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Nintendo 3DS Starts 2017 With New Games, Pikachu-Themed 3DS, New Amiibo And Discounted Prices

After the most successful quarter of software sales in Nintendo 3DS history fueled by the record-breaking sales of the Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon games, the portable Nintendo 3DS system kicks off 2017 with the debut of a Pikachu-themed New Nintendo 3DS XL system, new entertaining and engaging games for the entire family, the introduction of new amiibo cards, and discounts on many popular games.

“Nintendo 3DS is a portal to one-of-a-kind Nintendo adventures starring classic characters like Mario, Yoshi and all of their friends,” said Doug Bowser, Nintendo of America’s Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “Our hit system offers a wide variety of memorable experiences for adventurers of all ages.”

Nintendo 3DS fans will be able to enjoy all of the following in 2017:

  • Pikachu Yellow Edition New Nintendo 3DS XL: On Feb. 24, an electrifying new design for the New Nintendo 3DS XL hardware will hit store shelves. The colorful yellow system sports a charming drawing of popular Pokémon Pikachu on the cover and will be available at a suggested retail price of $199.99.
  • Poochy & Yoshi’s Woolly World: Get crafty and explore a handcrafted world full of surprises. The Nintendo 3DS version of the critically acclaimed Wii U game launches on Feb. 3, alongside the new Yarn Poochy amiibo figure, and includes even more great features like stages you dash through as Poochy, a Craft Yoshi Editor perfect for creative types and charming stop-motion animated videos starring Yoshi and Poochy. A free demo for Poochy & Yoshi’s Woolly World is now available to download in Nintendo eShop.
  • Tank Troopers: Storm the battlefield in one of 36 customizable tanks in this tank warfare shooter exclusive to Nintendo eShop. The digital game supports up to six players battling against each other in teams or free-for-all in local multiplayer matches. Colorful characters with unique personalities, a variety of different maps and modes, and creative challenges combine to make Tank Troopers a fun and engaging multiplayer experience. Tank Troopers launches exclusively in Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS on Feb. 16.
  • Mario Sports Superstars: The action-packed game launches on March 24 and offers five full-featured sports like Soccer, Tennis, Golf, Baseball and, for the first time in a Mario sports game, Horse Racing. Each sport stars Mario and his friends (and enemies!) from the Mushroom Kingdom and can be played in local or online multiplayer modes. (Players must own the game and a Nintendo 3DS system to compete in multiplayer mode.)
  • New Mario Sports Superstars amiibo cards: By tapping one of these new amiibo character cards while playing Mario Sports Superstars, players will get a variety of fun bonuses. The Mario Sports Superstars amiibo cards can be purchased in blind packs of five at a suggested retail price of $4.99 each, starting on March 24. For a limited time, theMario Sports Superstars game will include one amiibo card packed in.
  • Pikmin for Nintendo 3DS (name not final): The upcoming Pikmin game for Nintendo 3DS is a side-scrolling adventure that introduces new players to the adorable Pikmin and their unique abilities, while challenging longtime fans to navigate a strange new world. Players play as Captain Olimar and tap the screen to throw Pikmin at enemies and objects, using the unique abilities of the Pikmin to solve puzzles, fend off aggressive wildlife and find objects as they navigate the world’s tiny harsh environment. The game launches exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems in 2017.
  • More Great Games at a Suggested Retail Price of $19.99 Each: The critically acclaimed Nintendo 3DS games Kirby Triple Deluxe and Mario & Luigi: Dream Team are joining theNintendo Selects lineup and will arrive in stores mid-February. Nintendo Selects are classic Nintendo games like Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon and Yoshi’s New Island that are available at the great suggested retail price of only $19.99 each.



66 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS Starts 2017 With New Games, Pikachu-Themed 3DS, New Amiibo And Discounted Prices”

  1. When the Switch fails they will port the the good games to 3DS, just like with wiiU they are trying to milk profits from ports. When they do this slimey shit it makes people not trust them and it will hurt Switch sales further. It’s marketing 101 and putting customers first is what they should be doing… not cutting the lifespan of their expensive wii 2.0 and then rewarding everyone who didnt bother buying it. Pikmin 3DS better not be a port or I will put the Switch off indefinitely.

      1. i thought the new Pikmin would be for Switch. i’m worried how the tiny little critters will show up on such a small lo resolution screen like 3DS. oh well, here’s to hoping for a Pikmin Switch somewhere down the line. /scoots off to watch the Pikmin 3DS trailer…

    1. Not sure how it’s slimy. Any consumer that doesn’t know it’s a port probably didn’t play the original, therefore won’t feel screwed over. Marketing 101 would actually be to get your product out to as many people as possible. Lighten up on the cynicism a bit.

