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Nintendo Switch And Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Break Sales Records In The Americas

It looks like Nintendo Switch and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild are off to a strong start. In the Americas, early sales for new console have already exceeded the first two-day sales for any system in Nintendo history. The Nintendo Switch version of the latest Zelda game has also managed to secure the recognition of being the best-selling standalone launch title in Nintendo history – this does not take bundled games into account, such as Wii Sports or Nintendo Land. Both the Switch and Breath of the Wild launched last Friday, March 3.

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    1. Console Sales don’t mean everything though, in the end all that matters are the games. The WII sold amazing but wasn’t that much better than the WII U game wise, infact the WII U has some of the best games ever made for first party franchises.

      And ofcourse The Legend of Zelda is a system seller, that the WII U lacked if I remember correct. Twilight princess was a system seller for the WII, Windwaker and Mario Sunshine for the Gamecube and Mario 64 for the n64.

      That said i’m not suprised that more people buy it today than previous consoles cause the market is way bigger now. Movie records are getting broken every year aswell eventhough most of them are definitly not better than movies from 10-20 years ago. Just a bigger market.

      BTW on a side node for our past discussion last week they where selling the ps4 for 188 euro’s in some dutch stores I got the email as prove but it already ended I see. Pretty insane price if you ask me.

    2. I like how we always get these messages and then we forgot the rules of Nintendo..

      1. Where are the numbers, Reggie? Why didn’t you give them?

      2. This is coming from Nintendo’s install base. What will happen in a few weeks when the dust clears. Will the casuals go out and buy? I don’t think so at this moment.

      3. This is the same thing that happen with the Wii U, and Nintendo is saying it sold so crazy and it’s done well, but Nintendo does this to draw hype. This is normal.

      4. When they release they’re numbers, stock will either go up or down. It all depends on the sales. Right now, the numbers aren’t out.

        1. Yeah, bro. I know how Reggie works. He runs through a script each system cycle and says almost the exact same PR each year. I use to like him, but over the years, his scripts just frustrated me as a Nintendo fan. At the end of the day, it’s all about the numbers, and numbers sold (not shipped) tell no lie.

    1. I believe Pachter didn’t really foresee the Switch to fail just as he didn’t foresee the WiiU to succeed. Not like I necessarily like that guy (although the problem might more be the blogs who use some random analyst as clickbait for headlines) but it’s not like he was always dead wrong about everything.

  1. Impressive. And without holiday sales for that matter. I’d like to see the numbers after December, see what those sales do for the install base.

  2. Breath of the wild is one of the most amazing games of all time. That’s what’s breaking your hardware records. The WiiU could have sold the same way if Nintendo didn’t abandon the hardware start to finish.

    There will be a holiday spike later this year, then sales will drop like a rock.
    Enjoy the great news while you can. Once everyone has had their fill of Zelda, the switch will struggle just like the WiiU. The casuals are not coming to save it like Nintendo thinks.

    1. Nah. MarioKart 8 is coming end of April. Then Splatoon 2, Xenoblade 2, and Mario Odyssey to keep momentum going into next year. 5 AAA games in a year is enough to keep most people entertained (and enough time between releases to allow bank account recovery after launch). By the time Xmas is here we will know more about what 2018 has in store for us. People just picking the Switch up at xmas will have lots to choose from.

      1. Mario Kart 8 and Splatoon 2 are actually the WII U versions with some extra stuff though right? I don’t own a WII U so I would still buy Mario Kart 8 perhaps but allot of people will skip those I think.

        1. Splatoon 2 is a sequel but you are right about Mario kart 8 deluxe is the same game with an improved battle mode and some new racers but i do think that Mario kart 8 deluxe is going to sell well not as much as the Wii U version but you will be suprised how many people are going to buy this game again for the battle mode alone

        2. I’ll be skipping it — if I ever get a Switch. I mean, I’ll probably do so, but in two years and a half, or when a Metroid title is out. (Sorry, I know I’ve said that several times before.)

