For those purchasing the Nintendo Switch and requiring additional controllers; the price of them came as a bit of a shock when they first appeared for pre-order on some retailers’ websites. Thankfully the price of the Pro-Controller on has seen a decrease today to a much more respectable £64.99.

The controller boasts a screen capture button so you can share images with your friends and family on social media. Nintendo’s ‘HD Rumble’ alongside a built-in amiibo reader are also present.

You can purchase yours here.

It’s also worth noting that Zelda: Breath Of The Wild has taken a very slight drop down to £48. See for yourself here.




  1. Too expensive for a Nintendo Controller. I can afford it but not everyone can and IMHO it should be at least €40/£40 instead.

    We’re not talking about a beastly PC/gaming rig/PS4/Xbox One here after all.


  2. I definitely think the controller is too expensive in UK, but $70 in the US makes a lot of sense. It’s only several dollars more than a PS4 or XB1 controller and has motion controls, NFC reader, and HD rumble.. I hope it comes to Amazon US soon…


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