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GAME CEO Believes There Is A Great Appetite For The Switch

GAME seems to have much confidence in the Nintendo Switch. The U.K retailer’s CEO recently claimed that there is a great appetite for the system. In an interview with, GAME’s CEO talked about how a portable version of Breath of the Wild was the perfect game to launch the console with. According to him, playing such a massive game on a portable screen instantly conveys the message of the console. Check out the full interview here. Speaking of Nintendo, you seem to have high expectations for Nintendo Switch going forwards, which is notable considering the rather poor performance of Wii U. Why do you have such confidence?

Martyn Gibbs: The appetite that we have seen for the Switch console has, I think, been driven around the usability and exactly what the console is. You only have to play Zelda on-the-move – as you will have done – and you get it in a nanosecond. For me, it is worth the money just to get that [Zelda] experience in a large-screen mobile version. The concept is very strong and obviously having a launch game with a Metacritic of 97 is wholly helpful. I think the fact that we know what games are coming – we know we have Mario Kart, and then Splatoon 2 and then Super Mario Odyssey – is a good reason why people want to buy the console.



  1. I just wish there was more MUST HAVE launch games other than Zelda. Without Zelda, this would have been one of the weakest launch line-ups EVER. There’s no new games that I care about (other than remasters/remakes) until Super Mario Odyssey. After finishing Zelda, I’ll be back on my PS3 and PS4 for several months before Odyssey releases (unless some surprise games are announced at E3 and released before Odyssey).

    1. No Splatoon for you?

      I would have liked to see one other mist have for the spring/summer as well. If they would have launched with a metroid game as well that would have been good

        1. Right… That would be great. Whether people like them or not, an FPS would be a nice addition to the line up and there are none that have been announced for Switch yet (have there?). Although I am not sure I would prefer the next Metroid to be an FPS… Hard to say.

              1. And that’s good? Do Nintendo want to dominate the market or not? Or do Nintendo prefer to serve an half-baked cake with everyone lamenting ‘same games, no variety, few games, etc.’? Nintendo should offer everything to its customers, except those things precluded by hardware limitations.
                Even the Wii had its FPS. Call of Duty (1-3), Black Ops, Metroid Prime 3, The House of the Dead (2-3), etc. All selling in the millions. Less fortunate like Red Steel still moving like 600.000 copies.
                Few needs 60 million dollars budget FPS, but a 5-10 million dollars FPS should be feasible, and every customer should ask for it, even if he is not a fan of it because it’s good for the platform to reach new customers, make money and then offer even more games with that more money.

  2. I disagree with people saying switch is awesome. I don’t love zelda. There is zero reason for me to have a switch. There are no new games, tons of hardware issues being reported. Nintendo hasn’t learned from any of their mistakes, but they did make a bunch of new ones.

    1. You’re only hearing things from one side of the fence. Launch for any console will always have issues and in the end will be ironed out. Give it time before passing judgement.

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