        3. Mariokart 8 Deluxe will also be 1080p 60fps and instead if having ine item you can hold 2. New battle mode with new courses and new playable characters. I imagine they will give WiiU owners who downloaded the DLC a price break to populate the online lobbies… or maybe they’ll make the Switch version compatible online with WiiU users…
          Definately won’t buy again at full price and Im the type who bought Hyrule Warriors, Smash, and Monster Hunter for WiiU and 3DS (much cheaper than Switch games).

      2. That works for Nintendo fans. That will not generate Wii-Like sales. I guess we shall see!

    2. Nintendo’s plan is to sell enough Switch units so that 3rd parties can jump aboard to provide additional content. You forget that Nintendo will have Japanese 3rd party developers who supported the 3DS with exclusive games supporting the Switch as well. The Switch won’t be plagued with the game drought issues that the Wii U had because it is already being touted as one of the most easiest gaming platforms to make games for and plus it being portable will intrigue western 3rd parties to branch out to a new audience

      As for the Wii U, Nintendo just didn’t make the hardware appealing enough to 3rd parties nor did they execute the marketing or the advertising of the system properly. Nintendo seemingly made the Wii U for Nintendo games but now they have made it to where the Switch for the most part can run the latest gaming engines natively. Of course this doesn’t guarantee that the Switch will get massive 3rd party support but it will limit some of the excuses that some of these 3rd parties will have in terms of supporting the system. All in all you don’t know what the future holds for the Switch. Just because it isn’t the system you wanted it to be doesn’t mean it will fail. Let’s wait and see what happens later on before trying to judge it prematurely

      1. I believe that the wiiU suffered greatly from the Wii. Because of the Wii’s “success,” Nintendo was ill prepared to develop in HD. They were playing catch-up from day 1 with the WiiU. Add a horrific marketing campaign, again, Wii-Hubris, and the WiiU was setup to fail. Zelda’s gamepad functionality did not NEED to be removed. It was unnecessary, and a real “sorry, fuck you” to WiiU owners that stuck it out from Day 1.

        Yep. The horse is still dead. I just beat it to make sure.

    3. Maybe not casuals but surely a good amount of people that liked the 3DS and Vita. There won’t be any other option.

      Stop being salty that Nintendo slowed down support for Wii U when it was clear as day that no game they came out with was going to save its horrible (from a general public point of view) hardware concept. They still supported longer than Sony did the Vita in the same exact situation.

      1. What Sony and the Vita have to do with the Wii U?

        Nintendo and the Wii U should defend themselves for themselves. But since you brought Sony to the matter, why not take the PS3 into consideration? The damn console still has games being released for it. The same goes for the 360. Also, the Vita is still strongly supported in Japan.

        Nintendo abandoned the Wii, and did the same for the Wii U — BoTW is its swan song. The most beautiful one possible, thankfully. But this does not mean that Nintendo now is forgiven for giving birth a baby and overlooked it.

        Also, for most people here, the Wii U used to be the biggest breakthrough in gaming. Now it deserves to be dead. I simply cannot get why they flip-flop like that.

        1. Games still come to the PS3 and 360, yes, but not from Sony and Microsoft. They’ve moved on to PS4 and XBO. It’s all third party games. The original Wii actually still gets games too like Just Dance 2017. Big game releases don’t happen often for old console once the new ones have been out a few years.

          It’s not a flip flop to see that the Wii U is a dead platform, it’s a reality check. The thing sold like shit. I wish it didn’t but it did.

          1. 1st party games published by Microsoft starting in 2013:

            2013: Gears of War: Judgment; Minecraft; Zoo Tycoon

            2014: Fable Anniversary; Forza Horizon 2 Warface; World of Tanks

            2015: Rise of the Tomb Raider; ScreamRide.

            The titles above are retail only. There are lots of Xbox Live Arcade games.


