versions of Skyrim, and 8th gen remastered versions. Which one will the Switch version more closely resemble? The PS3 version, or the PS4? That and other comparisons like it will be pretty telling.

                  Also, that we haven’t really seen anything but cartoony games may indeed be a bad sign, or maybe not. But either way, it’s hard to settle questions if system capabilities by them. Let’s see how [quote unquote] “serious games” look before we pontificate too much. That the Switch effortlessly handles Mario Kart in solid 1080/60 as a launch title when the WiiU mid-late lifecycle version fails to maintain a perfect 60 at only 720 at least tells us that the Switch will be somewhat more powerful than the WiiU which was my minimum “thanks/no thanks” dividing line. So we’ve at least crossed that.

                  Also, if the thing ultimately specs closer to WiiU, then yes, I agree that it’s overpriced, not criminally overpriced, but $250 or $200 would’ve been more like it. However, of the more optimistic performance pontifications are closer to the truth, then I’m not even sure I’d call the $300 overpriced. You’d have a system that is in the spec ballpark of the others, without a pack-in unfortunately, but with exponentially greater use cases and experience potential. The price may actually be okay.

                  As far as 3rd party support goes, I am kinda holding my breath here because 3rd party support has been a problem for Nintendo to one degree or another since, well, arguably as far back as Super Nintendo. And while I don’t think the Switch will be an “outright failure”, as not even the WiiU was an outright failure, without better 3rd party support, I would agree that its outlook is only marginally better than the U. But still, let’s wait and see., shall we? Initial 3rd party pledges are better than before, are they not?

                  Now, coming back to the “quadrillema” between PS4, XB1, a reasonably relevantly spec’d gaming PC and a Switch, as I said, I have – and LOVE – all threee of the currently available ones, and plan to get / expect to love the Switch. But presuming I had none and had to pick, I think I’d have to say PS4 would come in last. Standing all by itself, a I feel that it offers me the least that I couldn’t have, or have as well on the others. XB1 would be second-to-last for all the same reasons. It’d either be the raw power, ultra-premier experience, and utterly unlimited potential of the PC…..or it’d be the ultra-unique, super lightweight, 1st-party magic aw shucks awesomeness that Nintendo always brings, and appear poised to do in even more spectacular fashion than ever on the Switch.

                  And before you label me a Nintendo fanboy and write me off for having the audacity to say something kinder than outright contempt towards N or something less than flowing praise towards the PS4, consider: I have a collection of about 40 systems across all brands and form factors , ranging from a pong clone that predates the Atari 2600 to the current gen, and from a big clunky gaming PC all the way past Vita and 3DS to iPhone gaming, so I’m hardly a dedicated Nintendo gamer. True, I have all their systems minus the “New 3DS”, but I also have all (or most all) of their competitor’s systems as well, including obscure ones like the Panasonic 3DO and Philips CD-i. Also consider: the only arenas where Nintendo consoles were definitely my favorite of their respective generations were NES, GameBoy, and GameCube. The rest are either matters I’m torn on (like N64 vs PS1, or 3DS vs Vita), or ones where a competitor is definitely my favorite (such as preferring both the Genesis and the TG16 to the Super Nintendo, etc). So I would hope you wouldn’t confuse my open-minded, guarded optimism for the Switch, or generally genial temperament towards Nintendo in general with fanboyism. To make that confusion would also indicate a confusion… shall we put this diplomatically……”between bathroom hygiene and lawn care”….if you catch my drift. :-)


                  p.s. SjaakZwart – “Jack Black” if I’m not mistaken. Spreekt je Nederlands? Ik ben zelf en student, en kann het spreek als en kind. Ik wil een merdertalig zijn. Hoeveel talen spreekt jij? Proost!

                  1. I’m surprised you put the PS4 last. I’m currently looking to get a new console (Not a Switch. I’ll be getting that late this year at the earliest.) and I’m leaning toward the PS4. I wasn’t happy with Sony’s recent decisions this gen and, frankly, found the PS4 underwhelming. I was thinking of waiting for the Scorpio, but since Microsoft is now doing the Play Anywhere program, I can play all their future games on PC. Also PS4 seems to have more exclusives that appeal to me. Why would you put PS4 last?