      1. I’ve been tempted to buy it MANY times but I just wasn’t sure because it’s short, I should drop that bad habit of equating a game’s monetary value only on its length.

  2. Not that impressed with the software line up honestly. Besides Pikmin what else is actually a new game? The title should really read, “Nintendo 3ds starts 2017 with a single new game and some old ports.”

    1. I think they should “port” that tagline to switch since it apply there also. :P Peace, peace. I mean no harm! ;D

  3. Honestly, what software has Nintendo been working on? The last two years has been the slowest drip feed of Nintendo software I have ever lived through. They need to just break down and hire more help, because they cannot keep up with demand when it comes to software. Not even close.

    1. They’ve been working on Mario Odyssey, Splatoon 2, and Xenoblade 2 to come out in year 1 plus I’m sure there’s some surprises left since there’s still new game announcements coming from others past the presentation. Then we have a ne Fire Emblem already announced as one title for 2018.

      1. They’ve had a long time to work on Mario, and Splatoon 2 has a lot of reused assets. I’ll give you Xenoblade though, however technically that’s a second party dev. Monolith Soft. I don’t know, maybe they will announce more games, I sure hope so.

  4. If they have the balls to do what needs to be done and that Pokémon Stars on Switch rumor is true it looks like the 3DS’s last big hurrah was Sun & Moon.

    1. I think the N3DS has a lot of last hurrah s left sir. ;)
      Pikman, several Fire emblems, I’m sure it will get the next Pokemon… I wouldn’t say we’ve reached this “All devs on switch” state of affairs you’re hoping for just yet. But that is my own opinion!

        1. I hope you’re not bashin’ my Piks. Cause I have a platoon of yellow Pikmin that could kick Pikachu’s arse!

  5. Damn Nintendo is showing unquestionable support for the 3DS, price cuts new iterations, new game releases. Can we get more details outed and discussed as well as new material presented for the Switch?? I know the 3DS is the cash cow but damn you would think the Switch is the older brother on the way out the door not the other way around..

    Also they could be bolstering the lineup a bit more with 3DS titles announced, example; Great Ace Attorney 2 along with 1 should be packaged and released in the west for the Switch smh

    1. Must be saving it up for a Switch port. Bet it’d be kinda weird if they released it now when the Wii U is dead and the 3DS approaching the same fate next year.

      1. the 3ds is going anywhere cookie. Yes everyone is hyped up for the switch but it’s the same news as it was for the wii u everybody will get bored of it in 4 years time so why they hell bother this generation of consumers dont hold onto things for very long hence why i prefer retro gaming or systems that hold alot of life in them

        1. They make new consoles because that’s what their fans want, and more money, of course. You should give new consoles a chance instead of instantly writing them off because they’re too new for you. 4 years isn’t the normal duration of a Console Generation, Wii U was just a special case.

          1. sorry, but i’m not an upgrade freak like today’s consumer there’s more important things than running off buying a new console then ditching the old one like a unwanted pet!

              1. your choice, be an upgrade freak and blow your money and get bored of it years later, It’s called seeing sense and saving money and not wasting it like a mindless drone so mind your tongue!

                  1. It’s my choice not to go and mindlessly upgrade each time a new thing comes out when there’s more important things i need to do with my money

                    1. Hey, that’s fine, just don’t call others “ugpgrade freaks” when they actually want to play new games. People have different opinions than you, and just because they play new consoles mean they’re all upgrade freaks? That’s like me calling you a hipster because you only play retro.Some of us are willing to spend the money to play new experiences and that shouldn’t be a bad thing even when you yourself are not interested. Stop calling people “mindless”, just because they want to play new games, yeah, sure it may expire in a few years, but those few years make great games and experiences. Have you seen how long the PS4 have been going? It’s been going strong for 4 years and hasn’t stopped, so maximum number of years isn’t even that short. You’re just being a worry wart because the Wii U crashed and burned early on and now you think that’s the new norm or something. There’s such thing as “opinion” when it comes to this you fool, not everybody wants to just play old stuff like you seem to be so proud of. Just shut up and play your SNES, you should be better than this.

                      1. Retro Rouge Melfice

                        not exactly i prefer retro titles as they seem to do things better than the modern types of games my friend Yahtzee Crowshaw mentions this in his show zero punctuation. Shovel knight is an exception as it’s retro with a fresh coat of paint and with new mechanics for each character makes it a title that is memorable and a challenge.

