Here’s Every The Legend Of Zelda Game Ranked By Metacritic Score

With The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild receiving rave reviews from reviewers it naturally makes sense for Metacritic to publish how the game compares to every other Legend of Zelda title that has come before it. Some of the older titles don’t have Metacritic ratings so the publication has used scores from their sister site, GameRankings. Here’s how the scores for The Legend of Zelda series compare:

1. Ocarina of Time (99)
2. Breath of the Wild (98)
3. Windwaker (96)
4. Twilight Princess (95)
4. Majora’s Mask (95)
4. A Link to the Past + Four Swords -GBA- (95)
7. Skyward Sword (93)
7. A Link to the Past -SNES- (93)
9. Oracle of Seasons/Ages
10. A Link Between Worlds (91)
11. Link’s Awakening (90)
11. Phantom Hourglass (90)
13. The Minish Cap (89)
14. Spirit Tracks (87)
15. Four Swords Adventures (86)
16. The Legend of Zelda (84)
17. The Adventure of Link (78)
18. Triforce Heroes (73)

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  1. Zelda 98/100 with cartoon graphics? zelda is just a game with no realistic world so fake while horizon have much more realistic world zelda is boring i just watch a youtube video with 30mins and there is nothing special

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        1. }{ Your spelling in combination with your lack of confidence in your choice to curse leads me to believe you are somewhere between the ages of 8 and 14… As such, you may consider yourself pardoned for your naivete, but don’t expect such kindness to last… }{

          1. Your 70% was about the lack of my english while you used your imagination conveniently to guess my age
            but you didn’t use your brain enough to realise the truth my english are not good because english is not my language. the lack of confidence is not exist because i dont need confidence to exposed the truth
            Zelda 98/100 with cartoon graphics? zelda is just a game with no realistic world so fake while horizon have much more realistic world zelda is boring and from metacritic got score like 7.5 that proves how nintendo paid most of the sites Horizon realistic world Zelda Fake not realistic world Horizon wins by far and got better score on metacritic by users (lol please say zelda get attack on metacritic by fanboys to throw user score down…get real already )
            Horizon =realistic world
            Zelda= fake cartoon world
            i like to see the Best Possible answer to defend your zelda so i will rate that answer (Nintendo Commander my ass change your name you are not commander for nintendo)

            1. ||The truth is that you are a Sonyan, which means well, absolutely nothing of worth in here…||

              ||Anything uttered by any non-Nintendo entity has no valid arguments or opinions to make no matter how logical it sounds because only Nintendo matters in here…||

            2. They’re both video games. Guess what that means? They’re both fake! The most realistic graphics in the world are still fake. So that’s not helping your argument. Do I prefer realistic graphics? Yes. Do I feel graphics make a game? No. Zelda is an amazing series. Not for everyone, and clearly not for you. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t amazing to those who are fans. I expect and hope for good graphics in a game. But graphics complement and improve a game. They don’t make the game. Breath of the Wild is incredible. I haven’t played Horizon, so I can’t comment on it. But they’re different games. To compare them solely on graphics is pointless. Ocarina of Time, the original, and Link to the Past have long been my three favorite Zelda games. Their graphics aren’t amazing compared to other Zelda games, but they have always been my favorites (Breath of the Wild has entered their stratosphere). Now if you wanted to say those games (any game really) could be improved with better graphics, then you could have a good argument. But to say Zelda is fake? That’s weak. Like I pointed out, all video games are fake.

              1. You lost the whole point here you talk about fake and real in a wrong way
                The word “Fake” is the “Mark” of how far a situation is from reality
                The Word “realistic” is like the “mark” of how close the situation is To Reality !
                All the games are fake no shit !!! but all games trying to get close to reality by realistic worlds !! and i just point
                Horizon World is far more realistic than Zelda cartoon world.its over there is nothing you can say more..or maybe you could you just dont trying enough because you can proove easy Zelda even with cartoon graphics
                is much more realistic than Horizon with realistic graphics

                1. Look. No offense, but your English is not very good. I know it’s not your first language, so I’m not knocking you. But I can’t really understand half of what you wrote. I mean no disrespect, as I have friends who singe English very well. But this isn’t going to be a very effective discussion since I can’t grasp everything you are writing. But I think you wrote that I suggested Zelda was more realistic than Horizon? If so, then that is not what I was arguing at all. I never said Zelda was more realistic, so you must have misunderstood me. But have a good day.