                    1. @RidleySlayer: Hey! This is “Nerd Noise Radio – John”. The page is forcing me to login now, so now I’m posting under my Facebook info….so, it’s still me. :-)

                      Now, why would I put the PS4 last? Well, I feel like the XB1 offers more than the PS4. Sure, it’s a little less powerful, so when going head to head on multiplayer games, the PS4 version will edge XB1 out, and yes, the PS4 exclusives may be able to push the graphics envelope a wee bit further. But it’s a difference that never bowls me over unless they’re side by side (and besides, now that I have a gaming PC, even one with fairly out of date hardware like mine, it sorta puts the difference between the consoles in an entirely different perspective – that is, relative insignificance).

                      And yes, the PS4 has a fantastic collection of console exclusives that I’d be quite sad to have to live without – as does the XB1, so that’s a wash for me. In fact, it’s more than a wash as the XB1 exclusives as a whole just resonate with me a little bit more. But otherwise, I don’t really feel that the PS4 offers much that one or more of the others offer as well, or better. Yes, certain games cross play with the Vita – and that’s really cool, I’m not kidding. But XB1 does the same and so much more with PC, which is the bigger deal to me.

                      And also, with Windows 10, and the “one core”, “universal windows platform” thing, which the XB is ever folding more and more into, I feel that XB and PC are beginning to develop a really great “blurry lines” synergy that will only increase as things like the Universal Windows Shell comes to 10, and more and more UWP apps come to the platform. Don’t get me wrong, there’s something to be said for Sony keeping the PS4 resolutely “a console”. You could even argue that the PS4 is the last such thing, with Switch being a console/portable crossover, and the lines ever blurring between XB and PC.

                      I had mentioned the game market broadening and broadening, and the competing consoles becoming more and more indirect since they’re all going different directions, and even things like nVidia Shield or Apple TV starting to become players. The Sony’s the stalwart. It’s the one that’s budged the least, the one least effected by the blowing winds of a radically changing market. But in terms of its overall offerings, in my opinion, at least, it offers the least.

                      Now, as I’ve laid out above, I do feel the XB is a more holistic package than PS4, and offers a bit more, even though it’s slightly less powerful. But even it still comes in second to last for me. There are only so many things it offers me that a PC doesn’t. The lion’s share of PS4 and especially XB1 games also exist on PC, mostly through the likes of Steam and uPlay (Win32), but also now through the Windows store (UWP), and those versions offer me the best graphics, the ability to customize the graphics to suit the limitations of my PC (generally still looking better than the console ports even on my tired old GTX660ti), other kinds of customization, and a more immersive experience on certain genres of games thanks to the keyboard and mouse interface.

                      This is why if I could only have one, it’d have to be either the PC or the Switch, and if I could only have two….well, then both of them! :-)

                      However, PC gaming as a whole, albeit increasingly less so, still remains a more cumbersome, less fluid experience vs the console model that between that, the console exclusives, and the general fairness of a more leveled playing field in “everyone on the same hardware” for multiplayer (or just two hardwares with the Pro and upcoming Scorpio), I would sorely miss either the PS4 or the XB1 should they fall victim to loss, damage, or theft, and still strive to replace them.

                      So insofar as it depends on me, Lord willing, I will have all four, and will always have all future iterations of all four until such a day that my family has to figure out which friends and relatives to give them to after I’ve passed on. How’s that for a cheery thought? ;-)

                      Cheers! :-D

                    2. Thanks for the response. I agree about the power. Power has no bearing on my decision. Honestly, comparing power on consoles is pointless to me as they pale in comparison to PC. I actually don’t use my PC for much more than indie games. I agree that the 3rd party titles would play much better on PC, but I’m not happy with the way PC games are handled. Most of them come attached with DRM. Besides the limitations DRM imposes, there is also the slight possibility that the company that attached the DRM won’t exist in the future, and I could potentially lose my purchase. Perhaps my opinion will change in the future, but for now I’m content with getting physical copies on consoles. Similarly, I try to avoid indie games on consoles, unless they get a physical release. So that’s where I stand. If I can get a physical, DRM-free release, I do. If not, I buy on PC, because I have more confidence in Steam support for the next few years than any of the console makers.

                      What I do care about is the software that I get on consoles, and I don’t really see anything on xbox that really appeals to me. Like I said, I try to avoid digital games on consoles so I’m only looking at their retail releases. There are a few games that look really interesting, but I think Halo is the only series on XB that I would actually miss. PS4 on the other hand seems to have a ton of 1st and 2nd party exclusives that look like really great games. 3rd parties obviously aren’t an issue as I can get them on either system.

