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Video: New Game ‘TumbleSeed’ Rolling On To Nintendo Switch – Makes Unique Use Of HD Rumble

Polygon recently got to go hands-on with Tumbleweed at PAX East, a new title that promises to make full use of the unique HD Rumble feature on the Nintendo Switch. Publisher eiowu said in a press release today:

“TumbleSeed will make unique use of the Nintendo Switch HD Rumble, offering a unique sense of how fast and where the player is rolling in the world. The Nintendo Switch is the only game console available that can provide this experience and TumbleSeed aims to be the console’s flagship title for HD Rumble.

See the new game in action here:

Nintendo were also quick to cast their positive vibes with Indie game manager Kirk Scott saying that “TumbleSeed is perfect for 10-20 minutes play sessions anywhere you may go and also great for a couch-session in 1080p at home,” adding that the game “is made with the same spirit as any major title on a Nintendo system.”

TumbleSeed is also slated for release on Mac, Windows PC and PlayStation 4.

Personally, Kuri-Kuri Mix comes to mind when watching this video and that’s certainly not a bad thing.



  1. Wow guys, big meh at that… somehow it remembers me of 80’s gaming. Some people gonna playing that on their 300$ dollar systems? Meh-Wow.

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