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Rumour: GameStop Nintendo Switch Headset Listing Could Mean Voice Chat Isn’t Only Handled Through App

A week ago Reggie Fils-Aime, President of Nintendo Of America, disclosed to the public that voice chat will be handled through the Nintendo Switch app for your smartphone. A listing for PDP’s Afterglow Lvl 3 headset has made an appearance of GameStop’s and the description does lead to questions being raised about how we’ll be interacting with our online opponents across the globe:

Experience your favorite games without boundaries and stay connected to friends during exciting adventures with the Afterglow LVL 3 Gaming Stereo Headset for Nintendo Switch. Block out distractions with the flexible boom and noise-canceling microphone and adjust volume with the easily accessible in-line controls. Plug in your headset to your system, marvel at the crystal clear sound design brought to you through powerful 40mm Neodymium drivers, and bring the full Nintendo Switch gaming experience to life.

Designed for the Nintendo Switch system
Powerful 40mm Neodymium drivers for incredible audio
Flexible boom and noise-canceling microphone
Sleek comfortable ear cup design
Easy-to-access in-line chat volume and mute controls

You can see it listed below on the bottom right for $39.99.


Will we need to plug into our smartphones to chat or will the headphone jack on the top of the Nintendo Switch be used instead? Only time (and official statements) will tell.





  1. If I can use my iPhone headphones that have a built in mic I’m all good. Don’t need to spend $40 on a new pair.

  2. Good for when it’s mobile I suppose. I don’t think it would work too well when docked. Need like a 10ft cord hanging off your headset. Wireless might be the only practical option. Hopefully it supports that at least.

  3. The headset looks nice but I already have a headset on my own. Also, I’m still waiting for Nintendo to reaval the price for the online services. God I hope it won’t be much.

  4. I don’t really have a clue how this should work when you are at home… As it doesn’t seem to be wireless the cable would have to be freaking long to put it directly into the Switch (tripping and console crashing incoming, tho…).
    Maybe you can plug it into the USB port of the controller? I’m better not getting my hopes up.

  5. I think literally everyone in this thread has missed the point. This article is highlighting the fact that maybe voice communication won’t be limited to just their app on mobile devices and that there is hope that one can interface directly with the console as well.

  6. Nintendo really needs to get ahead of this bullshit & be fully out front with this NOW! Don’t wait til just days before launch! Making us wait months for the Switch presentation this year after that teaser awhile back that got us all hyped didn’t really help & actually made everyone’s reactions to the presentation very mixed & divided! There comes a point where too much mystery just pisses people off more than excites them!

  7. If someone fucking says wait & have some patience, fuck, you!

  8. I’m hoping it’s like the Xbox companion app where you can see who is online from your smart phone before you even hop on the system that way you can set up matches ahead of time and then once you are playing the game you can chat in game as usual. It sounds like it will be like this.

  9. It might be more along the lines of the console not having a microphone whatsoever, requiring either external input or bluetooth connection of a smart device with a microphone.

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