                  2. Nederlands ja, and german and english. Anyway the Snes to me was a console that had everything , I had a 32 bit sega megadrive aswell but all it offered was sonic over nintendo the rest of the games where fun but not much memorable. The Snes offered Some of the best Nintendo games, Rare Games like donkey kong country the best in the series and , amazing fighting games like street fighter and mortal kombat. Some of the best RPG library’s on any console including final fantasy. Games like castlevania and mega man. Kirby,Yoshi,Mario Kart, Star Fox. And the list goes on and on. I own a pc aswell I don’t count the games that i play on that cause i need a pc anyway no matter what. Besides I wouldn’t want to play blizzard games on a console Overwatch beeing the exception perhaps.

                    1. I’m going to see how far I can get through my intended response in Dutch, and then I’ll follow up with English, so that we can both understand what I’m trying to say. :-)

                      Op de SNES tegen MegaDrive: het is onmogelijk te zegen welk was de beter als een “alles” system. Één man mag een volle hart over de spelen van de SNES hebben, en een ander mag over de spelen van de Genesis. Ik voel dat de SNES spelen waren als en “telescope”, en de Genesis spelen waren als en “microscope” Wat meent ik over dat? Ik zal zeg meer over dit in Engels. Voor dit part ik voel ik heb niet genoeg Nederlands geleerd te zegen. Ik denk dat elke had zo veel grote namen dat zal voor altijd leven. SNES had Mario, en Genesis had Sonic, ja. Maar, als SNES had Super Metroid en Link to the Past, dus Genesis had Streets of Rage, en Shinobi, etc. etc. En dus als één man houdt van donker bieren (als mij), en één ander houdt van lichter bieren, zo verschillende mensen houdt van de verschillende spelen van de systems. Ik houd van elke zo veel. Maar, ik heb en favoriet van de twee…..en het is de Genesis/Megadrive. Jouw favoriet is de SNES? Goed. Wij kann nog vrienden zijn, ja? :-)


                      Okay, now, English:

                      On the SNES vs MegaDrive: It is impossible to say which was the better as an “everything” system. One man may have a full heart over the SNES games, and another may one the Genesis games. I feel that the SNES games were like a “telescope”, and the Genesis games were more like a “microscope”. What do I mean by that? [this part in brackets I punted on in Dutch: I mean this: The SNES games are majestic when zoomed out to their total package, huge, immersive, interconnected worlds to explore and consume tons of your time. However, zoomed in, they were far less impressive. Smaller, less detailed sprites, fewer sprites on screen at once, slower, more “wooden” animation, less complex level designs, and all the rest. The Genesis games, by and large, are the opposite. Zoomed out to take in the whole, they’re not that impressive. Just level after level after level after level with little to no overarching meta. But what happens when we zoom in for a closer look? Big, detailed, fluidly moving sprites in abundance in much more action packed scenarios and more detailed levels. So, zoomed out, I think the SNES games look much more impressive, but zoomed in, I think the Genesis ones are. Yes, yes, I realize I’m talking in terms of megathemes, and there are exceptions here and there, of course. But as megathemes go, I do think they hold. Some of this has to do with the various strengths and weaknesses of the various system’s hardware (and both have strengths, and both have weaknesses). But more of a factor than hardware is software philosophy. The Genesis library was something of an “arcade at home for the masses”, while the SNES library was meant to be something on a grander scale. Less overtly fun, but more long-term meaningful.] I think that each had so many great names (titles) that will live forever. SNES had Mario, and Genesis had Sonic, yes. But as SNES had Super Mario and Link to the Past, so Genesis had Streets of Rage, and Shinobi, etc. etc. End just as one man likes dark beer (like me), and one other likes light beer, so different people like the different games from the systems. I like both so much! But I have a favorite of the two…and it is the Genesis/Megadrive. Your favorite is the SNES? Good. We can still be friends, yes? :-)

                      Here, let me see if I can do this in German too (I swear, I am not using any kinds of translation aids at all!)

                      Auf das SNES gegen MegaDrive: es ist nicht möglich zu sagen welch war besser als eine “Alles” system. Ein man hast ein voller Herz über die Spielen von das SNES haben, und ein ander über die Spielen von das Genesis. Ich fühl das SNES Speilen waren als ein “Telescope”, und das Genesis Spielen waren als ein “Microscope”. Nun, was meinst ich über das? Du musst siehst mein Antwort in Englisch für das. Mein Deutsch ist nicht fertig für es. Aber, ich denke das die beiden hat so viele großer Namen das wird immer leben! SNES hat Mario, und Genesis hat Sonic, ja. Aber, für jeder Super Metroid oder Link to the Past das hat SNES, es gab für Genesis ein Streets of Rage, oder ein Shinobi, etc. etc. Und wie ein Mann mag Dunkelbieren (wie ich), und ander mag Lichtenbieren, so manche Menschen SNES lieben, und andere Genesis lieben. Ich liebe die beiden so viel! Aber, ik liebe mehr Genesis. Deiner Favorit es SNES? Gut. Wir kann noch Freunden sein, ja? :-)

                      Now, Spanish?