                  1. i said in my last line you could defend zelda better and you could develop facts with details of how zelda is more realistic with cartoon graphics while Horizon have less realistic world with realistic graphics while this is a big ironically for a game that everyone praise it as the most realistic game
                    or just link me something like this
                    also i dont see any “edit” option to fix atleast some of my shit english since i use alot of google traslate also

                  2. ||It’s a Sonyan troll, it has no valid arguments to make, period…||

                    1. Apparently so. I could have sworn he was very pro-Nintendo when he first started commenting here. Guess I was thinking of someone else.

    2. While I agree that it could have looked far better theres more to that like gameplay, characters and atmosphere. Zelda is also about the details , it always feels perfect like a disney movie i suppose.

      I always care about graphics cause it can elevate the game even higher but Zelda does everything else to perfection.

      I always found A link to the past better than Ocarina of time btw, and I possibly enjoyed majora’s mask even more aswell. Ocarina of time was a evolution at the time wich is a big reason for its rating if you ask me. Don’t get me wrong though it is a classic and one of the best in the genre.

      1. I always liked Majora’s Mask better than Ocarina. It’s a shame that it’ll forever live in its shadow. The sidequests in MM were ahead of their time. They developed the npc’s in a way that allowed you to actually care about their fate and the fate of Termina. A few reviewers at the time though, said that the sidequests detracted from the main story and were a bother.

        The best description I ever read of Majora’s Mask was “… The Empire Strikes Back of Nintendo 64…it’s the same franchise, but it’s more intelligent, darker, and tells a much better storyline.”

        1. I love Majora, but I prefer Ocarina. My little rant above gives my top four Zelda games. Majora used to be around four. But Breath of the Wild pushes it down to five or six.

    3. If gamers wanted realistic graphics above all else in games, we would go outside and play basketball.

    4. That’s exactly what someone who hasn’t actually played the game would say.

      Some games have to be experienced. Breath of the wild is one of them. Anyone judging it based purely on gameplay footage has no idea how fun it is.

    5. Not sure if you realise this or not, but they are both games. It isn’t real life. A true real life world in a video game would be full of poverty, tax, schools, work places, unnecessary killings, jail time for those killings, weather changing suddenly, car crashes where if a car is totaled you don’t get it back, if you got run over then that’s game over. Does any game on any system, even on PC, have all of these things in it? Chances are, no. So your argument of a realistic world is out of the question you moron.

    1. It has to be 92, otherwise it would be considered tied with either Link to the past or Link between worlds.

    1. Welcome back to the world of Nintendo. This is the Shovel Ware era. Animal Crossing Home designer, Federation Force, Triforce heroes are all a waste of amazing IPs. You picked one hellava rollor coaster of a time to come back to Nintendo!

      1. And Fire Emblem by Koei is the next. N64 had its lows too: Dr. Mario, Pokemon Snap, etc.
        You are too much pessimistic. Future looks good. Certainly far better than with the Wii U.

        1. Every system has its lesser games, I agree.
          But with Nintendo, there are some IPs that are treated with great care and respect. Zelda, Metroid, Star Fox, Mario to name a few. You just don’t fuck with those games, or water them down. When Nintendo started doing that, it was the Canary in the coal mine. A bad sign.

          1. Dr. Mario was messing in. ;P
            We just need to be optimistic. Zelda, Arms, Odyssey, Xeno 2, I don’t remember a launch window with all this good stuff. Otherwise I would have not jumped in.
            I’m a SNES/Nintendo 64 fan more than a Nintendo fan. Didn’t had any good time with handhelds for example. Now it’s another matter because Nintendo is kicking.

  2. I love how 4chan bombarded the user score for BoTW with negative reviews because they couldn’t stand that it got more praise than Horizon.

    1. I went on Metacritic to check out the user reviews, and while reading some of the bad ones I thought, “Okay, this person has reasonable points,” but there quite a few 0 and 1 scores that were not justified, literally just blind complaints about the graphics. I have to wonder whether they played the game at all.

