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Nintendo Says That Persistent Black/Bright Dots On The Switch Screen Are “A Characteristic Of LCD Screens”

As is usually the case with the launch of any hardware, let alone a video gaming console, there will be bugs and technical problems. The Nintendo Switch is no exception, and the company has been hard at work with making sure people have a smooth experience with the Switch. Nintendo has informed gamers on their UK website that “black or bright dots on the Nintendo Switch screen that do not go away” and “dark or light patches on the screen” are nothing out of the ordinary. In fact, Nintendo says that they “are a characteristic of LCD screens”. Nintendo concludes that “these are normal and should not be considered a defect.”



    1. Though they should not say it’s normal. Premium products don’t have them.
      They should have said: it’s a toy, consider the product as a toy, so expect up to 5 dead pixels on its screen.

      Mine don’t have any dead pixel fortunately.

        1. Perhaps we are normal and others are unlucky. Or the review units were possibly defective pre-release units.
          I haven’t ever had a problem with Nintendo hardware.

      1. I know, they shouldn’t had make it like it was ok to have those kinds of things. I mean my New 3DS XL is perfect as it is, no dead pixels no nothing wrong with it. Of course some people will run with bad luck now and then, but that doesn’t make it ok to have those little details in a product you spend a lot of money to get.
        Either way, all first consoles or handhelds come up with something… that is why i wait for like the second or third batch to get one… On the switch though… i just couldn’t get one on launch day… guess i’ll have to wait a little longer… but i have my New 3ds and my ps4… i’ll survive :P

        1. Yes, that should not be a problem. The best game is going to sort out in the fall so you should wait until you are happy with the whole console. I was already happy with Zelda and definitely not rich so I can be satisfied with one game per month (plus an indie maybe) plus I don’t have other console as of now so the choice was pretty easy.

    2. It might have been fine with you but if my switch had any dead pixels I’d exchange it.

      Right now I have a 65 inch LCD that’s 3 years old…Not a single dead pixel. Then we have 4 more ranging from 46 to 42 inches…Not a single dead pixel.

      I have a DS, 3ds, 3dsxl, wiiu, multiple older phones with LCD screens…LCD screens in my car, on my tv remote, even my thermostat and not a single dead pixel.

      Electronics like a tv or the switch or a 3ds are too expensive for an old technology like an LCD panel to have any dead or stuck pixels.

      I’ll run a pixel fixer which is essentially a program that flashes random full screen colors at 15hz or let’s you stop on a color. Ill let it run for 12 hours, shut off the screen and let it cool then turn it back on for another 4 hours at which point I’ll start looking to see if the pixel is fixed. If not back it goes.

      I’ve gotten lucky. Out of every LCD based display I’ve owned there was only 1 that had any bad pixels and I think it was the original PSP launch edition.

      1. If it doesn’t bother me when playing, i won’t cry about it… simple as that. If it was getting in the way of me playing then yes, i would complain about it.

        1. Well like I said to someone else if you don’t mind paying good money for a partially defective product then that’s fine but alot of people expect their new device to work 100%.

          It’s not like LCD technology is new. The real issue is Nintendo is using the cheapest LCD they could find and the reason they won’t replace it is because the LCD manufacturer probably has a policy in the contract about how many need to be dead.

          Unfortunate really. Even burner smartphones you buy at gas stations have less issues with dead pixel replacement.

        1. Haha sorry man I didn’t notice the last word you wrote lol. To be fair it’s not been 57 hours since I’ve slept so…Yea

  1. They are correct: uneven brightness and dead pixels are normal for LCDs, albeit of lower quality (dead pixels, however, drive me bonkers and I feel for anyone that got a unit w/ them).

    1. Uneven light meaning dark and bright patches aren’t necessarily the result of a cheap panel it’s the result of either improper manufacturering, bad quality control or a cheap lighting setup.

      Dead pixels also don’t mean a cheap panel however it’s 2017 and neither of those problems should be in a game console Especially one with such a low pixel density. It’s just a sign of poor quality control. The panel itself might be very high quality.

      At this point in LCD panel development there is no excuse for either of these issues on any quality panel aside from something under $40 with a 6inch panel.

      Luckily my switch is fine but if it had any of those issues with the panel id exchange it. Nintendo has been around long enough and using LCD panels long enough to have this figured out. Besides these are just old phablet and small tablet screens.

    1. Me too! I havent had any desync problems, dead pixels, or scratches from docking like some people are saying. I think you just need to baby the thing. Its a little fragile. Be good to your switch and it will be good to you! :)

      1. I have no scratches but my glass protectors are on the way, not risking scratches. No dead pixels or uneven brightness issues nor is there any light bleeding.