            1st party games published by Sony starting in 2013:

            2013: Beyond: Two Souls; God of War: Ascension; Gran Turismo 6; Invizimals: The Lost Kingdom; MLB 13: The Show; Puppeteer
            Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus; Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time; The Last of Us; Wonderbook: Book of Potions; Wonderbook: Diggs Nightcrawler; Wonderbook: Walking with Dinosaurs

            2014: LittleBigPlanet 3; MLB 14: The Show; SingStar: Ultimate Party

            2015: MLB 15 2015: The Show

            2016: MLB 15 2016: The Show

            I’m not listing Playstation Network games in here — for a comprehensive list, visit


            It’s clear the support from Microsoft and Sony has been getting progressively lower over the years; however, the fact is that Nintendo quit supporting the Wii and Wii U in the middle of their lifespans.

            1. There were a few games but like I said a dramatic drop following new hardware. The PS3 still getting MLB is like if Nintendo still put the next Mario & Sonic on Wii U. Most people wouldn’t care. The really big new games are exclusive to the new hardware. The better comparison here would be how the 3DS has been confirmed to be supported until at least 2018.

              1. X360 and PS3 were properly supported for 2 years after the release of Xbox One and PS4 — this is great. And I insist: Nintendo dropped support for the Wii U during its life cycle.

                MLB is very popular in NA, and has a well established, very loyal fan base. So, comparing it to Mario and Sonic is pretty much unfair.

                  1. The MLB franchise has a loyal fan base which grows every year. The games sell, combined (Vita, PS4 and PS3) around 1-1.2 mi/year (no one but Sony knows the exact numbers; we only have VG Chartz retail predictions). But they sell really well for a sports nichรฉ title. And let’s remember that how well those games perform has nothing to do with the fact that the support is there.

                    1. My point is that it’s just MLB. You’re acting as if Sony is still putting games like Last of Us 2 and Horizon on PS3.

                      It’s support but it’s supper that the majority wouldn’t care for, like the next Mario & Sonic being on Wii U.

                    2. You got me wrong — I’m just trying to present some factual evidence and saying that companies usually support their past consoler longer than Nintendo. But if you’re not willing to fully get my point, that’s fine.

                    3. No I get it. The support just doesn’t mean much if it’s just side stuff and not the big guns. Anyone sticking with PS3 just because it still gets MLB is either a casual gamer that only plays that or an idiot.

                    4. No, you clearly don’t — your last 3 replies are completely out of context.

                    5. I understand that there’s support.

                      The further point I’m adding is that the support is stuff that most people don’t give a shit about. All that has moved completely to PS4 and XBO which again brings us to my first point: big game support ends shortly after new consoles launch. Anywhere from a year or two. And yes, Nintendo ends support sooner. Pretty much immediately when it comes to home consoles. Imo I prefer it that way. Gives people a reason to really want the new hardware. Their handhelds however are treated like the other two console makers where there’s still good amount of support for a year or two even after new hardware launches.

                    6. Yeah, yeah. I got what you mean as well. So we are both understood now. :)

            2. The difference here though is that Nintendo was basically on their own when it came to big releases in the later years. First party support may have started slowly dripping down on PS3 and 360 as the newer consoles were releasing, but those had big AAA third party titles the whole time. That balances it out. Nintendo doesn’t have that kind of support. And in addition, the Wii U did not sell that well. Only the loyal Nintendo fans bothered with their releases. And in terms of software, Nintendo did pretty good with releases like Mario Kart 8, Smash Bros Wii U, and Splatoon. These games are still good, but without big third party titles to back it up, the lack of games became VERY obvious. Since we weren’t getting those titles, we wanted the games that we were actually going to get. Which were the Nintendo games. And that took seemingly forever because of the way Nintendo is. Even with a drought, they aren’t afraid to delay their games. Those games turned out really good, but still frustrating to wait for. I wouldn’t say Nintendo purposely “abandoned” it, but rather they had no choice but to move on. Literally no one is going to buy a Wii U no matter how many more titles it got. People were still getting PS3’s and 360’s because of releases like GTA V. It sucks, but it makes sense from a business point of view. Wii U would be tossing money into the trash at this point. The 3DS outlived it despite launching before it and it’s still getting healthy support from Nintendo because it’s still selling.

              1. Good points. The 3DS is walking the extra mile already, and the reason is the attention Nintendo has given to it since its launch. I wish they did the same for the Wii U. Maybe it could have been a much better console. But they chose to favor one one their child, and the Wii U was the overlooked one.

