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Here’s The Safe Crack Trailer For 1-2-Switch

Safe Crack is among the 28 minigames included in 1-2-Switch. Gameplay is executed by twisting the Joy-Con controller, which has an HD Rumble feature that produces a different kind of vibration as you hit each number from the combination. You can check out the clip below to see exactly how Safe Crack works. 1-2-Switch is set to launch alongside the Nintendo Switch console on March 3 for $49.99.

22 thoughts on “Here’s The Safe Crack Trailer For 1-2-Switch”

    1. So you guys are crying for a game that easily could be included with the Switch like nintendo land with the wii U and and then prefer to pay $350 plus $60 of botw right? Nice!

  1. Crack the safe just to crack the safe…. How many times could you play that before you were no longer amused? Twice? Just like the rest of them. It is a tech demo made to show the potential of the Switch. Give us a taste of things to come in say “Mario Party Switch Online”. We will be using all of these “joy-con control possibility in a game like that, but we will also be getting a ton more content and purpose for almost the same price as what you want us to pay for 1-2 Switch.

    The entire gaming community thinks that this should be a pack in. C’mon Nintendo, your theory is that 1-2 Switch, when played at parties, will get people to see the value in Switch. A game created to basically advertise the console while at parties. How is that supposed to work if nobody owns the game to begin with?

    “Hey I just bought a Switch. It has all these cool and unique ways of controlling games”
    “Cool. Lets play!”
    “I don’t actually have any games that use them, can watch videos though.”

    Not good.

  2. Either buy the game or don’t but stop crying about it. Its funny usually the people fussing about the price of something nintendo has are the ones that will pay whatever price it cost for Sony and Microsoft products without question. Example acting like 299.00 is a lot for a console at launch when these same people paid 400.00 for the ps4 at launch and 600.00 for the ps3 at launch and they will pay 60.00 for a game like horizon zero dawn when its nothing more than a modern Turok the dinosaur hunter. It reminds me of when sony used to charge like 900.00 to 1000.00 for their trinatron CRT tvs when every other company sold the same size CRT tvs for 200.00 to 400.000 lol You people pay high prices for Sonys products without question acting like their turds are gold lol. The Joy cons have way more technology in them than Sonys or Microsofts controllers yet people complain about price. Microsoft charges 60.00 for an xbox one controller that doesn’t even come with a lithium ion battery you can’t charge it unless you buy a charge and play kit. after you buy the kit so you can charge it you’ve spent over 80.00 dollars for a controller that is just a regular controller that without a rechargable battery should have been 40.00. Talk about ripping people off.

    1. “The Joy cons have way more technology in them than Sonys or Microsofts controllers yet people complain about price.”
      The Joycons come free with the console and aren’t the complaint here, the complaint is that the Switch’s equivalent to the 3DS, Wii and Wii U’s pack in content is being sold separately at Zelda price point and probably doesn’t even hold your attention near as much as Nintendo Land or Wii Sports.

      1. This time it’s “Bob Wiley” but next time who knows, he keeps changing his name. Anyways, that guy is one of the dumbest people alive today with access to an internet connection. Just trying to save you some effort. You’re welcome.

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  5. The only ones defending this game are Nintendo elitists — wonder what they gain doing that. For them, it is unforgivable some people don’t see 1-2-Switch as the next big thing in gaming. Why do they keep their eyes closed? The Wii U didn’t teach them how Nintendo is running their business?

    Now we have this Zelda BoTW thing going on — when this is going to be out? I won’t be getting a Switch in two years as there won’t be any Metroid game out before that — if any will ever see the light of the day again. And before elitists tell me to get “the definitive, superior version”, I must remember them at first BoTW would be a Wii U exclusive.

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  7. Everyone here is complaining about this game being $60
    It is not $60, It is $49.99
    Before complaining about the price of a game, maybe you should actually look up the price of the game?

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