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Tantalus Are Developing The Nintendo Switch Version Of RiME

Online gaming publication IGN has published another first look feature at Rime and this time they are focussing on the Nintendo Switch version. The Nintendo Switch version of Rime will be handled by trusty developer Tantalus who are also busy creating the Switch version of Sonic Mania. The team is aiming for a May release which will be the same timeframe as the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of the game. Rime will be a digital release but they say they’re currently working with Grey Box to check on the production pricing for cartridge Switch releases.



    1. They also did Mass Effect 3 and Deus Ex: Human Revolution: Director’s Cut for the Wii U. Nintendo just needs to buy them out and hire them as their own in house development team, these guys are indeed very talented

      1. Straight Right is just a label that Tantalus used when they first went into the Nintendo-porting business to separate themselves from their previous works (Pony Trails and Funky Barn lol). It’s the same company, same people. They did so many successful Wii U ports and now Switch ports that they’re pretty much second party anyway.

  1. I can’t wait to play this game on SWITCH. Even tho I was slightly disappointed by the release launch im happy and excited for a lot of games coming very soon after.

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