        2. Oh and I clearly said the horrible concept was from a general public point of view. I liked it myself but most people either didn’t get it or thought it was a Wii add on.

          1. That’s fair. I have to acknowledge you’ve been coherent on the Wii U. But the fact that some are not makes me confused.

            I didn’t like the Wii U’s concept myself from the start, an never praised it; it’s clear, though, that other people used to hail it, and now are saying that was a mistake — this is the flip-flop I was referring to.

      1. Ohhhh no, I’m not your typical Nintendoomed guy, I’m your ‘born and bred by Nintendo themselves’ Nintendoomed guy. All great empires fall from within, and it always starts by someone that gets fed up with “the system” or status-quo. If you’ve seen Avenger’s, Civil War, I’d be on Team Cap, and what you’re saying could be summed up by Spider-man’s quote, “You’re wrong, but you think you’re right, and that makes you dangerous.”

        1. ||Sometimes I want to kick you in your perfect teeth…||

          1. Except from Avengers Civil War:

            Steve Rogers: If I see a Nintendo decision or system pointed south, I can’t ignore it. Sometimes I wish I could.
            Tony Stark: No, you don’t.
            Steve Rogers: No, I don’t. Sometimes…
            Tony Stark: Sometimes I wanna punch you in your perfect teeth. But I don’t wanna see you gone.

            Why is this all so familiar… :)

    4. It’s way more than that. The WiiU wasn’t a concept ppl would intuitively understand. That resultet in major problems of Nintendo trying to market it, which then resulted in ppl being confused or just turned off by their falcepalming infomercials, that resulted in third parties not really daring to create enough unique content, which along with Nintendo’s own lack of software offerings resulted in bad sales.

      There might be some other issues like the WiiU’s performance, but as the Switch shows, ppl don’t mind if the concept is intuitively understandable. They just understand now, why the Switch isn’t on par with a PS4, because it’s about 30 times smaller and still capable of delivering similar experiences. This is just crazy. Even ppl like the Youtuber ANgry Joe who used to completely block Nintendo, rant about them and so on seem to be excited like 8yr olds with their Switches. The signs are pointing into a very bright future so far.

    5. You’re forgetting that there are strong 1st party titles releasing this year and are decently spaced out. Nintendo is trying not to repeat the Wii U’s first year (filled with so many droughts). I don’t think things will get worse as just next month, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe will be releasing. Yes it’s just the Wii U game but it comes with more content and a new exclusive feature to the Switch version (on the go gameplay!!). Also ARMS, Splatoon 2, and Mario Odyssey at the end of the year may push sales for the system. I highly doubt Xenoblade 2 will release this year though. They’re probably just telling us that it will so we won’t be pissed lmao

      1. I just don’t think Mario Kart and Splatoon is are going to bring the masses back to Nintendo. I could be wrong. Nintendo lost the non-Nintendo fanatics, the Casuals were a 1-gen hit wonder, and they need to just bring themselves back up to speed with where things are at, and they just refuse to do so. That’s fine, they can continue to try and find the end of the rainbow where their pot of gold sits. If the world embraces the Switch like they did the Wii, like Nintendo has predicted, I’ll eat my words, but I highly doubt that is going to happen, not at the $300 price point anyway.

        1. We’ll have to see at this point. It’s doing really well right now though. Especially in Japan. But I honestly think that, if not Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, but at least Splatoon 2 will keep the momentum going for some time.

      1. Yes. Zelda is a flawless game. Nintendo reached out to Bethesda – that was a Huge fucking step in the right direction, actually taking responsibility to bring 3rd parties to their hardware and realizing developer relationships are like any other relationship – a two way street, something they have ignored for a long time. The new president seems to be a good business man.

        Nintendo said they would support WiiU until everyone was happy with their purchase – well, obviously you have to take that with a grain of salt, but I don’t call Stripping the gamepad functionality from Zelda supporting jack shit. They lie over and over, make promises they hardly ever keep, and fans are so stubborn they just keep taking it like a kidnapped victim that’s grown attached to their captor.

