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The Creator Of Duck Game Wants To Port The Game To Nintendo Switch

Landon Podbielski is the creator of Duck Game, an indie action game that features shooting and platforming elements. Podbielski makes the game, but Adult Swim Games is the publisher. And so far, the game has only been released on the Ouya and on PC. The former was released in 2014, and the latter in 2015. However, it seems that the Nintendo Switch has gotten Podbielski’s full attention, and a very likely possibility of seeing Duck Game ported to the console. Podbielski replied to a user on Twitter, expressing that he “really really wants” to bring the game to the Nintendo Switch. In fact, Podbielski’s even looking into getting a dev console.



  1. Fantastic game that’s absolutely underrated. I know it’s coming to PS4 also, and I’ll probably get it there too, to support the developer, he’s working on it all on his own, actually.
    A Switch port means more attention for the game, so I’m all for it.

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