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Fire Emblem Heroes Earned Over $2.9 Million In Its First Day

Data tracking firm Sensor Tower is reporting that the long-awaited mobile title from Nintendo, Fire Emblem Heroes earned more than $2.9 million in worldwide gross revenue and been downloaded more than two million times. The game was released yesterday on both iOS and Android and is Nintendo’s third mobile title. The chart provided by Sensor Tower shows that the game earned considerably less than both Pokémon GO ($10.2M) and Super Mario Run ($8.4M just on iOS) in its first 24 hours.



Thanks to takamaru64 for the tip!

40 thoughts on “Fire Emblem Heroes Earned Over $2.9 Million In Its First Day”

  1. Well of course it wouldn’t do as well as Pokemon or Mario, those are WAY bigger franchises! Plus they’re more casual focused while this is more hardcore. Loving this game tho! So good!

    1. People who wanted Mario, bought it. Now it’s done. (Until Android)
      Mark my words… Fire Emblem will blow Mario away in total sales dollars, and it won’t take long.

      1. Yea i believe your right, it will blow Mario away eventually. But I hate freemium games and I will always hate them. I remember when the app store was fairly new, everybody hated freemium games. Now everybody has grown to except them as a part of mobile gaming. Well I will never accept it. I may try the game but I will never purchase anything. Mario Run had a way better payment method… You know, you buy the game and you get to play it? Not a hundred micro transactions that make you lose track of how much youve actually spent.

        Doesnt matter anyways since you have to constantly be online to play the game. I have an Iphone 7 but my company pays for it. I cant use up the shared data on games. WTF is Nintendo smoking.

        1. Haha, I also remember the day we would have gone ape-shit to know Nintendo was going Mobile. Now they have a growing library of mobile games and their new console is a tablet. D;

    1. I’m in! My FC is 5480477536, but I don’t think you’ll need it since I sent you a request.

      Well, it’s a FE game! Tweaked very good for mobile. I love it! :) And it’s generous on Stamina Regen, for a free to play.

            1. That’s what I was thinking. Ugh. Not sure why Nintendo has to generally make it so hard to connect with people. X.x

  2. I think it’ll pass Mario in the long run. That game, despite the bigger name, seems like it’s already topped out.

    Fire Emblem will keep getting new content to keep people interested.

    1. I know right? the orbs are so expensive for so few. But I might take advantage of the myNintendo coins for this game, since there’s nothing else to use them on.

      1. Yeah, Fire Emblem Heroes was the first thing I spent My Nintendo coins on. I used to grind for the coins on Miitomo, but they all expired (didn’t know that was a thing).

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  5. I think dry bones has a point there. This game lets you go a long way before starting to coax you for cash, and it’s addictive. I can forsee this making much more than “Mario” in the long “Run”. See what I did, there? ;P

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  8. Kind of off topic, but I can’t seem to access your previous article on the Pokemon Sun & Moon 3rd Global Mission. I click the link yet it says the page cannot be found. (Not a browser notification, a website notification, so the website itself says “Oops, the page cannot be found”.

  9. Loving the game so far. I can definitely see why the sales are doing so well because it is very tempting to pick up some more orbs to keep going. I’m loving the online multiplayer and fine it quite addictive. This is a great Fire Emblem Lite title for new players of the series to get into and hopefully get interested in the main entries of the series later.

    Here’s to hoping that Fire Emblem Heroes will have the same effect for future Fire Emblem installments as Pokemon Go had on the sales of Pokemon Sun and Moon.

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