                      Sobre SNES contra Megadrive: es imposible para decir quien es lo mejor como una sistema “por todos”. Un hombre tienen un grande corazón por los juegos por el SNES, y un otro hombre tienen un grande corazón por los juegos por el Genesis. Yo creo los juegos del SNES son como un “telescope”, y los juegos del Genesis son como un “microscope”. Que hago yo aquí? Mi español no es listo por eso, así, vea te por favor mi contesta ingles. Pero, yo pienso que los dos tener tanto mucho grande juegos son vivirán por siempre! SNES tiene Mario, y Genesis tiene Sonic. Si. Pero hay tanto mucho mas. Si, por cada Super Metroid o Link to the Past, son un Streets of Rage, o Shinobi, etc, etc. Como un hombre gustaran cervezas negro (como yo), y otros hombres gustaran cervezas blancas, como es personas diferentes gustan juegos videos diferentes. Yo amo los dos tanto mucho! Pero tengo un favorito, y es para mi, el Genesis. Te amas mas el SNES? Bien. Podemos tampoco amigos, si? :-)

                      Now, I know for a fact that my Swedish is insufficiently developed to handle this task yet, so I’ll simply say:

                      Jag alskar dem. SNES är bra! Genesis är bra! De här smörgåsborden spelar. Men, jag tycker om Genesis. Jag tycker om leker spelet Genesis. Du tycker om leker spelat SNES. Bra. Vi är bra, ja?

                      ……maaaaaan I need to improve my Swedish! I feel soooooooo limited! :-) I’m not even going to try Japanese! Haha! “Megadorifu ii desu, hai?” “SuupaaFamicom ii desu, hai?” There, that’s about all I got. :-D

            2. You want specs. The Switch runs Vulkan & open GL & havok & frostbyte & unreal & crytek. I like to see the original ps4 run vulkan, oh wait; it can’t.

              1. The PS4 can run Vulkan. I’ve had to explain this to someone else before. Vulkan is an API. It’s literally a list of commands that developers use to communicate with hardware. It’s not something that they “run” neccesarily. It’s just a feature set of the GPU and driver.

                1. Now, I know current gen hardware waaaaaay more superficially than I know, say, the 4th gen of gaming consoles (Super NES, Genesis, Turbografx16, Neo Geo, etc), so I don’t want to try to pretend to sound more technically well versed on this point than I really am, but I I do think that there’s something to this whole “supports” / “doesn’t support” thing when it comes to Vulkan, etc.

                  My free tax money is going towards major upgrades on my gaming PC, because we’re talking out of spec on the order of an AMD Phenom II 965 black x4 CPU, Asus ROG Crosshair IV Formula motherboard and GTX660ti GPU. If I’m willing to settle with low 50s-high 40s fps in Doom 2016, I can run it in Ultra settings at full (non-scaled) 1080 – meaning it looks damn better than the console ports. But in this day and age of gaming PC hardware, that’s not that impressive at all.

                  Anyway, if ever there’s been any kind of benefit to having had the experience of using such outdated hardware, it’s this: When I run Doom on my PC in OpenGL, I get that low 50s/high 40s. Switch to Vulkan? mid-low 20s. The detail levels are the same, but the frame rates tank. Why is this? I thought Vulkan was supposed to enable much higher frames out of the same hardware. So why does it cause me to do the opposite and drop off the side of the earth like this? Because there’s a sense in which devices are and are not “compatible” with Vulkan and the like. Yes, Vulkan will technically “run” on pretty much anything. But on devices that aren’t “compatible” with Vulkan, rather than a frame hike, you’ll get a frame drop.

                  Likewise, my GPU is not really “compatible” with “tiled resources”. Gears of War 4 on PC has an option where you can turn on tiled resources to increase frame rates. Well, when I turn it on, it does bump up the frames a bit….but at a price…Since my card isn’t “compatible”, it creates really strange graphics effects, such as a texture here, and a texture there that doesn’t load fully, but just remains a Dreamcast level blur. For instance, this giant metal door that you have to open to get into this base in a given scene. I look around, and the characters are all fully rendered, and the rest of the world around me is fully rendered….then there’s this door that is just so jarring in that it’s not fully rendered, and it totally wrecks the motif.

