Independent Mario Stage Show Launches In Washington D.C.

When thinking of Mario and his colourful games, terms like “existential” or “mid-life ennui” don’t come to mind. However, a Washington D.C stage show is attempting to present a deeper side of the Mushroom Kingdom. When years of rescuing Princess Peach finally catch up with the plumber, Mario begins to wonder what else there is to life. Titled Brother Mario, the show is only open until March 12th. This is a very strange piece of news, but certainly intriguing. Check out the production’s website here.

In this existential mashup of the worlds of Anton Chekhov and The Super Mario Brothers, Mario begins to wonder if there is more to life than jumping, go-karts, and princesses in other castles.

Come visit the Mushroom Kingdom in this world premiere production by Flying V favorite Seamus Sullivan, to battle Bowser and mid-life ennui in equal measure.



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