If you are planning to get a Nintendo Switch on launch day then be prepared to download a patch which is customary these days. The patch size has yet to be announced but Nintendo of America did state that the download will include the following things:

  • Nintendo eShop access
  • Online multiplayer
  • Sharing images to social networks
  • Linking Nintendo Accounts
  • Connecting to public internet hotspots




    • It’s cool…. but they could have done more. It seems the system is being rushed out the doors… With the lack of games, online features, virtual console, weird joy-con desyncing issues. I’m hoping for the best but i do believe they should have waiting until fall 2017 when everything has been properly tested and ready!!!

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      • 3DS and Wii U didn’t launch with VC either. I read somewhere that PS4 had controller sync issues at launch too. Sometimes shit happens no matter how much prep and testing you put in. All I care about with online is multiplayer and it’ll be there at launch.

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        • I had sync issues with my ps4 when it first released and now there’s no problem anymore. There are just people out there who will find any reason to complain about anything and everything.

          I remember when people were complaining about Nintendo dropping support for the wiiu when the Switch was still called the NX, look at those same complainers now, silent as hell. The people complaining about the joy cons desync will stop complaining the moment that Switch is in their hands, just watch.

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      • Dude calm down xone and pe4 launch lineup wasn’t any better and those two including the Wii U had ports at launch. Do you really need to go online and watch tv via your game system the answer is no it’s just a luxury. Plus you want people playing games on the system not surfing the web or watching Netflix. As far as the joy cons that was probably isolated as they had systems on their tour that no one had issues with.


      • Lack of games? It has 10 plus launch game which is a lot.

        Fast RMX
        Just Dance 2017
        Human Resource Machine
        I Am Setsuna
        The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
        Little Inferno
        Shovel Knight
        Skylanders: Imaginators
        Super Bomberman R
        World of Goo

        I always wonder what was wrong with people like you. I feel like you’re the type to be caught red handed stealing and then deny you stole anything even though everyone saw you and you have the stolen item in your hand.

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        • its all a matter of taste, i personally see only two games ones a wiiu port andthe other bomberman. the others dont interest me at all. besides its only fair to expect more considering all the time they spent not developing for the wiiu.

          the notable games coming out are either slightly upgraded wiiu ports. the others seem like small hitmiss games, indies and thats it,

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  1. Less than a week away. Doesn’t seem like Wii U or Wii was that long ago… time flies. Looking forward to making new memories with a new Nintendo system and playing against my friends that’ll suddenly care about Nintendo again once it’s Smash Bros. season lol.

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  2. No mention of the joycon’s weak bluetooth issue…
    They are using BT 3.0. (old version)
    Always standing so close to the console in the videos…
    Did they know about theses issues and just said ” eff..it”?

    The Switch news of late is making me nervous lol

    Not good.


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