                  So, there is a sense in which hardware can be “incompatible” with certain APIs. Now, it may or may not specifically be the hardware proper that’s incompatible. Fine. But even if it’s not hardware, it’s drivers. And if they’re not updating drivers to be compatible with APIs, then what’s the difference? Your device still doesn’t work [properly] with the API, and is ultimately still not compatible, not reaping the benefits, and heck, often times even experiencing big detriments in the effort of trying.

                  Now, I don’t know, by this definition of “compatible” / “incompatible” whether or not the PS4/XB1 are compatible with these APIs, or whether they’re “partially compatible”, or whether they’re entirely incompatible. But if they’re not fully compatible, and the Switch is, then even if the raw hardware in a vacuum is still inferior on the Switch, the benefits these APIs bring in real-world gaming potential could go part of the way…..or even all the way towards erasing that difference…..or heck…….even blowing beyond it. Who knows?

                  Frankly I’m not entirely sure any one of us in this thread really do quite yet. So, I’m not going to dismiss what kaizar999 says here (especially since he’s not the only one I’ve heard it from). But, I suppose, neither am I going to take it as the final word yet either – even though I -REALLY- want to! :-)

                  Cheers, guys!

                  -John (formerly posting as “Nerd Noise Radio – John”)

  3. Pretty accurate unfortunately.

    Nintendo really didn’t woo the 3rd parties like many had hoped.

    While it might be less powerful than PS4/XB1 (is it though and by how much), to say it is “under powered” may not be accurate. That makes it seems as it is isn’t powerful enough… I don’t have that impression yet.

    Either way, he makes some good points, even if he is a D-bag

  4. He looks like he doesn’t know what going on lol don’t get me wrong the pricing and stuff it’s spot on but the games he mentions are totally wrong for example fifa 2017 ea already announce it’s a special fifa made specifically for the switch which launches later this year probably when fifa 2018 launches so it being fifa 17 is highly unlikely. Also which games are a port of ps3 and xbox 360 he mentions as far as I can tell skyrim is the special edition, unless he knows something about fifa we don’t most of the ports are ps4 games. And they are alot of soft ware being announced but not dated, and still games that haven’t been announced, I’m sure when the new cod is announced it’ll be announced for the switch but those are later in the year. The games nintendo have showed off isn’t final, since they keep on announcing titles up til launch so launch day might be alot better then announced nintendo are building hype for the console up til launch be announcing new titles til march

    1. But it is more fun to be negative regardless if the Switch is everything the Wii U wished it was and Zelda alone shits on the Wii U’s launch line up and instead of launching all the games at once Nintendo is placing them out the year so people don’t get burned out and limit droughts

  5. “Nintendo is DOOMED! DOOOOOMED!!!”

    • Gamecube and n64 have record cult classics

    • Wii cannot remain in stable, ample supply until 2 years after release

    • Wii u takes a hit as a console, yet it’s major titles are pretty much all critically acclaimed

    • Nintendo DS survives for 8 years, nearly as long as the PS2

    • Once it takes off, the 3DS hits record sales.

    Although, I can’t say I disagree with him about getting the switch at Launch. WIth BOTW being the only major title and PRE ORDERS being sold out, not to mention more titles coming this summer, you can wait until then to get one. But then again, BOTW may be spoiled through and through by then….

  6. So many things to consider here. Like alot.

    Apparently XB1 was $430 on release. Im sure the PS4 was at a higher price. So you can’t compare it to that, this is a new piece of hardware and its portable

    Secondly, the 3rd party argument is getting so bloody boring. People buy Nintendo for their titles, thats it. If I had the choice of say, Minecraft. I would always go for the PS4 version because of the bigger community and support.

    Third, people queue for hours to spend 1000 bucks on an iPhone with a bigger mark-up than Laura Ashley wallpaper.

    oh. I like the Pachter articles, it really fuels my engine knowing cretins can get paid for opinions.

