Nintendo Has Multiple Unannounced 3DS Titles Coming & New Games For Popular Franchises

Even with the Nintendo Switch’s launch on the horizon, the 3DS is showing no signs of stopping. Kimishima, Nintendo’s President, said that “we have heard speculation that Nintendo Switch will replace the Nintendo 3DS, as both are game systems that can be played outside the home, but Nintendo 3DS has unique characteristics that differ from those of Nintendo Switch. Furthermore, the
price points and play experiences offered by the two systems are different and we do not see them as being in direct competition. We plan to continue both businesses separately and in parallel.”

As for games, Kimishima addressed that, too. He announced that Nintendo “will have several follow-up titles from popular franchises on Nintendo 3DS and we are developing many other unannounced titles to continue to enrich the software lineup going forward. There are also many strong third-party titles on the way for Nintendo 3DS. For example, Capcom will release Monster Hunter XX in Japan on March 18. Also, Square Enix has announced that the latest entry in the Dragon Quest series, Dragon Quest XI is in development for Nintendo 3DS. Both titles are sure to be highly anticipated by fans of the series. There are many other games coming from developers, so we hope to maintain last year’s momentum and continue to provide exciting experiences through our Nintendo 3DS.”




  1. I know a lot of people just want Nintendo to kill off the 3DS but I personally don’t want to see them do that.

    The 3DS has been my go-to system for years now, and even with the Switch, it’ll likely still be my go-to system when I’m out of the house (I view the Switch as more of a typical console anyway).

    1. I play it most mornings when I wake up, and right before bed. I carry it to work every day. It’s been my go-to system as well. So so so many great games on my 3DS. I’m probably going to buy one more so I can do a system transfer when my current one breaks (it’s been roughed up a bit) I still have a few hundred hours of gaming to do on my 3DS!

      1. nah the 3ds is almost 6 years old and by next year it will be 7. the ds had 7 and then got replaced. And the new 3ds is already the revision to the 3ds i dont think they will have 2

        1. It already got replaced, the New 3DS has different hardware, definitely more powerful. Developers just need to develop games for it, and they have already began with a couple of titles.
          They just need to lower a bit the price and then they will have the system for the lower end and the system for the higher end. It seems a perfect business to me.

          1. the new 3ds is just an upgrade kinda like the dsi. the new 3ds just improves the experience of the 3ds. it only has 2 exclusive games on it really witch you can found on other consoles

      1. The new 3ds is not a a new ds (even though it has new in front of it) It is an upgraded 3ds thats all. kinda like the ps4 to ps4 pro

  2. Considering what they call “major games” in that slide it seems like the 3DS will mostly be getting spin-offs and ports. The big games are clearly moving to Switch with a new Fire Emblem already confirmed. The biggest thing I could see coming is if “Pokémon Stars” is true but instead of being Switch exclusive it’s a shared title with 3DS. Beyond that Gen 8 and Gen 4 remakes will most definitely be Switch exclusive. No doubt in my mind.

    1. I know you firmly believe what you believe, but every thing I’ve seen points to strong 3DS support, and no slowing down for 3DS development. What games do they have to release to convince you? Also, as Switch is getting spin offs and ports, I don’t really see that as a strong case for the 3DS weakening.

      1. A major Mario game instead of a sports spin-off, an actual new Yoshi game and not a port, an actual new Fire Emblem instead of an NES remake, etc.

        Oh wait, the first and last one are being made for Switch ;)

        1. All right sir! Then we have an unofficial bet! After the holidays 2017, we shall see where the 3DS stands! ;D

          1. Bet accepted. Since the Switch comes out in March we’ll see what comes to 3DS past March 2018. If there’s a truly major game past that date, you win.

    2. Pokemon Rainbow was trademarked around the same time that Sun & Moon were trademarked. Up to 50% of Gamefreak’s development team has been working on this since 2011 or 2012. This is why the previous main pokemon games have had poor software optimization. We’re talking about; Kanto & Johto & Sevii islands & Sinnoh, as well as Heonn from 3rd Gen remake development. Water type Arcanine is clearly a Hoenn variant. It will probably be exclusive to New 3DS, ala 1st gen on GBA & 2nd gen remake on DS & 3rd on 3DS & 4th on New 3DS. Pokémon Stars was debunk long before the rumor came out, by an interview with the pokemon company’s president who said that the Switch is getting a pokemin game, but that it is not a main game. Plus Nintendo is through with 3 games and sequels (black 2), because they don’t sell that much and they cut into the main games, both in sells & development. Pokemon Delta Emerald was part of ORAS, and pokemon Z with its Z moves & zygarde cells was part of SuMo.

