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Rocket League Developer On Nintendo Switch: “We’re Excited, Fingers Crossed”

Rocket League developer Psyonix have spoken to a Nintendo fan and they have expressed that they’re excited about the Nintendo Switch telling fans of the game to “keep their fingers crossed”. Below is the full message from Psyonix:

“We are excited as you are regarding the release of Nintendo Switch however, we don’t have enough information at this time if it will happen. For the mean time, let’s both keep our fingers crossed that it will. For all the latest information on upcoming releases, updates, and other news, please visit the Rocket League Facebook page or follow us on Twitter!”

Rocket League first got released back in June 2015 and has since become a massive hit around the world. Psyonix has tracked more than 25 million unique players by January 2017, averaging 1.1 million players a day, and reaching 220,000 concurrent players at one point.

Would you like to see Rocket League on the Nintendo Switch?



17 thoughts on “Rocket League Developer On Nintendo Switch: “We’re Excited, Fingers Crossed””

  1. Perfect for Nintendo. It’s like a sports game but made for non-sports game type people. I bought it when it went on sale. I couldn’t get into it as it was a little too simple, but I have a feeling it would do well on the Switch.

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