    1. Man, you said everything. I’m tired of this comparison with PS4 and XOne. And yes, although Nintendo says different, the Switch is a portable. Comparisons with him are at least imbeciles. And if the cost of producing a game for it is expensive, imagine how third parties will be happy to produce 4K games for PS4 Pro or Scorpio. The Switch will be the perfect platform for the Indies. That alone combined with their own games have already convinced me to buy the video game as soon as possible. This was the best: “oh. I like the Pachter articles, it really fuels my engine knowing cretins can get paid for opinions.” hehehe

  7. This is why I don’t like him. He’s supposed to be an analyst, but he never seems to get his facts straight. He says that 3rd party seems limited to 360/PS3 ports. Where does he get that info? There was the rumor about Fifa being based on the 360/PS3 version, but EA shot that rumor down. I suppose he might be talking about Skyrim, but if he is, that’s only one game; and unless I missed some news, we’re not even entirely sure yet if it’s a toned down version of the remastered edition or a beefed up version of the vanilla edition. He completely ignores NBA 2K18. Also he says that the Fifa game will be Fifa ’17. Did EA say that? Did anyone say that? The only thing I saw EA say for certain is that the game is custom built for Switch. Is there any reason for him to expect it’ll be Fifa ’17 and not ’18?

    Most everything else he says makes sense, but seeing as his job is to analyze the video game industry and inform the public of its status, he shouldn’t be making any statements that aren’t 100% factual.

  8. Why do people keep trying to compare a system that is in tablet form that you can take and play anywhere with a tethered to your TV console? The 3DS was “underpowered”, but there are tons of excellent 3rd party titles for it. Maybe the Switch wont get a ton of multiplat console games, but again, can you walk out of your house still playing them? From what I’ve seen of the specs, the Switch when docked is at least 2-3 times as powerful as an iPad Pro and is more powerful than one when in tablet mode.

    People keep saying that it’s not fair to compare a PS4/Xbox One to a gaming computer (when in reality, they are just underpowered gaming computers in plastic cases). Yet, these same people are trying compare the Switch to the tethered consoles. That’s just stupid. If Sony brought out a tablet that could be docked to the TV that is same power as the Switch, the Sony fanboys would go nuts for it…”Finally, I can play console quality games on the go.”

    If you don’t like the Switch, don’t buy it. If you’re just going to bitch about the Switch, then STFU!

  9. I was really worried about the launch lineup as well at first, but everywhere I go at work or on campus people are talking about how they’re going to buy one at release. I brought up how few titles it will have at launch and the majority of them seem to strangely be totally fine with Zelda being the only title for the first few months. This is the total oposite of what I experienced with the WiiU

    1. That’s encouraging to hear. I’m the only Nintendo fan I know personally. None of my friends and no one in my family cares about them, so the only reactions I get are online.

        1. That might be it. Most of the people I know have had a Wii at some point. I think when they hear about anything from Nintendo now, they either can’t or don’t want to look past the opinion they’ve already formed. One of my brothers does it all the time. He’ll bad mouth Nintendo without presenting a single reasonable complaint, simply because it’s fashionable to bash Nintendo.

          Not saying that there isn’t plenty to complain about. There really is, but he doesn’t bring up the valid points.

  10. Haven’t anyone play Skyword Sword ? What this b…lsh..t with GIMMICKS !!! I’m playstasion fun from ps1 ff vii to this day , but recently I’ve played Sk Sword on a wii and it was the best game after years! Wii remote is something magnificent , so why Nintendo abandon this play style? Switch will be great!!!

  11. Patcher is 100 percent right yet again!He said the Wii U would fail and that it would sell between 10-12 million lifetime.
    He was bashed by Nintendo fans but 4 years later he was 100 percent correct!
    Yes the Switch has Zelda at launch which will carry it along with Mario Kart till New Mario title arrives,but I see Ubisoft and others cancelling their games once they see the install base is not what they hoped it would be.
    I have pre ordered the Switch but Nintendo should have launched with Mario,Zelda and Mario Kart that would have made sales go insane the first few months which would have made 3rd parties Happy and get on board.
    Launching with those 3 games would have been enough alone till Xmas not to mention all the other 3rd party games.
    Which the price so high I see a repeat of the Wii U and 3rd parties cancelling games or making the exclusives multi platform.
    Nintendo had a perfect chance to throw the gauntlet down to Sony and they failed once again.
    I see Sales being terrible which will make Nintendo release the Switch 2 on time for the PS5 etc.
    Nintendo forget that the Wii was so popular as at launch it was $350 less than the PS3 and came with Wii Sports and launched with Twilight Princess.
    The Switch should have been $250 basic and $300 with a Zelda bundle.
    The accessories are ridiculously priced and it seems to me Nintendo want to make as much money as possible straight away before 3rd parties quit.
    It will be the 3DS all over again….Have an ambassador program before Mario launches and a price drop.