    3. Biggest in terms of money spent per title yes, but clearly many ‘big’ series are going to continue there. Remember that it’s far less costly to develop for the 3DS and it’s a perfect business for some firms.

      1. Really ? I thought they had talked about it being possible and all that but didn’t know it was officially announced already. Great news then

    1. This. We got two of them (Europe still has to wait), but I would be happy enough with 3 if we can’t get the Busters titles.

      1. You seem to care an awful lot about anything I have to say, seeing how you respond to nearly every comment of mine. Very flattering. I wish your opinions were as interesting to me as mine seem to be to you.

        1. hey, if you’d quit leaving stupid comments, I’d quit calling them out. XD

          And don’t try the opinion card. When you criticize something or state it as fact, it’s not an “opinion.” People don’t seem to know the word.

          1. You calling me out? l m a o. How about you provide some examples? Because from what I remember, you are the one who is constantly being called out by people around here.
            Also, where have I stated my opinions as facts? Check comments of mine where I express my opinion about something, and you will see that I use words clearly signalizing that it’s my personal evaluation of the matter.

            And speaking of stupid comments, your previous one certainly was a valuable contribution to the topic and a reasonable reply to what I originally said. Definitely wasn’t a waste of space.

            1. Hmmm, no. And i don’t believe this has to do with “other people.” It has to do with you. But I’ll break it down for you.~

              The Switch and 3DS work on two different markets. One is a more powerful console on the go with bigger games, the other is purely portable with smaller games. They don’t want to abandon the 3ds base, as that would piss off a BUNCH of people, and it is their biggest profit area right now.

              1. Nice examples, mate.
                I didn’t say “other” people, I said people. I am part of “people”. Nice try.

                The Switch and 3DS do not entirely work on different markets. Watch Switch ads, and tell me which aspect of the system is being marketed most. Right, its portability. Many consumers who are looking for a portable gaming experience, and own neither the Switch nor the 3DS, will take both systems into consideration, and compare them. In the end, they will choose one over the other, and it’s not always going to be the Switch that gets chosen. Every bit of support they put into the 3DS is support that could have gone into the Switch but will be missing instead. The 3DS is 6 years old now, it’s the Switch that matters, it’s the Switch that needs every kind of support and resources it can get from Nintendo. Dropping support for the 3DS would most likely only piss off a very insignificant number of people I believe, that thing is 6 years old now, it is time for it to go. It’s for the sake of the Switch as well.
                And of course the 3DS is Nintendo’s biggest profit area right now, because it’s their only big platform on the market at the moment, besides mobile – which leads me to the next point: Nintendo already struggled hard to keep up support for the WiiU and 3DS at the same time, now they also have mobile to worry about, which means they’re trying to handle 3 platforms at once, with the Switch. Does that really sound like a good idea to you?

                1. The wiiu struggling has literally nothing to do with the 3ds. The wiiu struggled from the start due to shoddy marketing and companies not wanting to get on board.

                  And “insignificant?” Are you serious? XD It’s the most sold 8th gen device! Over 60 mill! You act like they use the same people for both 3ds and wiiu. They don’t. There are different departments and teams for different games.

                  Just look, they said they were “considering” a 3ds successor, and people are flipping out and worried they’re abandoning the 3ds.

                  The 3ds getting games will not harm the switch. End of story.

