Nintendo Switch

Konami Explains What The R Means In Super Bomberman R

One of the handful of titles launching alongside the Nintendo Switch on March 3rd is Super Bomberman R. However, a number of people have been wondering what exactly the R stands for. Well, the social team at Konami answered that very question on Reddit and stated that it symbolises Returns or Reborn as a homage to the Super Nintendo and Super Bomberman 3. It could also be interpreted as Rangers.

R is a throw back feel for the Devs. to when games could simply have a letter and allow that letter to carry many meanings.

It symbolized Returns & Reborn because this game is such a homage to SNES and SB3.

But it also mean Rangers, to represent the diverse and colorful group of Bomberman characters who patrol the galaxy.


Thanks to takamaru64 for the tip!



  1. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4! Hopefully it will also await us at Nintendo Switch if Nintendo doesn't FUCK things up again!} says:

    The R stands for Reboot. Or as another person said, Raped if Konami fucks this up. lol

    As for this Bomberman, meh. Let me know when they make ones on the same level as Bomberman 64 & The Second Attack as regular Bomberman just never really excited me. While I don’t mind repetitive gameplay, this just isn’t my kind of repetition.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ll be one of those poor basta- *ahem* I mean, brave souls picking up Bomberman on launch along with BotW. I’d be willing to give you a bit of a review/impressions on it after I spend a bit of time with it.

      I LOVED 64, Second Attack, and Hero- I kinda hope that if this proves to be good and popular, we might see a return to that style of Bomberman. Another reason I’ll be a Day 1-er, actually; to send the message.


      1. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4! Hopefully it will also await us at Nintendo Switch if Nintendo doesn't FUCK things up again!} says:

        lol The review/impressions won’t be necessary. After spending some time awhile back playing regular Bomberman, I know I won’t be able to get into this no matter how good someone says it is. Hell… I can’t even play regular Pac-Man for more than a few minutes without getting bored out of my mind… :/

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  2. Haaaa, after seeing the personalities of pretty much every Bomber besides White, there’s no way I’d call them rangers (and after hearing some of the voiceovers, it makes me wish more than ever that I could have done it myself).

    To me, the “R” stands for rebirth, as this could be the game to bring Bomberman back to the conscious minds of the masses.


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