A Closer Look At The Forgotten Panasonic GameCube

Nintendo is usually very protective of their property, rarely letting other companies make games based on their licences. However, there are a few examples of other manufacturers being allowed to develop their own derivative Nintendo consoles. The Panasonic Q is one example of this. With Nintendo’s permission, Panasonic developed a hybrid machine that combined the Gamecube and a traditional DVD player. The system only ever released in Japan, selling too poorly to warrant an international release. It’s certainly an odd piece of Nintendo history, no doubt why The Gaming Historian decided to cover it in his latest video. Check it out below.


    1. DVD players were a thing in the 90’s. They are not technically advanced in any way, lol.

      Imagine a Switch existing in the 90’s. It would have looked like some kind of alien super tech from another world. Our lowly minds would have been blown.

      The Switch is an amazing piece of hardware. Kids today are just plain spoiled fucking rotten.

  1. I have one of these. It doesn’t read discs anymore, I am gonna sell it most likely.
    Even as cool as this is, you still have to hook it up like 2 different units. The best video for the DVD part is S-Video and the best for the Game Cube part is the Digital cable. The best audio for the DVD part is Optical and the best audio for Cube is RCA cables… I like to show it off to customers and they all seem to drool over it.

  2. It looks cool no doubt. I just hate that it says Panasonic on it instead of Nintendo. Kind of takes away from the collectibility of it.. at least for me.

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