      1. Omega King Kalas Ridley X3 (Greatness Awaits at Nintendo Switch & Sony PlayStation 4! Come join us in the Light of Darkness!!) says:

        Or he didn’t realize he was using his Nintendo fanboy account to post that. lol

  12. Pricing is fine, power is probably a well thought out balance between price and still being powerful enough to get 3rd parties to bother. He is right though, that it doesn’t seem to have gotten much 3rd party support, so maybe it would have been clever to sell it slightly cheaper to broaden the install base early on, to attract developers. But I certainly trust Nintendo’s judgement more than Pachter’s, crazy as it may sound.

  13. The Switch definitely doesn’t have enough games for launch. I’m only getting the Switch for Zelda right now, but will that really satisfy me until Splatoon 2? Here’s to hoping for unannounced games…

    1. At least there is a launch window. That’s why you need to keep your expectations in full check.

  14. I paid $350 for a Wii U and $200 for a New 3DS XL. So $300 for a system that will play all Nintendo games going forward is a steal. If a new Mario game comes out, it’s coming to Switch. New Zelda is coming to Switch. Smash Bros, Mario Kart, Splatoon, Metroid, Donkey Kong, Fire Emblem will only require me to buy one system. If Nintendo maintains their 1st party output of games that they had spread over two systems onto one system, I will be fine. I already have a PS4 to fill in the gaps Nintendo systems don’t provide.

  15. Guys jokes aside The Switch is Dead on Arrival and i’ll tell you why

    1: All the issues that led to the Wii U’s Failure havent been fixed.

    2: Lack Of 3rd party games that are found on PS4 and Xbox1 (no 3rd party support.)

    3: Overpriced

    4: Too Weak and Underpowered to Run 3rd party Games,whats worse is its even Now too underpowered to even run Nintendos own games (eg Zelda BOTW) with its Framerate issues

    5: Once again Cheap Nintendo is selling outdated old last gen tech for even a higher price then current 8th gen consoles like PS4.

    6:Still using uneccessary Gimmicks to sell thier product. (JoyCons and HD rumble)

    7: Still not sure who thier target market is Casuals or Real Gamers

    8.Poor Battery life

    9.Poor Launch Games.

    10. Still ignoring fans and releasing games they didnt ask for (No Metroid,No F-Zero)

    All of the above issues are what made WiiU Fail and will likewise make Switch Fail.

    1. (눈_눈) Ugh I can’t believe I’m going to do this, but I’m going to defend the Switch here. Doesn’t mean I don’t think the Switch isn’t a fail though.

      1. The Wii U is a confusing mess. The Switch isn’t. Simple and easy to understand. There’s also no region lock. Good, I just gave you two things they solved without thinking, so I’m not seeing how they repeated EVERYTHING like you said.
      2. Games take time to make, mon ami. Just like it did with the PS4 and Xbox One. Just relax. At least wait until E3 to say that no one is making anything.
      3. PS4 and Xbox One, One single console = $400. The Switch, a portable and a console = $300. Wut?
      4. Framerate issues? Just what the heck are you looking at? Everyone is saying it runs better than the Wii U version without any drops. Also how do you know it’s underpowered? Do you have specs to know? No? Okay, then.
      5. Last gen tech? I don’t know about that. Mario Odyssey and Xenoblade 2 definitely wouldn’t be able to run on the Wii U and that’s slightly stronger than the PS3/Xbox 360. Actually, they look really close to what I’ve seen from other current gen games, art-style wise at least. So you fail…again.
      6. I’ll give you this one. What’s worse is, the cost of that stupid tech could have been used for a stronger GPU or CPU.
      7. Both? In the first trailer, they definitely had more focus for real gamers (remember the Splatoon game tournament at the end?) But then they clearly aimed for casuals this time. A little confusing, yes, but it does seem like they want both audiences.
      8. Everyone is talking about it’s “2.5 hour” battery life, but did everyone else forgot when they said “up to 6 hours”?! Yes, yes, depends on the game. However, remember this is a half portable device. Also with USB-C, you have other charging options and we have yet to hear on ways to preserve the battery through Settings and what not. Though, Nintendo not letting you Switch batteries? (lol pun) Retarded.
      9. Can’t really defend this one. Zelda doesn’t appeal to everyone (but it’s going to be an obvious system seller) and the other titles aren’t even worth looking at.
      10. Calm your tits, dude. They can only develop so many games at once (unless you want sub-par titles created by an exhausted development team). [Where is F-Zero btw? Not at argument, just a curious question]. Pretty sure they have a Metroid waiting for the right time to reveal, just that it wasn’t at the Switch Reveal presentation. I wouldn’t say they’re ignoring their fans…yet. Crucify them at this year’s E3 when you’re sure.

