Nintendo Switch

UK: Hori Range Of Nintendo Switch Accessories Now Available To Pre-Order On Amazon

As March 3rd is drawing ever closer it’s probably a good idea to think about purchasing some accessories to help protect your Nintendo Switch console and its gamecards. Respectable accessory maker, Hori, now have their range of offerings available to pre-order on the UK Amazon store which can help you do just that. Check out the list below:





      1. It seems like its one of those new hard plastic ones, which are definitely way better than the old thin film ones, but even so I can get one of those for my phone (a screen not that much smaller than the Switch) for like £5 at most.


    1. Except what anyone really needs comes in the box. The expensive, mandatory, and proprietary memory cards were a big killer in my eyes. Switch doesn’t have that problem using regular microSD. All these accessories are entirely optional and not needed at all.

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      1. Thankfully Arms doesn’t seem to be on many people’s list. And what do you mean single player? Some games will allow two players with one Joy-Con each.


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