        I did have an issue at first with joycon sync but to be fair the console was docked and behind a tv and I was about 12 feet away with the cons in dock that charges which could throw off some Bluetooth interference. Once I moved it to the front of the tv Link stopped doing or not doing whatever he wanted. At first I just thought the left stick was broken but then I considered how small the antennas are and how little power the joycons use so their range is fairly limited.

        Btw anyone else want that icecube in a glass demo? I wanna feel this hd rumble!

  2. yet another concern of the switch. That switch redesign might come sooner than expected.

    1. I’m fine with it. If it will be that more good I can eventually selle the Switch for it.
      But I imagine that there can be versions like one portable (no Joy-Con, fixed controllers + a smaller screen and eventually a beefer battery time) and one just ‘home’ to reduce street price. Like it is for 2DS. But I’m fine with this in any case. For now I’m happy playing with mine. Very happy.

    2. Here we are 2 years later and there is a long know flaw in the Tegra x1 powering the switch that allows it to be easily hacked.

      Nintendo can’t fix it with software updates, they try with every one. The latest firmware update was broken within 4 hours. The only way to fix it is to fix the chip itself which they still haven’t done. I actually just bought a second switch the other day so I could mod my launch unit for emulation.

      I have to imagine we will see a switch revision that fixes the exploit at e3 and also fixes some other gripes about the switch and if we are lucky it will get a power boost while remaining fully compatibile like the pro and x1x.

  3. They make it sound as if they’re deliberately using low quality parts. I guess dead pixels are a feature now, in the same way that one might consider the dock a feature.

    1. They are definitely using some low quality parts. We supposedly have the most powerful mobile SOC on the market right now and nvidia isn’t cheap which is why Microsoft switched to AMD for the 360 and Sony for the ps4. It’s also why ps4 has no backwards compatibility, more specific Nvidia wants tons of money for the patent to emulate their GPU in the ps4 and it doesn’t help that the 8 core Jaguar can’t emulate the ps3 CPU.

      The body seems high quality and despite resolution my screen looks and responds excellent. So they didn’t necessarily skimp on the screen it could be as simple as a fabrication issue that will be fixed Especially potential light bleed.

      The Bluetooth transmitter/receiver in the console itself isn’t awful but the ones in the controllers are. They also use cheap plastics in the joycon controller Holsters on the included unit but the unit that charges the actual controllers users better materials in some areas.

      The triggers are low quality plastic and the analog sticks are as well but they are also very low resolution which can be seen in the calibration screen.

      I also imagine they could have used higher quality speakers. The now ancient HTC One m8 had better speakers.

      They also oddly didn’t block you from putting tethers on upside down which means if you aren’t paying attention get ready to bend some plastic and potentially the thin metal rails.

      Overall it’s a mix of cheap and average for 2017. Why the dock has no simple foam pieces in the corner to protect the screen screams cheap as does the base station in general.

      The GUI is awfully basic, almost like they didn’t start it until 10 weeks ago.

      Overall, so far anyways I’m glad I grabbed it, Zelda and some accessories. I’ll definitely use it more than the ps4 pro I bought last week and the Xbox slim the week before but once I’m done with Zelda…It’s probably back to PC until Mario Kart and then who knows what

  4. “Normal and not considered a defect”. I bet Nintendo is tired of hearing about deficiencies with the Switch, it most certainly is a defect. Wonder if they would consider my issues with displaying on the tv screen a defect or a characteristic of the Switch.

  5. I’m still fucking pissed by the joycon connection issues! Zelda is absolutely unplayable on my TV, even when nothing obstructs the joycons! I have an aquarium in my living room, and I’m not going to place it anywhere else, as it’s definitely Nintendo’s fault! I never had any problems with the Wii or Wii U controllers, there’s no reason why the Switch controllers can’t work just as well. This is typical Nintendo being fucking lazy and searching for excuses. They didn’t even test the damn thing before releasing it. Now they’re telling people it’s their fault that they have an aquarium, cables and WiFi in their living room!

    1. Try changing your setup. Mine works perfectly even when i walk 40+ feet away and put it behind my back. And that’s not even with line of sight to the system.

        1. I did say it was behind a tv. An OLED TV to be exact which is a great shield for Bluetooth depending on the transmitter.

          I said I moved it to the other side and it worked fine BUT just for fun your post inspired me to see which device I could get further away with without losing line of site.

          My smartwatch made it 24.68 feet further away than my controllers docked to their battery charger made it before link started spinning.

          Not an issue though. Im only 8 feet from a 65inch 4ktv so I doubt I’ll ever lose connection again with the dock now on top of my wiiu

    2. I’m sorry for you, eventually you got a lemon. Mine has no problems. Eventually ask for a replacement before it’s late.

  6. 1 dead pixel I guess shouldn’t Countil as a defect but any more than that should. On such a small screen a single dead pixel will be noticeable so Nintendo should really cover dead pixels as it really is a defect for a product that is so reliant on the quality of the screen.

