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Stand-Alone Wolf Link Amiibo Coming

Until now the only way to get the Wolf Link and Midna Amiibo was to buy a copy of Twilight Princess HD. However, a stand-alone version of the Amiibo has been listed on the Best Buy website. This would be perfect timing as it is going to have extra features in Breath of the Wild. If you didn’t get one with Twilight Princess, you can check out the Amiibo’s listing here.

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      1. Because you get more hearts by doing a better run in TP, if you don’t have the game you can only have the wolf partner in BOTW have 3 hearts. Kinda bs because I forgot to finish that side quest before i sold my Wii U:( welp, i guess I’m just doing the hardmode version;)

        1. I still don’t know what your talking about, but you have me very excited! So we get a wolf partner in BotW??? Maybe I did hear something about that! I need to find out more! :D

          1. Did you not watch E3, lol. Yes when you scan wolf link into BotW you can have him as a sort of hunting partner that runs around with you and helps fight enemies. Its pretty awesome!

            1. I didn’t watch E3! Nope! Glad I saw your comment! I’m sure I would have heard about it eventually, but now I have time to play through Twilight HD again on my WiiU and beef up my Wolf amiibo. Batman is my hero of the day! :D Im totally spending this weekend playing twilight princess now. (between walking my pup of course)

              1. Lol, cool! Why didn’t you watch E3? It was like a day of Zelda heaven! 8 hrs of BotW but surprisingly little shown. In all that time they didn’t even explore the entirety of the great plateau! Lots of basic info that i wanted to hear, but no spoilers! So good!

                1. I only have enough free time to comment on here. :P I’ll go watch it now if I can find it on youtube. have it play in the background while I work!

                    1. This is a little awkward, but if you want to send me your Wolf amino, assuming I can save to more than 1, I’ll be happy to save more hearts on yours. We would want to google it to be sure it works of course. Just putting it out there.

                    2. No thanks, not that your a bad person, i just have a thing against trusting people i don’t know over the internet. Plus who knows what could happen to it during shipping. Thanks for the offer tho:)

                    3. Lol, believe me, I take no offense. It’s smart to be careful with strangers!

        2. Holy Hype Batman! I am obsessed with and love wolves. this feature has me so excited! I’m going to start plaything through Twilight Princess again ASAP!! Thank you thank you!!

  1. Already got one awhile back by itself for around 20 bucks. I still say it was worth it!

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