  3. I actually didn’t care for Ocarina that much. I played Twilight Princess first, and when you do that, Ocarina just feels like a watered down version of it.

    1. Some of us are old enough to have played them in the order they were created. There was no playing Twilight before Ocarina. Ocarina and MMask were the pinicle of gaming and the Zelda universe. That can’t be taken away just because new technology became available. :)

        1. Zelda games exist as a group of elders, watching over the gaming expanse. They don’t dethrone each other, they add to Zelda’s collective influence.

          so shut your mouth ye Zelda heritic!!!

          Breath of the wild is pretty fucking amazing. I just can’t get over how fun it is. I beat one of the 4 dungeons, and got a badass ability that stacks really well with my Character build. (Stamina focused)

          There. No spoilers.

          I am definitely doing things out of order, more or less. (by accident) but that’s the fun of it. if you just do what you want, we’ll all have a different experience our first time through.

          I’m going to force myself to take a break to finish my filming setup so I can start making a fool of myself on youtube soon, but it’s difficult!

            1. So… I’ve recorded an entire tutorial on the Wolf Amiibo, for fun. And am working on a video overview of Shingin Games since the Wii and how far they’ve come. And am working on something fairly new…

              But I had to take a step back. I don’t want Nintendo breathing down my neck or hijacking my videos after hours of recording, editing and assembling what is essentially free exposure to their products. If they would rather have less, controlled exposure, then making videos for them will not be the direction I can take my YouTube experiment.

              I will probably do two videos for the indie devs I want to support, as I hardly think they will try to pull down videos praising their content, and I will try one Nintendo-related video that I believe will fly under Nintendo’s radar until they catch wind of it, then it will get squashed.

              once Nintendo finishes demoralizing me, I’ll move on to game systems and franchises that don’t punish you for creating fun, mutually beneficial videos.

      1. ||These young ones will never reach our skill and knowledge no matter how hard they try, we are the original keepers of video gaming’s essence…||

          1. ||Yes then you could move here and then we would plot Nintendomination together…||

            ||Any news about your mail?…||

      2. Well it has nothing to do with new technology necessarily. Twilight Princess had a better companion character in Midna, a larger Hyrule field with more stuff in it, better camera, etc. Later games improved on the stuff that started in Ocarina and I don’t understand why Ocarina should be placed ahead of them just because Ocarina did it first.

    2. I’m right there with you. Twilight Princess was the first 3D Zelda game I played and is what got me hooked on Zelda and convinced me to broaden my horizons to the RPG genre. To this day I think it’s the best story told in the franchise and displays the most character growth. (Haven’t played BotW yet.)

      I may have gone into Ocarina with my expectations set too high, but I wasn’t overly impressed with it. In contrast, I was very impressed with Majora’s Mask. I plan on playing through Ocarina again (this time the 3DS version) when I have a chance. I think a second impression is in order. It’s a shame that I didn’t get a chance to play it when it came out. It could’ve been the game that got me hooked on Zelda.

      1. I actually beat Ocarina on the 3DS so I played it with improvements and is was honestly kind of boring especially when it came to combat. Twilight Princess just felt better, and while Ocarina clearly paved the way for Twilight Princess, an improvement is an improvement.

        Still need to play Majora’s Mask btw. I messed around at the beginning of the game but never went anywhere in it. I haven feeling that, if I got into it, it would really impress me.

        As for Breath of the Wild, I adore it. I don’t want to commit to saying “It’s the best Zelda game” because I’d like to see how I feel about it six months from now, but right now, it feels like a hell of a candidate for best Zelda game. I think Nintendo could top it and get even more creative with it, but this feels like not only something that combines some of the best aspects of 3D Zelda’s and 2D Zelda’s but feels like the Ocarina to a third era of LoZ game.

  4. Why does everyone go off of Metacritic? Gamerankings is much better for gauging the quality of a game.

      1. Agregated scores if im not mistaken, so yeah.

        Gamerankings accepts less reviewers though so the score are different. Accorting to MC OoT is at 1 with BotW at 4. GR on the other hand has OoT at 3 and BotW at 1.

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