Hisashi Nogami Talks About How Splatoon 2 Is A Proper Sequel To Splatoon

Japanese gaming publication Famitsu recently had the opportunity to chat to Splatoon 2 producer Hisashi Nogami about the upcoming Nintendo Switch title and inevitably there was a wealth of information shared. Nogami explained to the magazine how it is a fresh new sequel which adds a variety of things to the mix. Read on to find out more.

The new Splatoon title has finally been announced. Can you tell us again what the idea behind this game is?

It’s a proper sequel to Splatoon, as you can see by the “2” in the name. We’re making a game that fans of the first can enjoy. I also want to give anyone who was interested in the first, but did not play it, a chance to jump into the fun. That way, it will truly be a proper sequel.

The fact that the title just has a “2”, and no subtitle, feels very straight to the point. What reason did you have for naming it like that?

I believe fans were expecting a “second” Splatoon, so our response was to give them what they wanted.

The situation reminds me of the original Animal Crossing on the Nintendo 64 (note: Japan-only), which received an updated release on the Nintendo GameCube. Did you also consider doing that?

Mhmm. We had given it some thought, but in the two years since Splatoon launched, players have already experienced all of the fun that was possible to have in it. So I thought we should not only add features, but wipe the slate clean. We wanted to give people who have played up until now the ability to experience the feeling of a fresh new start once again.

So you’re saying, as a proper sequel, it’s a fresh new take on various things.

The gameplay fundamentals are still the same, of course, and the basic Turf War rules haven’t changed […] but the Special Weapons have all been given makeovers. I decided to have the weapons be gradually released as well, like before. We plan to have more weapons than the first game, with the available choices at the start being more numerous than the original. But I wanted players to once again enjoy the changes in the weapon trends as new ones are steadily introduced. The combinations of Main Weapons and Specials have been changed, and the Sub Weapons are also being revised, so I hope everyone who played the first will enjoy testing out all of the new combinations for themselves.

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