Don’t Forget The Fire Emblem Direct Is Coming Tomorrow

Nintendo has reminded people that may have forgot in the flurry of Nintendo Switch news that there’s a Fire Emblem themed Nintendo Direct coming tomorrow.

Visit on Wednesday, Jan. 18, at 2 p.m. PT/ 10pm GMT for a Nintendo Direct presentation focused on upcoming Fire Emblem titles.


      1. Hey commie, the Nintendo 3ds Facebook account shared the info about the direct, it might be possible to see 3ds related news if they show the corrin amiibo.

        1. ||Amiibos and smaller news are fine, just not something that takes away focus from the Switch…||

          1. Yes, but what i tried to say is that they might announce that corrin amiibo is compatible with fire emblem fates (if they show the amiibo of course).

            1. ||I’m still calculating whether I should create my own base on youtube in the future, to get rid off the Xbot filth and the nonsense Xbot inspired garbage High Command is doing with certain aspects of the Switch’s secondary systems…||

  1. Guys jokes aside The Switch is Dead on Arrival and i’ll tell you why

    1: All the issues that led to the Wii U’s Failure havent been fixed.

    2: Lack Of 3rd party games that are found on PS4 and Xbox1 (no 3rd party support.)

    3: Overpriced

    4: Too Weak and Underpowered to Run 3rd party Games,whats worse is its even Now too underpowered to even run Nintendos own games (eg Zelda BOTW) with its Framerate issues

    5: Once again Cheap Nintendo is selling outdated old last gen tech for even a higher price then current 8th gen consoles like PS4.

    6:Still using uneccessary Gimmicks to sell thier product. (JoyCons and HD rumble)

    7: Still not sure who thier target market is Casuals or Real Gamers

    8.Poor Battery life

    9.Poor Launch Games.

    10. Still ignoring fans and releasing games they didnt ask for (No Metroid,No F-Zero)

    All of the above issues are what made WiiU Fail and will likewise make Switch Fail.

    1. I don’t think Nintendo has the resources to pump out that many games. F-zero and Metroid would take a long time especially in HD. I think we saw this happen with Wii U where you would get a good game every 6 months or years but it wasn’t enough to justify the cost.

      Hopefully we are wrong. I want this console to succeed. But it looks to be the WiiU2.

    2. Sniff, Sniff…
      I smell a FANBOOOOOY!!! Dude you totally reek of M$ & Sony!!!

      Hell, like a few pepole said, “Im unsure about this SWITCH so I’ll give it a year to see how it sells”.

      Personally, I’ve reserved mines. & to let everyone know Im a proud Wii U owner!
      Not that there isn’t any truth to your rant. But as much as a failure the Wii U was/is:


      So let’s see if Nintendo can & will turn it around. It’s just hard for ANYONE to see a company “about to go out of business” & they haven’t even launched their system yet.

  2. Expecting to see Fire Emblem Warriors, Fire Emblem Mobile, and *possibly* a more standard Fire Emblem game for Switch. Perhaps there will be an HD port of Fates, along with a tease that they’re working on something new. I doubt they would have a brand new Fire Emblem ready to show off for Switch, but we’ll see. Either way, I’m excited for whatever they’ll be showing.

  3. It must be hard to decide on the character roster in FE Warriors, since there are SO many viable ones, and a lot of things have to be taken into account. You have all the iconic main characters, needing a good mix between classes so there’s enough variety, special classes like laguz and manakete that basically need to be featured, mounted units that seem awkward to design, and other popular characters that fans really want to see. They’ll probably implement around 25-30 characters in total, after all the DLC, but I could name at least 50 that I think should make it in. I really just hope that they add my favorite character, who shouldn’t be a mystery to those familiar with Sacred Stone.

      1. All right, let’s see. Here’s a list of specific ones for each game, including those with game-exclusive classes. NOTE: I’m not familiar with the Japan-exclusive games, and I’ll probably miss some obvious ones.

        From Fates – Corrin, Azura, Ryoma, Xander, Lillith, Felicia/Jakob. Since mechanists, ninjas and diviners are cool and interesting, then also Yukimura, Orochi/Hayato, and Kaze.
        Awakening – Robin, Chrom (or Lucina), Panne, Tharja and Aversa.
        Radiant Dawn & Path of Radiance – Ike, Micaiah, Sothe, Zelgius (Black Knight), Soren, Skrimir, Tibarn, Sanaki, Stefan, Kurthnaga, Pelleas, one of the three herons, and Volug. Possibly also Haar.
        Sacred Stones – Gerik, Ephraim, Eirika, Seth, Valter, Lyon, L’Arachel, and Innes. Possibly also Ross, Amelia and Ewan if you make them grown up and formidable-looking enough. Since Summoners are cool, maybe Knoll, too.
        The Blazing Sword – Lyndis, Hector, Eliwood, Nergal, possibly Nino. (I don’t have the best memory of this game’s characters.)
        Binding Blade – Roy (again, not very familiar with the Japanese-exclusive ones, but I know Roy :D)
        Ankoku Ryū to Hikari no Tsurugi / Shadow Dragon – Marth, Cain, Abel, Barst, Ogma, Medeus.

        Then there’s lots more important characters to include from the games I’m unfamiliar with. There also needs to be a manakete character, whether that’s Bantu, Myrrh or whomever. A couple of pegasus/falcon knight characters, horse-mounted units, a couple of archers from different classes, maybe some more holy class characters and magic users in general. I don’t think I mentioned that many axe users, either.

        This isn’t even counting all my personal favourites that I’d be psyched to play as, though probably not that many others.

        1. Actually, if you go by the Warriors Orochi/Dynasty Warriors games, they could pick a hundred heroes, easily. I wouldn’t be surprised, and I’m kinda hoping this is the case, anyway.

          1. Omega King Kalas Ridley X3 (Greatness Awaits at Nintendo Switch & Sony PlayStation 4! Come join us in the Light of Darkness!!) says:

            Sadly, since this will be the first ever Fire Emblem Warriors, they might limit the roster to less than what Orochi had so they can save new ones for a possible sequel.

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