Ecco The Dolphin Creator Seen Visiting Nintendo Headquarters


Outside of eShop releases and remakes, Ecco the Dolphin hasn’t been seen in years. However, a photo tweeted by the dolphin’s creator has left some fans wondering whether we might be seeing him again eventually. Ed Annunziata recently tweeted a picture of him visiting Nintendo’s offices. While it would be ridiculous to infer anything from this visit, desperate fans are willing to take any hint of the dolphin’s return.


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  1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis says:

    ||More to rule…||

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  2. That’s it? That’s the news? Some guy visited Nintendo? Does my visit get coverage too?

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    1. marsarkane says:

      I’m sure it will if you create anything of any importance.

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      1. I made a dolphin out of craft paper… does that count?


        1. marsarkane says:

          Maybe, is it like *really* well done?


          1. It’s tail goes up and down if you lift the head! :P


    2. sonofmrpeanut says:

      Did you make a cult-classic 90s game? ;)

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    3. darthklarc says:

      If you developed a series of games on a multitude of platforms, yeah. If your just a guy on a nintendo news site, probably no.


      1. So like… If the dude that made CheetahMen goes to Nintendo, can we freak out?


        1. darthklarc says:

          I would consider echo to be a step above cheetahmen, since I have no idea what your talking about, and everyone remembers echo the dolphin.


  3. I know I’m being a downer and Ecco has a cult following, but Ecco was a terrible game and it’s sequels were bad too. They had an unusual premise, but that is all they had going for them. I can’t get excited about this like some other people.


    1. Evilumbreon says:

      Eh they were difficult games at the time so I guess they weren’t to everyone’s taste.


  4. Evilumbreon says:

    Ecco the Dolphin Defender of the Future needs a sequel I still own the Dreamcast and PS2 version.


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