Newly Discovered Patents Suggest There Was Almost Another N64 Add-On

Source Gaming may have discovered something massive about the Nintendo 64. Looking into various patents, the group seem to have found evidence of two other console add-ons. Beyond the ill-fated 64DD, it looks like Nintendo planned to release more accessories to change their console. Check out the video below for more details.

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  1. So basically, Nintendo came up with the idea for an “Xbox One” like addon way before Microsoft created the Xbox One. This is really interesting and makes me wonder, is there any other addons Nintendo made/patented that we haven’t seen yet?

    1. Seems like it, and im sure there is. These companies patent things just for the sake of patenting things. They come up with ideas and eventually add them to future consoles. What was it that Ninty said, that they had been working on motion controls since the snes?

      I forgot were I heard this, but if I remember correctly, Sony spends millions a year on patents. I mean, look at how many they filed on january alone:

      1. Looking through those Patents I noticed a few things that seem likely they could hint at what the next PlayStation will be… and I get the feeling Sony seen how much attention the Switch is getting so they might make a Portable PlayStation 5 console.

        But like you said, it could just be for the sake of patenting.

        1. Maybe, there was that article a few days ago, were sony patented a display with controllers back in 2015, so it could be that. Whatever it is, I hope it is real, because I much rather have Ninty under pressure. I would hate it if they had a monopoly on the handheld division.

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