      1. I don’t have my avatar name as “Jaded Drybones” for nothin’! :]

        It all started with the 3DS software drought, then when we got screwed by being stuck in Standard Definition purgatory during the Wii age, then when we were promised change with the WiiU but got abandoned by Nintendo, followed by 3rd parties, then had our last big WiiU title gimped just to sell more of their NEXT piece of hardware.

        It’s a pattern with Nintendo. Sorry you seem to be coming in after the shitstorm of bad decisions they’ve made, but if you think my Jaded attitude is unfounded, it’s because you’re new to the Nintendo gig. (New, as in you’ve been away a while) :)

        1. But every console has its weak moments.
          Wii was truly bad on LCD, in fact I sold it for an X360. It was a punch against my eyes.

          Wii was stupid, true. And now that we are finally seeing some light you turn pessimist?! Now?!
          I’ve been pessimist for so many years, now it’s time to enjoy the golden age that you are rejecting. ^^

          It’s for a reason that I’m back. ^^

          1. || The Golden Age was at a time where 90% in this base were not even born, now is the era of The First Order of Nintendo…||

  3. Sounds like the Switch is doing better than I expected. Let’s just hope they can keep up the momentum. I do hope the Switch will be successful.

  4. Well this is remarkable. A lot of the naysayers were saying that the Switch would be flop hard day one…even selling worser than the Wii U because it didn’t have an impressive launch lineup yet it still had the second best 2 day launch period sales in Nintendo’s history….they must really be upset now. Just imagine what’s it gonna be like once the other heavy hitters come like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Splatoon 2, Pokรฉmon Stars (rumored), Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and especially Super Mario Odyssey. The Switch could very well sell 8-10 million or more for the rest of the year. Well done Nintendo so far……keep up the good work ;)

  5. I’m not surprised I brought my switch to school and everyone i talked to about it either had one or wanted one, or thought it was really cool. maybe Kimishima’s wii sales predictions wernt crazy after all.

  6. Now can we please get a proper Metroid prime game now, preferably one given the same amount of attention as Zelda BotW. I want to see Metroid become Nintendo’s answer to the FPS genre.

  7. So far, this only shows that a big hitter and proper marketing strategy work. We have yet to see how long Switch legs are — I hope they are long, but I’m so skeptical about it. Probably I’ll be proven wrong eventually, probably I won’t.

    And for those calling some people here “idiots”: this reflects how you poorly deal with opposite opinions, how ready-to-overreact against skepticism and how unable to present counter arguments you are. Well, it’s easy to call us” trolls”, or “haters”.

    Hope you grow up someday and learn how to deal with diversity.

    1. Well said about the idiot part. Saying anything different around here is the same as saying you don’t believe in god. Most people aren’t open for a good discussion only a handfull actually came with good arguments like Nintendo choosing the right market cause they sold 60 million 3ds vs the 70+ million playstations and xboxes. While the handheld part doesn’t intrest me at all the sales don’t lie cause they already lost the battle for home consoles during the gamecube.

      1. But you will get handheld games too. That does not interest you? Just Bloodborne and PC games?
        Don’t look at the handheld hardware part, look at the games.

        1. The only handheld game worth 50 euro’s is Pokemon in my opinion and Zelda just cause I have to own it. I am looking at the games thats my whole point all the time. Also most games you call PC games where console games first in there history so I couldn’t care less if you can play them on a pc. For me they are still console games and most enjoyable on my televsion. World of Warcraft is a pc game.

          I like playing as many triple A titles as possible with Nintendo first party and Nintendo doesn’t offer that anymore. Is it really to much to ask for that I just wanna play Mario,Zelda,Metroid,Starfox, bunch of other nintendo first party and GTA,The Witcher,Fallout, Call of Duty, Battlefield, Mass Effect, Metal Gear, Tomb Raider, Final Fantasy, Fifa, Horizon, Overwatch, Batman, Dishonored, Resident Evil, Destiny, Titanfall, Bloodborne, Dark Souls and many other amazing third party games?

