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Video: Here’s A Look At A New World In Yooka-Laylee Called Capital Cashino

IGN has lifted the lid on a new world in Playtonic’s promising 3D platformer Yooka-Laylee which is titled Capital Cashino. There’s plenty to see and do in the level which is full of typical platforming collectables that will keep you playing till your heart is content. Yooka-Laylee is destined for the Nintendo Switch but we have yet to hear when that version will become available. If you’ve got an Xbox One or PlayStation 4 you can get it on April 11th, which isn’t too far away.

22 thoughts on “Video: Here’s A Look At A New World In Yooka-Laylee Called Capital Cashino”

  1. Identical to Banjo-Kazooie. Looks good, not stellar. Definitely Nintendo should give them some money to make ‘no. 2’ exclusive to their platform, and even more content rich.
    Playtronic seems competent.

  2. I like this game, it looks so tame not close to.lame
    Im going to wait for this on the Switch, so I can go back to the 90’s as Grunty the Witch.

    It’s been years since 3D platformers arrived, its nice to see them revived.

    With Odyssey on the way ,more 3D platformers just makes my day.

  3. I have to be honest here: The design of that level is aweful! Not what I’m expecting from a BK spiritual successor.

  4. I see the golden feathers are back,
    Hopefully this time they cannot attack.

    Those Golden feathers is the only reason I lost, and got kicked out my towet right out the loft.

    My spells were automatically couldnt let Banjo Escape, but those golden feathers played as a cape. Now I cant get Tooty to get pretty so I can date.

  5. Yooka Laylee getting cancelled on the wii u was one of many reasons i decided to not bother with the switch.

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