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US: Nintendo Switch Pro-Controller Now Available To Pre-Order From Amazon

Yesterday we reported that the FCC had green-lighted the Pro-Controller for the Nintendo Switch. It just so happens that the listing for the accessory has gone live on Amazon’s website today. The price is currently sitting at $69.99 but may be subject to change before its release alongside the Nintendo Switch on March 3rd.

Pre-order yours here.

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  1. It’ll take a long time to me to get one of these if it continue to sell out so quickly, especially ’cause I live in Brazil and here we only get NIntendo’s products via grey market, sadly…

  2. Damn I just got off work and they’re sold out already 😔. Got my Switch preorder from Amazon though. Would’ve been nice to grab this from there too but oh well, I’ll probably end up using the Joycon a lot any way. I got the Wii U pro controller day 1 but ended up using it a lot less than I thought I would…

  3. I definitely suggest getting these Switch accessories from Amazon in case they get lowered in price in the US since even if you preordered it for 70 bucks, they’ll drop it to, say, 50 bucks if it lowers to that price before release.

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