          Allot of those franchises got just as much history as nintendo games and derserve to be played. When you go to the movie theater they don’t tell you that your only allowed to watch disney movies and you need to go to a different theater if you wanna see horror or action do they? Playstation and Xbox offer the full range of games besides nintendo first party, I don’t see why Nintendo couldn’t they have done so in the past.

          1. Its too much only because they don’t want to partner with Nintendo because there they sell badly. That’s it. EA gave Nintendo Mass Effect but it didn’t sell well.
            I’m unhappy too about that. Eventually Nintendo is too strong and cannibalize sales.
            Long ago third parties were happy because they spent far less money per game.
            Now they spend xx millions dollars for their games and NEED to sell millions of it. And they can’t do it when they face a Mario or a Zelda.
            Even Bayonetta 2 that was an EXCLUSIVE and a much renowed game sold 800k.

            If you search a PlayStation you will not find it here.

            1. I doubt it costs that much money to put a game out on xbox and playstation so even if it sells bad on one it shouldn’t matter cause you already made the game. It will cost you money if you have to downgrade it though.
              if they need to sell millions there better off releasing it on 3 consoles instead of 2.
              Saying that people don’t buy third party because of Zelda and Mario is nonsense xbox and playstation got good first party games aswell that score 9’s and 10’s and sell great, infact they got far more competition, theres already 20+ games that score 9+ after only 3 years. I doubt any nintendo console ever had that many high rated games.

              People buy every good game thats getting released that they like not just mario and zelda. As for Bayonetta the WII U only sold 13 million times so i’m not suprised at all. Allot of those are children , mothers and so on. Every person I know that would play these kind of games doesn’t own a Nintendo eventhough they grew up with it, and even if it could play all the games I mentiont they would still play it on another console cause of the superior graphics and things like blu ray player and user interface on the console itself, and not to forget normal controlls.

              1. GTA V cost 137 millions (265)
                The Witcher 3 cost 46 millions (81)
                Metal Gear Solid V cost 80 millions
                Watch Dogs cost 68 millions

                XB/PS first party don’t sell like Nintendo’s and are few.

                Look at sales charts. Third parties (AAA) struggle on Nintendo’s consoles.

                1. I know that but they already spend that money weather they release it on 1,2 or 3 consoles the only extra costs are actually discs and covers if you don’t have to donwgrade your game to much. And those are just 4 triple A games and they all sell well. Most people can easily afford atleast 1 big game a month and if you wait 6-12 months you can buy them for 1/3th the price. Third party struggles cause they don’t sell enough consoles or attract the wrong kind of people. Every retard I met played on the WII even in some local bars they had a screen with a wii and everybody was happy playing wii sports but those people will never buy third party only raise console sales.

                  Nintendo is the one to blame that it got this bad with third party and they need to rebuild it even if sales are bad in the beginning. Anyway good look with the switch it aint for me one of my friends already offered to lend me his wii u to play Zelda so theres not reason left to buy one for me, I rather buy 40 games that i like for my ps4 than 5 games I like for a nintendo switch.

                  Sure games like dragonquest look nice but why bother when you can play them on a better system as shown in this news feed :


    2. You know, the Switch has gotten more advertisement these last few weeks than the Wii U ever did. I wonder if most of the people have taken that into consideration when calling people idiots. Im glad its going good for Nintendo though, I hope for the sake of them that they dont stop advertising this thing.

  8. So i finally got a couple hours in, i gotta say that some areas of the game look a bit poopy, stretched in my 65″ hd tv, of course.. But the gameplay is pretty cool.. I’m lost, climbing trees collecting eggs and apples, fighting bokoblins, stealing their weapons, trying to get the weapon system down. Pretty addicting so far.

  9. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4! Hopefully it will also await us at Nintendo Switch if Nintendo doesn't FUCK things up again!} says:

    The Nintendo bias is strong with some of these people in here. *shrug* Whatever.

    1. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4! Hopefully it will also await us at Nintendo Switch if Nintendo doesn't FUCK things up again!} says:

      Oh & congrats, Nintendo. See what good marketing can do? Now let’s hope good marketing isn’t the only thing the Switch does very well in the next couple of months.

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