Mega Man Legacy Collection Developers Are Working On A New Compilation

Mega Man Legacy Collection producer and director Frank Cifaldi has revealed that his company is working on a new Capcom games collection after the success of the Mega Man Collection. Cifaldi says that the new project, which will excite fans, will be announced soon.

“I shipped a collection called Mega Man Legacy Collection the year before last (it’s been a while), and we’ve got another one coming out soon that they’re gonna announce any day now. I don’t know when – I wish I could talk about it but it’s really cool.”



  1. Final Fight would be cool. In the capacity of the Switch being able to do co-op anywhere would be great.

  2. I liked Megaman Legacy Collection, but Megaman 7-10 should have been included.

    Hell Megaman Anniversary from 2004 had more content.

    Hopefully it’s somthing like Megaman Legacy X. Just as long as it has more or the same as Megaman X Anniversary…..

      1. Agree, but knowing capcom, itll probably be X-X6, and claim that they wanted to keep it 16bit so they opted out X7 and X8. I wouldnt mind if they sold it as cheaply as they did the MM legacy collection.

  3. I’ve been playing Mega Man 2.5D recently. It’s a fan game 7+ years in the making. They finally made a co op mode with totally different levels too. Which is a plus. I’m surprised Capcom hasn’t contacted them yet. Seriously Capcom. Take notes.

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