  7. Every Nintendo device is shipped with dead pixels. Every 3Ds and new 3Ds I’ve seen and owned had them. The PS Vita had them with all models. Many monitors have them as well. Actually I think people are very hysteric in case of dead pixels and minimal issues. The only thing on the switch that bothers me right now is the blue/orange screen issue and the poor wireless and bluetooth strength the PS Vita had as well. However it seems like everyone expects a 800$ quality for 300$…that is indeed a joke.

    The battery thematic is a joke as well. I took the Switch yesterday to some friends and we played 2 hours Snipperclips 30 minutes Zelda and 1 hour FAST RMX together. The capacity after 3 1/2 hours of play was at 65%. At home I played 1 1/2 hour of zelda again before charging. Every normal New 3Ds would have died much quicker…but people are concerned by the battery…woot? Oh and we used the kickstand of the switch as well on a chair with a very small wooden board for Snipperclips. It worked fine. It is indeed a gimmick, but one that can be used effecient. The joycon straps have a mechanic to lock and remove the straps at the bottom. Most of reviewer don’t understand that damaging the joy con straps. Even my six year old nephew had no problems after I explained him how he could remove them easily.

    So yeah at the end of the day most issues of the Switch are caused by the human in front of them. It’s like a troop of monkeys raping the Switch since one week.

    1. If you don’t mind some dead pixels that’s fine, I’m picky and I know it.

      When I pay for what I feel is a system either too expensive at regular price, with horrid storage OR a system that’s priced exactly right EXCEPT it should have included something as robust as Wii sports in terms content as well as that 123 switch game.

      That said I’m a fan I want to support a company I’ve supported since the 80s and I get to share that experience (although far to rarely since Nintendo is slow slow slow) with my family and I enjoy it myself Especially the classics like…I dunno… Legend of Zelda? I wasn’t buying the interior wiiu version, I play on a 4ktv I need all the resolution I can get.

      So when I want that device to come with every single pixel working perfect then I will ensure I get that device. When I don’t want the screen to scratched from the dock… Something a couple soft cloth pads would have fixed Nintendo got cheap and instead we buy screen protectors. Mine are glass they will be here tomorrow.

      I expect that device to be perfect when I open it. I expect it to still be perfect by the time I buy accessories I shouldn’t need to keep it save. Anyone at Nintendo heard of gorilla glass? No? Oh OK…

      I expect every pixel to work and to keep working. If one stops on day 90 I will exchange it. They got cheap alot of places. Dead pixels should not be an issue. Period.

  8. Got to dead pixles… I seriously can’t play it like that… It bothers me SO much! Even when LCD came out, producents had zero dead pixle guarantees. Nintendo said the same thing about the dead pixles on DS, but they changed their minds then.

    1. You shouldn’t have to put up with any LCD issue. I’d exchange it where you bought it. Tell them it keeps freezing up after you play for about 30 min then they can’t argue.

      There is no excuse for LCD issues. The technology is ancient and has been in widespread mainstream use for a very long time. The only reason a company would allow for dead pixels is because they are being cheap.

      I bought a 65inch OLED 4k tv from LG which has about a bazillion more pixels than the switch. I asked LG support about how many pixels would need to essentially die or be stuck before they would replace it. They said 1. 1 pixel on a 65inch 4ktv screen.

      Meanwhile Nintendo is whining about replacing small 720p screens with dead pixels. A screen that would be close to your face so it would be more obvious and since it’s lower resolution there are less overall pixels so Nintendo really needs to change their attitude and their supplier because it’s obvious they went with the lowest bid which means lower overall screen quality

      1. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4! Hopefully it will also await us at Nintendo Switch if Nintendo doesn't FUCK things up again!} says:

        Nintendo is probably thinking “It’s okay! The fanboys will defend our new cheap & lazy ways on blogs or sites like My Nintendo News! As long as we have them, we’ll be fine.” Yeah. Fanboys definitely saved the Wii U… NOT!!!

  9. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4! Hopefully it will also await us at Nintendo Switch if Nintendo doesn't FUCK things up again!} says:

    There comes a point Nin. Ten. D’OH! when being cheap is NOT a good fucking thing! And just because it’s normal & a characteristic doesn’t make it any less of a fucking defect! You think just because you got some little fanboys on sites like these backing you up that you think you can say this & get away with it. Need to lower that ego, Nintendo, before it gets the Switch in trouble just like it did with the Wii U. QUIT making excuses for bullshit! We know you can do better than this. Quit shitting all over your Seal of Quality, damn it! While I haven’t noticed this issue myself yet, I feel for those that have. We love you NIntendo so quit being Dumbtendo. PLEASE!!!

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