                  1. The WiiU struggling has nothing to do with the 3DS? Really? The WiiU kept living in the 3DS’ shadow, and if that wasn’t enough, almost every noteworthy 1st-party WiiU game ended up on the 3DS, giving people reasons NOT to buy a WiiU. Really not sure how anyone can deny this when it’s so obvious.
                    I didn’t say the 3DS’ install base is insignificant, I said the amount of people getting upset about Nintendo dropping support for the 3DS would most likely be insignificant. Don’t put words in my mouth, please. As I’ve already said, the 3DS is 6 years old now. At this point, it’s more upsetting that they’re still planning to put resources into it rather than just moving on from it. The 3DS is highly outdated, it reached its limit a while ago, and it’s standing in the way of its own games’ potential, as the technical performance of the last Pokemon entries show, as well as the limitations in other games.
                    Them having seperate departments is the very problem. They could just end the 3DS support, and focus all their teams and studios on the Switch. The lack of a steady flow of games on WiiU was one of its biggest problems, with the Switch they have the perfect opportunity to avoid that issue by putting the focus of both their home console teams and handheld teams on one system. How can you not see that? It’s what many people expected to be the point in having a handheld/home console hybrid to begin with.
                    I haven’t seen a single person “flipping out and worried” because Nintendo is considering a 3DS successor. Not saying there is nobody complaining about it, but I’d be willing to bet it is the vocal minority.
                    The 3DS getting games means less reasons for people to buy a Switch, which I personally would classify as “harming the Switch”.

  3. If they continue to support the 3ds with a rich software lineup in 2018 the Nintendo Switch is officially dead. Nintendo was not able to support two systems (Wii U and 3DS) with enough games at the same time and I doubt that they are now ready to support 3 plattforms at the same time (Mobile, Switch, 3Ds).

    Sure there are new games from Level 5 and some new titles from Nintendo this year like Ever Oasis, 2 Fire Emblem games and Pikmin. But please Nintendo…concentrate on the Switch for the future.

    1. I wouldn’t deem it dead just yet, but I agree that it is a fatal mistake to keep on supporting the 3DS along the Switch. As you’ve said, they already had a very hard time keeping up support for both the WiiU and 3DS, and now mobile’s joined the party as well. Not to forget that the most prominent feature of the Switch is its protability, which makes it a direct competitor to the 3DS as they’ll both exist in the handheld market. People who are looking to buy a handheld system will look at both options, and will choose one over the other. Seeing how the 3DS has a rich library, it’s a given that there will be people who will prefer it over the Switch, harming the potential success of the latter.
      I’m honestly unable to understand why they would invest even more resources into a 6 years old handheld when they have a brand new console coming out that absolutely needs every bit of support it can get. I just hope the whole situation won’t turn out the same way as previously, with the Switch living in the 3DS’ shadow, and getting neglected for the sake of its older brother.

      1. How is that possible? when 99% to 100% 1st party games are being made for the Switch and Switch has over 70 developers and growing and Switch runs Vulkan game engine, which makes it more powerful than the PS4 Pro, and Switch also has over 100 unannounce games from 3rd parties and growing, on top of the over 65 Switch games already announced. The 3DS will continue to get games like Bravely Third.

    2. 99% to 100% 1st party games are being made for the Switch. Switch has over 70 developers and growing. Switch also has over 100 unannounce games from 3rd parties and growing, on top of the over 65 Switch games already announced. The 3DS will continue to get games like Bravely Third.

    3. The Wii U was an ugly console, it’s their fault to gave it:

      1. a bad name.
      2. very few AAA games.
      3. A GamePad that you are going to ask: “Why?!”
      4. A bad marketing campaign.

      It was just an ugly console with no real chance to succeed. Let it rest in peace, now they have an ace in the hand. They can’t go wrong with it (if they actually develop AAA games, and they are doing it). They already fixed all the points. The lower end handheld will live its life as usual, with its lovely bigger hybrid brother.

  4. I knew Nintendo hadn’t given up on the 3DS. There are now more games coming out on my 3DS than the switch that I’m excited for. I really don’t see how Nintendo can keep up with the switch when they already proved they can’t support two consoles.

    Probably crank out ports, VC and water downed IPs like Federation Force. I don’t know what the hell they are thinking over there !

    1. I think they will port a lot of Japanese games, like Beyond the Labyrinth & yugioh & detective pikachu & dragonball heroes & so fort for 3DS. First party games will focus on Switch. Switch has over 70 developers and growing. Over 100 unannounced 3rd party games for Switch, and it’s all growing.

      1. I meant to say localize a bunch of Japanese 3DS games. Probably add ability to emulate the pokemon games in 3D via firmware update to 3DS that also enhances the 3D effect for all other 3DS games.

