Here’s Metacritic’s 7th Annual Game Publisher Rankings

The team over at online review aggregation site Metacritic has shifted through huge amounts of data to determine who the best video game publishers were in 2016. The results are based on various critic scores and it would seem as though EA had the highest ranking video games last year and were closely followed by Square Enix. Nintendo placed third on the list and were followed by Sony.

  1. Electronic Arts
  2. Square Enix
  3. Nintendo
  4. Sony
  5. XSEED Games (Marvelous USA)
  6. Capcom
  7. Activision Blizzard
  8. Bandai Namco Entertainment
  9. Telltale Games
  10. Ubisoft

Despite the fact that its Wii U console spent the year fading into irrelevance, Nintendo had more unique titles than any other publisher and managed to improve the overall quality of its releasesβ€”mainly by sticking to its handheld device. Nintendo’s 3DS games averaged two points higher than its Wii U releases (which numbered just 7 on the year, led by remakeΒ The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD). The coming year, of course, should be more interesting, with Nintendo launching its new Switch console next month.



  1. As much as you can always argue that Metacritics aren’t as important as some might assume, I’m still wondering how EA really did this. But after Nintendo for instance is just there because they didn’t really publish that much, it’s still a very strange list.

      1. ||You are invited to the funeral that will take place in Japan in the near touchable future…||

    1. EA has a decent number of good games and Sony has a ton of first party games that they have created. I’m thinking you might be the drunk one. lol

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