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Digital Foundry Compares Dragon Quest Heroes 2 On Nintendo Switch And PlayStation 4

Technology publication Digital Foundry has produced a new video taking a look at the differences between Dragon Quest Heroes 2 on the Nintendo Switch and the PlayStation 4. Judging from the video footage showcased it seems that Dragon Quest Heroes 2 struggles quite a bit on the Nintendo Switch compared to the PlayStation 4 version. You can tell that it could have a been a bit of a rush job to get the game out for the systems launch. If you’re interested then check out the video, below.


  1. Yea i saw that earlier this is realy bad and embarrassing again for nintendo Switch is weak and is gonna be Wii u all over again but with better sales and some nintendo games

    1. > Says the Switch is the “New Wii U”
      > Switch sells double the amount Worldwide than the Wii U

      …. Keep telling yourself it’s the “Next Wii U”, whilst us people with common sense enjoy games on the Switch regardless of power :)

      1. It wont be exacly as wii u because IS already better than wii u in terms of games it have zelda it have real mario game on the first year Wii u didn’t had shit and nintendo failed to deliver Core games on the console and make it even worse.Yet Switch will be Wii u all over again in terms of no 3d party games and very weak again even the Botw strangle to run it at 30 fps on dock mode at 900p at 2017…
        So yes Nintendo embarrassing them selfs again and let all the people laughing at her for making a gimmick handled machine and by following the Console Games line-up..they named it “Home console” with a dock that does nothing more to make the handled console..home console

          1. or thats alot of truth that your brain cant handle such a small as it is the truth is Wii u was the worst console from 1996+ (since i dont own older consoles to have a opinion before 1996)
            all nintendo fans knows that Wii u is the worse console maybe ever it cant compare with the competitors with not even one game Failed on each dimension

      1. I just don’t get why people can’t just enjoy a damn video game even if there are some issues. For christ’s sake,life’s too short to be so picky.

        1. Honestly, I think the devs working on the game either have older devs kits, older version of UE4 when it had beta support for Switch or this is just their first time developing for Switch as the short gameplay we’ve seen from Fire Emblem Warriors looks 10x better than Dragon Quest Heroes.

          Personally, if I wanted graphics I’d play on my PC.
          If I want actual fun on the go and has awesome exclusives, Switch is the main focus.

          Ever since I got the Switch, my PS4 Pro has been collecting dust for ages and the only game I seem to play on it is Resident Evil 7 and the DLC. Not buying Horizon: Zero Plot because I like a good story to go along with my good gameplay.

    2. ||Then leave or die Xbot, preferably both in that order…||

    3. or… will it be the the 3ds all over? the latter might make more sense. What console will all of those 3ds owners upgrade to?

  2. Gaming on a tablet will not be the same as gaming on a PC.
    But it’s portable! Many Switch owners will probably be OK sacrificing performance for portability. That’s kind of the Switch’s thang.
    I hope it still sells well on Switch. 3rd party sales early on will be critical.

    1. And with portability, our influence shall spread beyond our known borders and infiltrate many new enemy territories.

  3. How about this idea… Nintendo makes a Pokemon game, where you take the Switch out of the house to find and catch Pokemon, a-la the Pokemon Go formula, then you bring them back home, and when you dock, you train and care for your pokemon, and battle them online. Allowing both Official and the ability for users to make their own tournaments.

    It could be Called, Pokemon Go: Tournament Edition. And it could attract the people hooked on the phone App, and lure them to buy a Switch.

    And anyone who pays… $10? Can upgrade their phone’s PGo app to Pokemon Go: Tournament, Travel Edition, and not only can they transfer the Pokemon they already caught to the Switch game, but they could also continue to use their phone as a portable pokemon capture device if they don’t want to carry there switch with them!

    Yeah? Yeah???

      1. Nintendo needs to leverage the Switch Dock/Undock into gameplay IMO to really help sell the concept. Just brainstorming, I’m certain there are a bunch of ways they could use it.

        Monster Hunter, maybe there are certain Monsters you can only hunt while undocked. Maybe when the game detects the system is undocked, it opens “Unmapped Frontier” or something, and depending on what time of day it is, certain, Frontier-Exclusive monsters can be hunted.

        It would encourage people to not only undock and play on the go, but they would also have to meet with other undocked players to hunt larger frontier monsters as a group.

        IDK. Might be cool!

          1. Lol. Well, you may be right. XD
            But Nintendo obviously isn’t trying to build a box that can play everything everyone else is making (most things hopefully, but it certainly won’t run everything) – So I was just thinking about how they could use what they have to their advantage.

            Don’t worry, I won’t quit my day job to design video games. :P

        1. Not too sure about the Docking/Undocking mechanic as that’d probably wear out the USB C port pretty quickly. I think Nintendo should create a Dock that does more than charge and display the Switch on TV.

          I had an idea of a possible Nintendo Switch+ that’s stronger than the current Switch and it comes with a newer, more stylish dock that has better support and has a HDD port underneath to add more storage. Obviously the HDD would have to be the smaller laptop ones or even SSD support.

          That’s some of my ideas.

    1. ||Or put the Switch logo as advertisement together with 7th or 8th generation of the Pokemon weapon on the Pokemon Go civilian tool and promote it cheaper and effective…||

      1. Yeah, I would think that’s much more feasible than my idea was. Lol. They should at least do that.

  4. Ouch. Looks like a rush job!

    Seems like getting titles going on the Switch is easy, but it’ll be a little while before third-parties are comfortable enough with the platform to get solid performance.

    1. Pretty much by the looks of things.
      Again, Fire Emblem Heroes actually looks better than this game and we’ve only really seen short piece of gameplay. I think it was rushed to launch but who knows, we might get the “superior” version which is much more stable and doesn’t look as ugly, but not PS4 level.

      1. As far as Fire Emblem Warriors goes (not Heroes – Heroes is the mobile game) it will be made specifically for the Switch, so it would make sense for it to look better than a ported game. However, it is unlikely that the video from the FE direct is the final gameplay footage, so we really can’t draw any conclusions based off of that, but since FE Warriors will be optimized for the Switch, I expect it to be around that level of quality.

  5. It’s not really THAT bad. Yeah, the PS4 version is much smoother, but most of the Switch footage in the video looked more than acceptable to me. I’m thinking about getting it on Switch instead of PS4 just to support the console more. I can live with the lower framerate.

  6. I don’t know how anyone can look at that and say it’s acceptable. No problem with the graphical fidelity – and I understand that the game would have to run at 30 rather than 60, but those framerate drops while battling make the game look frankly unplayable.

  7. The comments section on the video are atrocious. Literally nothing but hate for the Switch. Very few people are being reasonable. It’s really disgusting.

        1. Pretty much, the comment section is filled with nothing but fanboys being toxic…no matter what console the game is on or comparing x console to x….it’s truly sad..despite digital foundry being good.

  8. it cannot be reasonable if nintendo fans are blindly defending this game. I get it that a few people are being called sony fans by the harsh comments they make but how can anyone perform or even accept a game where every instance of battle drops to 20fps? i can live with 30fps on nintendo consoles but nothing less than that.

    1. I mean, you can’t tell for sure the exact number. But when you play a game, you can notice whether it is around 30 or 60 pretty easily. Games that consistently drop below 30 do not look smooth at all and they look slower to the eyes.

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