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Nintendo Sends Zelda Producer, Eiji Aonuma, ‘On A Very Important Quest’ With More Info Coming Tomorrow

Nintendo’s social media has been ablaze recently and it would appear that their latest post is teasing us about Zelda: Breath Of The Wild. Check out their tweet below:

As they say in their tweet, we should all be checking back tomorrow to see what relevance a snow-covered Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Special Edition has to do with Mr Aonuma’s ambiguous ‘quest’. More stock maybe? A man can dream.



  1. I’m so excited to play this game. My hobbies have suffered as I’ve put free time into 1 more Twilight playthrough on my quest to upgrade my wolf amiibo! At my current pace, I should be done around the time the game comes out. I hope sooner!

      1. I should quit commenting and work! D; I have a little window open on my duel monitor display, so I can toggle to it while doing real work. I probably need to see a therapist about my MNN addiction.

        1. Same here – I’m an Executive at an Insurance Brokers by day ha! Keep up the good work ‘Drybones :) but shhhh, keep MNN a secret ;)

          1. Haha, nice! I work for a privately owned, but respectively large retail store’s website. We’re a small team so we wear a lot of hats. After being on the PC all day, I’m always anxious to get home and take my dog out for an hour or so run in the evenings! Then if I can stand a little more screen time, get in some gaming. If not, I’ll scratch notes and work on my set for a youtube channel I want to get up and running this year. Not enough hours in a day!

              1. Actually, I used to DJ and VJ, but that was a long time ago. My current projects are more for fun ATM. :D

                  1. Good question! “Video Jockey” and “Disc Jockey.”
                    Same as a DJ, only you introduce music videos rather than audio songs. Again, this was a very long time ago! But good times!

            1. ||Human therapists in general are useless, either they ask and tell you things you already know or if you don’t they have this indifferent expression on their faces making these patients either angrier or worde…||

          1. ||Of course, I was only referring to the billions of dead humans…||

            ||Anyway, the Xbots are losing all over the place, the Sonyans even beat them in their own homeworld…||

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