      1. I am very happy for you sir! I am so sick of Mario games. But Odyssey does look very good. Not $360 good, but I’ll play it eventually! :D

        1. I just jumped the Wii U and took a big pause from Nintendo, barely played with the Wii too. Maybe it’s for that that I’m excited over Odissey and the Switch. Odissey is definitely the sequel to Super Mario 64 that I waited for so many years. :)

          1. Well that makes sense! Between the 3DS, Wii and WiiU, I bought close to $250 worth of Mario, and it felt like the same game most of the time. I’m sure Odyssey will be a challenge pace from the “New” series.

  5. I’m excited to see what remains in store for us. That said, I wouldn’t be expecting a new Metroid or anything crazy; it’ll probably be more little things.

    1. I am thinking the opposite. I felt the last 2 years were lighter, now that a number of ports are done, it will go out with a bang. I think a new Metriod is in order (real game this time), maybe an F-Zero or something else earth shattering. Maybe another Zelda game (DS had 2 after all… – a real one, not spinoff like Triforce Heroes and Hyrule Warriors). I think the throttle will be turned up, now that the RPG phase went through (Fire Emblem, Dragon Quest, etc).

  6. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4! Hopefully it will also await us at Nintendo Switch if Nintendo doesn't FUCK things up again!} says:

    Maybe Nintendo is gonna keep the 3DS around because they don’t have high hopes for the Switch. If Switch will force us to use a smartphone or tablet for online features that come standard on every other system with online capabilities, they are probably right to fear that the Switch won’t do well.

    Anyway, since they seem to be pushing the Switch as more of a portable console with the ability to hook it up to a television, it is in direct competition of the 3DS so keeping the 3DS going is a double edged sword. Oh then there is the fact they now got a mobile game division, too. Switch is gonna be not only competing with their own mobile & handheld division but the mobile games of other companies. Not to mention they got to contend with PS4 & XBone where you don’t even need a smartphone or tablet with a so called free app to use online features.

    Nearly everything Switch can do, others can & will do way better:
    1. Paid online: PS4 & Xbone is better since you don’t need a secondary device to use the online features you are paying for. Not to mention they are offering free games that you can either keep as long as you keep your subscription (PS4) or games you can keep indefinitely regardless of whether you keep the subscription (Xbox One.) Oh & then there is PC gaming where online is 99% free.
    2. Portable gaming: Powerful gaming laptops. Nuff said.
    3. 3rd Party Support: No explanation necessary.
    4. Gaming on Television: Oh looky! You can hook your PC or laptop to your television set!

    The only thing Nintendo will have on the competition is their 1st party support. Sadly, Wii U has shown that’s not enough. It’s NEVER been enough! Even when they got 3rd party exclusives to make up for the lack of 1st party games, that console of theirs still got it’s ass handed to it. Gamecube was beaten by PS2 & Xbox and this is coming from someone who adored his GCN. Oh & as for the Wii defense, it only did so well because millions of casuals leapt onboard but as soon as they left, the Wii’s line up wasn’t very good anymore as they had more shovelware than anything else. Not to mention there is no telling how many people Nintendo lost the faith of because of the Wii being mostly a joke to anyone that wasn’t a fan or fanboy.

    While many of us love our 3DS, is keeping it going really going to do us or Nintendo any favors in the long run? If all the games that makes the 3DS sell wouldst to be on the Switch, they would be more than capable of taking on the competition regardless of whether they can do everything better. Of course, Switch might need a necessary price cut, like the 3DS, at some point.

    I hope I’m proven wrong but I’m not liking a lot of things I’ve seen of the Switch over the past 3-4 weeks. I’ll keep my fingers crossed since I do love Nintendo & I want them to be better than… Better than whatever this is right now.

    1. How is that possible? when 99% to 100% 1st party games are being made for the Switch and Switch has over 70 developers and growing and Switch runs Vulkan game engine, which makes it more powerful than the PS4 Pro, and Switch also has over 100 unannounce games from 3rd parties and growing, on top of the over 65 Switch games already announced. The 3DS will continue to get games like Bravely Third. Nintendo Network is better than PlayStation Network in America but it’s the other way around in Europe, plus free online means Nintendo has been stingy with buying more bandwidth because of operation cost lost, remember; they’ve been cross subsidizing all this time, which restricts them, but now the cuffs are off, and they are going full throttle. And the Switch doesn’t require any difficulty nor long amount of time to set up and use, and it only takes one second to switch (pun intended) from Home Console mode to Handheld & vice-versa. The Home Console market has been dying in the United States and Japan, but Handhelds have been going strong.

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