Every Cutscene In The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Will Feature Voice Acting

Eiji Anouma, series producer of The Legend of Zelda, has revealed that all cutscenes in the upcoming title Breath of The Wild will feature voice acting.

In an interview with Game Kult, Anouma explained that the idea at the beginning was to only include voice acting in major cutscenes, but advised that due to the large number of cutscenes in the game the decision has been made to use voice actors for all of them.

The section of the interview in question was translated from French via Google translate on the Zelda Informer website, so there may be errors, however, you can check it out below:

“What motivated the choice of real dubbing for this episode? Is there a connection to the scenario or has the presence of recorded voices in all the current big games weighed heavier?”

“In fact, we had gone to dub only the major cut-scenes at the start. Characters that speak really in this kind of scene but not in the rest of the game, it may sound weird but in practice, it is not disturbing. Until now, we did not duplicate the other characters because Link never talks and it seemed odd that everybody speaks vocally except him. But since Breath of the Wild contains a large number of cut-scenes , it has been decided to use dubbing actors for all sequences.”

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  1. That’s pretty cool. I actually really like the english voice acting so this is good. Except the scene where Zelda is crying, it seems more real in the japanese version. Though that is completely out of context for the scene, so who really knows which one fits better?

      1. It’s great that the Japanese are like that but it does get annoying in some Japanese… adult stuff after awhile. xD

  2. I’m happy Zelda is finally going to voice acting. I know some die hard fans don’t want that but it’s honestly about time. Twilight Princess should’ve had voice acting. I’m glad this one does.

  3. I wonder how some will react if Link suddenly starts talking within the first hour of the game & proceeds to talk throughout. xD I doubt that would actually happen but I’d enjoy watching all the hate & tears that will soon follow on the internet.

    1. that would soon follow*

  4. I’m, totally fine with it being dubbed with actors, honestly I prefer it, hearing the voices helps with the character (provided the VA does a good job with their acting). The real question, though, is if the one who will “never have a voice”… have a voice. I’m fine if Link does talk, it matters not to me, but I know there will be die hard fans that would be preeeetty pissed…

    1. Honestly, I hope Link does talk & I hope every VA in every region fucking KILLS IT as Link’s voice. Because we seriously need to kill the blight on Link having a voice that the cartoon & CD-i bullshit gave birth to!

        1. Ugh! Nintendo seriously needs to redeem a talking Link because of corny lines like that.

    2. Of course, there will be people that still don’t like the voice for one reason or another but whatever. Sadly can’t please everyone. Although, an option to turn off voices would be nice. I mean, it’s an option in plenty of other games… Unless they have that Master Volume bullshit that has the music, sound effects, & voices play in major cutscenes. Ugh! I fucking hate that Master Volume bullshit! Every once & awhile, I’d actually like to play a game with either music or voices turned off.

  5. The question is do we know if the dub is US english or it does have multiple languages? cause US English doing my head in (they should have gone with UK English). It’s like Xenoblade Chronicle X, I so wanted to kill my group I had to cut the sound and put the subtitle.

    I never give any feedfback to nintnedo about a game but believe me I would gladly give a feedback on US english Dub. I really hope we can change the setting of the game and even put it on Japanese.. I don’t care as long as I don’t have those overacting US voice. I am glad they kept link silence.

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