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There Are Now 100 Switch Games In Development From More Than 70 Partners

Nintendo’s investor’s meeting is currently taking place as of this article’s writing. There, we have learned that the number of Nintendo Switch games that are being developed has increased in the last few weeks. 100 games, up from 80, are now in development for Nintendo Switch. The games come from more than 70 firms.



    1. Personally, I missed out on a lot of these smaller titles when they first released so i’ll be grabbing them on Switch. I’ll probably only be grabbing a game or two every month though. Don’t really have the time to manage more than that lol.

      1. I only really buy the triple A’s now. Once in awhile I will purchase an indie game if it looks unique and good but those are few and far between. It’s also a time thing as well, with all the triple a titles you can purchase now spanning across all the platforms why bother with them? They are almost always overpriced too. I think indie games should be solely on phones accept a few, like ARK for example. They need to put ARK on the Switch, Nintendo only gamers would dig that one I think.

        1. AAA has been solidly lately. Luckily it’s all multi-platform so my PC has been having a great time but that has kinda left my PS4/Xbone unused. Honestly, i’ve been having a lot more fun with indies lately. Stardew Valley and Hyperlight Drifter were fantastic for their prices. Even now I’m stupidly excited for Stardew Valley on Switch because management games like that or Minecraft are great to play 5-10minutes at a time.

          ARK really does looks like a great game and I could see some players really getting into it. We’ll have to see how Nintendo handles mod support. Personally, I think games like Move or Die, Towerfall, Speedrunners and Gang beasts would be fantastic for Switch. Splitscreen is practically dead at this point and most local co-op has shifted to mobile so i think these Steam party games would be great additions.

  1. Yea their all indies most likely. I still have yet to see much AAA titles announced but heres hoping there are some gems waiting to be announced within that number lol

  2. Maybe someone got excited by people reaction… perhaps japanese developers. I doubt about the western ones.
    However we will see nothing about this in 2017.

  3. Indies are going to jump on the Switch very quickly as it’s a portable plattform with more power. However… tripple publisher fear the Switch right now. They don’t want to invest to much in the plattform at the start and most of them are delivering one or two games for the switch.

    Ubisoft: Rayman port + Steep port and just dance
    EA: only Fifa => unsure about Ignite or Frostbite version… if the Frostbyte engine will not support the switch…EA is going to ditch the Switch very soon. Even the selling failure Titanfalll 2 a source game is not coming to the switch.
    Activision: Skylanders
    Square Enix: no FFXV, Tomb Raider or Deus Ex right now. Nier Automata eventually… they support the switch with different games: project traveler octopath and I am Setsuna.
    Bethasda: Skyrim as a test…if it is a success…maybe Fallout, TESO, Dishonored and more will swap over because they are not focused on cutting edge graphics.

    But only two Titles exist that Nintendo needs to port on the Switch so it does become a success in the west. GTA V and Red Dead Redemption 2…(I’m not a fan of both…but if these two are on the switch every publisher will follow)

  4. It sounds great when you put it like that, but I’m not particularly excited about rereleases from 2011 and indie games I’d never play anyway. We need a healthy supply of strong titles, not “Egg Flinger Deluxe” or “Fire Truck Sim 2014” or whatever they have planned.

    Call me a buzzkill, but it’s more accurate to describe it as Switch having a mere handful of proper titles on the horizon. Beyond Zelda, Mario, Splatoon, Xenoblade and Ultra Streetfighter, it’s probably just filler.

  5. Not bad, not bad. But how much of these are indies? How much of these games are actually going to be released? Are the AAA publishers making a few games each at least?

  6. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4! Hopefully it will also await us at Nintendo Switch if Nintendo doesn't FUCK things up again!} says:

    Maybe The Fall 2 is one of these games. I had fun with the first one on my PS4.

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