Fire Emblem Heroes Weekly Special Map With Orbs Coming

Nintendo is planning to boost Fire Emblem Heroes content with new special weekly maps and additional orbs. The news was revealed via the official Fire Emblem Heroes Japanese Twitter account. These special maps named the “Launch Celebration Present Maps” will be available from tomorrow at 7 AM UTC. These specific maps provide players with three orbs upon completion and there are two difficultly levels, so you can get six orbs per unique map. Serenes Forest reports that the maps will be released one at a time for five weeks.


Thanks to iamkellam for the tip!


  1. I think I would like this game more if it didn’t have characters from old games. I have never liked games that consist of characters from different games in the series. They shouldn’t break the fourth wall like that. Awakening characters should stay in the Awakening universe, Fates characters should stay in Fates universe. Being a phone game is no excuse to use characters from every game in the series. I didn’t like it when Final Fantasy did it, when Hyrule Warriors did it, and now I don’t like it from Fire Emblem.

      1. Smash is different. Its a fighting game, and it’s acceptable to use a range of different characters to fill the roster. There is no story, no campaign in which universes can cross. It’s just a fighting game with Nintendo’s most popular characters.

        1. The story mode regularly mentions “universes” and how heroes are summoned from them, so I guess that’s nintendo’s excuse as to how characters from different FE games somehow end up together in this one.

        2. I see, I was just curious is all. Although it does have a “story” Fighting game are just so cheesy in that front that I dont think anyone cares how they cross over.

          I get your point though, games like Project x Zone, games that actually focus on story telling, and that crossing of universes just seems out of place and tacked on.

    1. Nah that’s what makes it good. Giving old voiceless characters new art and vas. It brings a crap ton of exposure upon them and their games and the characters is why more than half even care about Heroes. You’re trippin if you think they should go for an even blander plot instead.

    2. Tough luck. This trend has started with Awakening and will STAY that way. Warriors is doing it, Heroes is doing it and hell even the Switch title might do it.

    3. Hmm. Well I can appreciate your perspective.
      There was some crossover with fates and Awakening I think, but not very relevant to the main story.

      I didn’t mind it too much… but it would have been cool for it to have fleshed out New characters. I guess since its free I can let the re-use of assets slide. I don’t think I would be as cool with it if it were a new, $40 game though. Even with Fates, reused assets only cost you half. (Add’l $20)

      So no new assets = free is OK I guess. ;D

      1. Yea, despite what I said about freemium games I’m glad this game is not a $40 game. And don’t get me wrong, I like the game. But like you said, it would have been way better if it had its own fleshed out characters. It’s really kind of lazy on the devs to reuse assets like that.

    4. You know what? They are remaking a FE for the 3DS… I bet it has characters from this game.
      And I bet they remake the other FE games too.

      So this is, in a way, marketing the old games that are getting remakes!

      Sneaky Nintendo is sneaky! D;

      I still think it’s fun though. :P

      1. Well I finally watched the FE direct, and that FE remake they showed looks amazing. It actually has Fates and Awakening quality graphics with all new animations and voices. Also in full 3D. Since I never played that particular FE game, (it only released in Japan originally) this is going to be like a brand new Fire Emblem game! Holy shit, I’m pumped. Im not sure who the characters are in that game though.

        1. I didn’t play that FE either. And Seriously?!?! They brought it up to Awakening/fates quality? Shit. I’m also excited then. It WILL be like a new FE game! So glad you said that! :D

          1. Yea it’s called Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Velentia. It’s identical in appearance to Fates or Awakening, but with new gameplay mechanics. Also they are making Amiibos based on the two main characters. And it releases in May, so less than two months away. Pretty sweet actually I didn’t think we would get another full fledged FE game on the 3DS.

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