                      2. Oh, and even when a console does die out, it doesn’t mean that you always have to throw it out immediately after. I’m sure there are some PS3 players who play on the PS2 when they’re in the mood. There’s such thing as a balance between retro and new when it comes to gamers. Stop acting like it’s all black and white between the two types when there are ones who enjoy both, but I guess you would consider those guys “mindless” and “upgrade freaks” as well, huh? You love those two insults a lot, I can tell.

                        1. Retro Rouge Melfice

                          my girlfriend is getting a switch as well as my roommate plus none of the games speak system buyer to me other than splatoon 2, Xenoblade 2 and fire emblem but with my ocd i wont get a console if there’s only 3 games that interest me

                          1. I’m sure more good stuff will come out eventually. Nintendo can’t fuck this up. If they do, kiss first party Nintendo goodbye.

                            1. Retro Rouge Melfice

                              Good point but for me buying new consoles is a huge no now as one money for me is very difficult course fees have gone up and i need to work even more to pay off the fees so even if i did buy a Switch it would leave me struggling for 2 months not being able to pay off my student fees. and with how badly Nintendo markets themselves i seen a few people retract their pre-orders in the game shop i work in more gamers are going for the upgraded ps4 and dare i say it the xbox. Nintendo are fun don’t get me wrong i love my 3ds alot but the switch doesn’t appeal to me and with only a few games that interest me i’d probably only get a few games I have pre-ordered mario odddesy and splatoon 2 but mario is for my girlfriend

                              1. It’s definitely no something for everyone. I’ll pick it up though since I have quite a lot of stuff to sell and the games look great imo.

                                1. Retro Rouge Melfice

                                  i wont deny some games are ok looking just the idea of having already ports of games we played (COUGH) skyrim!

                            2. Man, if you wanna play just retro consoles all your life, that’s fine. Just don’t take your anger out on those who actually want to play new stuff and make assumptions about them, calling them “upgrade freaks”, yeah, because upgrades are such a bad thing.

                              1. sorry , but only people with disposable incomes(more money than sense) would say something like that. So I’m sticking with my retro consoles not because i can’t afford another console, It’s because i dont see th need to keep buying a console all the time when you have a console that does the same thing already, which is playing games. If you want to blow your savings on something that will be obsolete in a couple of years then be my guest.

                                1. But each console plays different games. That’s why people buy different consoles. You’re an absolute fool if you really thought that your N64 plays PS2 or Atari Jaguar. If you just stick to one console, eventually new consoles come out after years of the previous one with new games, graphics, etc. It’s a cycle people don’t mind doing. And hey, you should give it a chance, just because it’s new doesn’t mean it’ll automatically crash and burn in 4 years or less like you seem to imply, that’s fucking ridiculous that you think that’s the norm because of the Wii U. Just stop worrying about it and have fun gaming, whether it be on a console new or old, we buy consoles and games for experiences. Stop acting like a total asshole to those who are willing to spend the time and money. It’s like me calling you cheap just because you don’t want to spend money on the Switch, it’s fucking ridiculous.

                                  1. Retro Rouge Melfice

                                    i’m happy with my retro consoles, Plus i played the switch and didnt find t good enough for my tastes granted the rumor of a gamecube virtual console did interest me slightly but not enough to say i’ll burn 300 of my course money on a console that has a bad line up of games which some are ports of old games or ones people dont care about ok fire emblem and the warrior game of fire emblem looks and sounds fun but im getting warriors on my 3ds and the gaiden remake on 3ds as i’m on a limited budget with my university.

                                  2. And just for the record, I’m kinda poor right now, so it doesn’t have anything to do with my supposed wealth. Yeah, because only rich people can be dumb.

                                  3. Yeah, It’s perfectly fine to like just retro games or retro-like games as long as you don’t be a total ass about it, you and I are cool as long as you don’t do that. Take care, now.

                                    1. Retro Rouge Melfice

                                      i dont have any issues with you it’s just to help pay my uni fees I work in a game store on the days i’m off and i do see alot of what my work associates call upgrade freaks/addicts who only care for the latest gear no matter how long its been out and not giving it a chance that’s why i prefer my retro consoles like the cube, and Ps2 but i switch between the psp and my 3ds as the psp is amazing for emulators wasn’t keen on the vita much i had one but the touch screen made playing even games i could play with ease a real bother

                                      1. I don’t have a problem with them myself, but giving older games a chance can make you a better gamer, both skill and personality wise.

                                        1. Retro Rouge Melfice

                                          Ah, I see. At least there are some people that appreciate games that have more challenge some of the time.

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