Nintendo Switch

Sweden: One Large Retailer Says Nintendo Switch Pre-Orders Higher Than PlayStation 4

Webhallen, which is a large retailer in the beautiful country of Sweden, has informed its fans on Facebook that Nintendo Switch pre-orders are higher than they were for the PlayStation 4 before the console launched back in 2013. Both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One have done well in the Scandinavian country so it will be interesting to see whether the Nintendo Switch can do the same.

It’s still January but 2017 seems to be Nintendo’s year. We have already received more pre-orders for the Nintendo Switch than the PlayStation 4, and it’s still going strong! The first batch to release in March is already fully booked, but we recommend you sign up for the next shipment for the highly wanted gaming console to ensure to get one in the next coming days and weeks after it’s release.

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  1. Meanwhile, GameStop & Best Buy cancel people’s preorders because they took more than they were supposed to instead of putting them on a waiting list of a “first come, first serve” basis where they ship them a Switch console as soon as one is available to ship to them.


  2. Well no shit. Of course an unreleased system that hasn’t come out is gonna have more pre-orders lined up than a last gen system that is already out and can be bought directly. If anything I’m amazed if PS4 pre-orders are keeping up close enough to be compared with switch despite all this.


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