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Nintendo Is Making New IPs & Looking Into “Out Of The Box” Games For The Switch

A Japanese interview with Nintendo’s Shinya Takahashi was recently translated by Nintendo Everything. It turns out that the interview contained some new information on future plans that the company is planning for the Nintendo Switch. According to Takahashi, Nintendo is “preparing new IP one after another”. These games will take advantage of the Joy-Con. Takahashi also revealed that “out-of-the-box titles” are something that the company is pursuing, although he said that he couldn’t discuss any further details. An example of these kind of titles was mentioned, and it was Brain Age, an IP that was nothing like we had seen from Nintendo before when it debuted. There won’t be another Brain Age game for now, but revolutionary games seem to be something Nintendo wishes to do for the console going forward. The importance of indie games was also stressed, suggesting that indie games will continue to be something Nintendo will support.

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  1. Wait nintentdo switch have a Future? did this thing sold more than 100k?
    There are still people who playing games for small kids like Zelda and splatoon?even mario?on 2017?

    1. zelda is for kids everyone

      the follow the meter dot fifa playing ps fan moron said so show me a kid getting thru breath of the wilk u inept moron

    2. Lol, at least we get to play games they haven’t been rehashing for 15+ years. Nintendo is in a new age, get used to it sonyan.

    3. God damn bro you need to learn how to put a sentance together befor you make an attempt at sarcasm. It hurts to read your words. And yes, troll, Nintendo does have a future. My two 35 year old bosses both bought the switch to play Zelda, its not just for little kids.

    4. I’m 39 years old and i love the Switch and i play kids games like Zelda, Splatoon and Mario in 2017. So there you go.

      1. I second this, at 26 years old. Because Nintendo games are merely kid games, apparently. Remember how easy it was for a 10 year old kid to beat any of the 5 DKC titles? Me neither.

        1. Oh yeah, just “sneak that in there” do you hear yourself? Smash isnt a mini game. You cant just “sneak it in”. I think Brain Age would be perfect for mobile. Wario ware requires motion controls, it is a lot less suited for mobile.

    1. Arms take advantage of the joy-cons, but they included the option to use normal controls. Nintendo learned their lesson from Zero’s reception and it looked like they are trying to distance the Switch from the Wii brand to some extent.

  2. this is etremely promising yet fills me with anxiety, Please either design these games with the regular player in mind, or just develop some practical IPs. I like the joycons but focus on the games themselves, the last thing I want is a another game $50-$60 like 1 2 switch. it may have not been a bad game, but they need to move on from this whole party game craze where they expect everyone to have and expendable about of friends available at any moment where no one is too busy. this is the perfect time for nintendo to get their shit together and make a game worth putting hours into and to stop making cheap novelty games that you can only play with other people. I bought the switch for me, not to share it 24/7, Im not saying make another zelda or mario odyssey-esque game but it would be great to have something that felt more like a game and not a series of minigames.

    if they insist on involving the joycons, they really need to just focus on HD rumble or a MODEST use of gyro or compatible sideways control for multiplayer. also, I really hope the Pro controller is involved in many of the future games, i didnt pay $70 just to use this on a couple games.

  3. Don’t know why people are hating so much on brain age that game was awesome. I would love another brain age on switch but obviously if its filled with minigames like that not full price lol

  4. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4! Hopefully it will also await us at Nintendo Switch if Nintendo doesn't FUCK things up again!} says:

    Honestly, I have some apprehension for this. The last big “out of the box” Nintendo game we got was Star Fox Zero. I refuse to give that shit a second thought.

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