  16. What do people want from Nintendo honestly? It’s got a better first year lineup than most other systems at launch. Third parties are confirmed to be on board. What’s the issue? The system isn’t out yet.

    1. ||They want them to become the third wheel of the imaginary triad consisted of Xbot abominations and Sonyan scum…||

    2. If every game they talked about during the presentation was dropping on the launch date, you could say that would be a really strong launch lineup, but part of the problem is that when it launches, you have Zelda (which you can play on the Wii U) and 1-2 Switch, which won’t appeal to a large audience. Arms sounds ok, but that’s not coming until Spring. Mario Kart 8 sounds fine, while also being a game you can play on the Wii U, but it’s not coming until the end of April, Splatoon 2 is in the summer and even that’s a game you can pretty much play on the U. Skyrim and FIFA are games you can already play other places and Mario isn’t coming until the end of the year. Most other consoles don’t have spectacular launch lineups, but, at the very least, there are about a dozen games that hit the PlayStation and Xbox stores every single week. Yeah, maybe only one or two of them are very good, but even if only one or two games on those consoles are good each week, that’s still between 52 and 104 good games a year to pick from. If you don’t want to play Zelda (and the audience for that series has declined dramatically since the release of Twilight Princess) and you’re thinking “I already own Mario Kart 8 and Splatoon,” there’s really nothing here for you and that’s a dangerous place for Nintendo to put themselves in. “Here, play enhanced ports of Skyrim and FIFA” sounds an awful lot like “Here, play enhanced ports of Arkham City and Mass Effect 3” (which is what the Wii U launch was).

      All of that before we even get into the price. $300 without a pack-in game and with $70-$80 options for additional controllers, puts them at an even higher price than the PS4 and Xbox One, which you can usually buy for $300 with a pack-in game or two and extra controllers in the $40-$60 range. Many gamers pick up Nintendo’s console because it’s on the cheaper side and they can justify having it next to their Sony or Microsoft machines, but when it’s more expensive it’s no longer that easily-justifyable secondary console. It’s also difficult to recommend to parents looking to get their kids a primary console because for those prices, you would be significantly better off getting a PS4 that will have more games with a wider variety.

      What do we want from Nintendo? A $250 point of entry that puts them below their competitors, reasonably-priced accessories, more launch titles (where was Pikmin 4? Miyamoto said that was nearly done like a year ago), third party support that’s not someone from Sega coming on stage with their logo behind them saying “We’re working on two games we’ll talk about later” and a plan for what we’ll be playing in the future that’s not enhanced ports of two games we already own in the spring and summer and the game we should have launched with during the holidays when everyone else will be dropping their big AAA games to compete for our attention.

      I really wish them the best. I even preordered the thing because I am a big fan who would want to make excuses for them. But it’s hard to walk away from that Switch presentation thinking anything other than, man, Nintendo’s in trouble.

  17. I preordered it because I’m a fan, but he’s obviously right and that’s exactly what I was thinking when I went to bed the night of the presentation. How can I go about getting his job?

  18. The predictions of this “analyst” for the Wii were completely absurd throughout the life of the console. So saying that he always hits his predictions is as ridiculous as calling this an unbiased analysis.
    And please fans of PS4 and XOne, buy a PC soon and stop talking about fps and graphics power. Be happy.

  19. I really don’t understand why people always think they know the power of a system before it comes out… you guys know you can’t really judge graphics on games that are ported right?

    1. Yeah, but Nintendo always under-produces their hardware so it sells out of the 1 or 2 million units they throw out there, then it looks like everyone is scrambling to get it for months when it’s really just that they’re still under-stocking and there are still more of us die-hard fans that still need one. They did it with the Wii, the Wii U, the first several waves of amiibo, the n3DS XL and the NES Classic Edition too.

  20. I wish internal specs were released so the bread crumb comments about Switch power would be laid to rest. If it’s underpowered , let us know; if it’s not, let us know.

  21. Annalists and leakers: “Switch should be priced 250-300 or it will be DoA”, later Nintendo announces the price and they now say: “it’s doomed”, “bad price”, blah blah

  22. You guys have to understand that Nintendo didn’t release dev kits til recently . They kept the console under wraps for a long time! Games are being made as we speak but haven’t been announced because probably arnt ready yet! It takes time to make games especially good games! How long did we wait on Zelda botw?

  23. I recently saw this video. And it clarified a lot of HATEFUL NONSENSE Comments i see around.
    The videos is in Spanish but it demostrates how the Switch is not the “Bad Console” some people are saying.

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